Repeal Process Starts for Water Rule

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The Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt told lawmakers this week the EPA has sent a repeal to the federal register, which starts the process of ending the regulation.

The formal withdrawal of the Obama-era rule follows through on a campaign promise by President Donald Trump, who signed an executive order requiring an EPA review on the rule.

The EPA intends to follow the federal rule making process in repealing the rule, so it should be a year until it's repealed and replaced.

Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Hill says WOTUS has been hanging over the heads of farmers since 2014. He says it redefined definitions and would have impacted 97 percent of Iowa. It was last year that the courts issued a stay on its implementation.

Hill says, "Rather than going into effect a year ago, it was set aside and the Trump Administration has determined to set or rescind this rule and set it aside and create a new rule, and so we'll be going into a comment period over time, where farmers again can provide their input as to what this new rule should look like.

Hill adds there will be a thirty day comment period and over the course of the next two years, a new rule will be established by Administrator Pruitt.