Trailer Park Owner’s Unpaid Bills Forcing Boone Residents Out Of Homes

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BOONE, Iowa -- As temps approach triple digits a handful of residents at a Boone trailer park in the 300 block of West Second Street are finding it difficult to find the basics,“ Absolutely no water," said Susan Samples, a resident at Boone Trailer Court.  The location's owner is listed as Curtis Reese.  "Our scum lord," said Susan.

The city was forced to shut off water to the trailer park in late June.  "The owner is behind on the payments to the tune of over two to three months and several thousand dollars," said Boone City Administrator William J. Skare.

Residents say Reese is trying to shut the trailer park down and wanted them out before June.  Chad Kirkpatrick, another resident, said a select few easily found a new place down the road.  "Everyone else was given a sweet deal by Curtis Reese to move down there and that’s picking and choosing.”

The handful that remain say they weren’t as fortunate.  "We are disabled. We have no funds to move anything and according to the law they are required to move us at their expense.  No just compensation, we ain’t budging,” said Samples who also believes the situation could turn deadly.  "I have a heat condition, I have heat seizures,” she said.

Residents say the owner didn’t stop at just water. Samples said, "He has shut down trash service that we were paying for.” Kirkpatrick added, “He tried to shut the mail down.”

The trailer park, which is across the street from residential homes is in disarray forcing the city to find some disturbing discoveries while voluntarily cleaning up Thursday.  "During this process of removing all the garbage there was some human waste found in the tote outside in the parking lot behind a camper," said Skare.

With their hands tied and stopping short for now of forcing residents to leave, the city of Boone posted a notice Thursday informing residents it is unsafe to live in their homes.  "No running water, no toilet facilities, so the building officials posted the trailers as unsafe.”

Susan and chad say they have already taken legal action with both the city and their trailer park owner.  Despite the conditions, for those left and unable to leave physically or financially, it’s still home.  Susan said, "If they want the property, fine and dandy but their going to give us just compensation, we own that trailer and they are going to give us just compensation.”

Attempts to reach the trailer park's owner were unsuccessful. City officials say they have no personal interest in the lot where the trailer park is located.