Iowa Breweries Now Allowed to Sell Wine

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IOWA  --  Breweries across Iowa are now able to sell wine.

"I think it brings in another demographic that we didn't have before," said Chandler Parsons, general manager of Reclaimed Rails Brewing.  "I have a lot of guys that come in after work, have a few beers, and say, 'I'd love to come here with my wife but she doesn't drink beer.' We do have some ciders on tap and obviously pop and water, but they're the wine drinkers. We are a family-friendly atmosphere, like a lot of taprooms, so now it's going to be the kids drinking the root beer, the wives drinking the wine or the beer, and the husbands doing the same."

The law came about following legislation from 2009 that allowed wineries to sell beer. Brewery owners say this change is great for Iowa and will allow them to work with local wineries.

"Our concept at The Cellar is we do not bring in any juice from outside the state of Iowa, so everything comes from local growers and the whole local industry, whether it's a CSA and you're buying food and those kinds of products to, you know, the beverages that the guy made down the street or the guy who grew it down the road, you know, I think that's a big thing for Iowa, and it's where you have control locally," said John Barber, owner of The Cellar at White Oak.

The law comes as state lawmakers across the country look into regulations set up during Prohibition.