Two Davenport Kids Recovering After Falling From Window

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DAVENPORT, Iowa  --  Two children in Davenport are recovering after they both fell out of a second story window.

Their grandmother, Dianne McMinn, says the two five-year-olds were playing in a bedroom, when they got curious. She says the boy climbed out the window and the girl tried to pull him back in, but that's when they both fell out completely.

McMinn says the mother was home at the time and is now being accused of being a bad parent on social media.

"Olivia works full time, she goes to school full time, and they're telling her, 'where was she at?' Who doesn't let their kids play in their bedroom?" said McMinn. "She's a good mom and things happen. Shame on you if you're judging somebody for that."

McMinn says her granddaughter has a broken leg and the boy has a concussion, but both are expected to be okay.