As Temperatures Heat Up, Air Conditioners Struggle to Cool Down

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IOWA  --  With high temperatures across the state, many air conditioning units are struggling to keep up and keep people cool.

The air conditioning at Flying Mango, a restaurant in Beaverdale, went out on Thursday and forced the business to close. A repair crew went to fix it on Friday, and the restaurant's owners are hopeful to be up and running again by Saturday.

An eastern Iowa repair company said it is dealing with a 300% increase in calls. Affordable Heating and cooling typically receives about 20 calls a day, but answered more than 70 on Thursday.

"When it's this hot, the difference between the outside temperature and inside temperature should be about 20 or 25 degree difference, that's it. Any more than that, you're not going to cool your house any faster, you're just going to cause the system to work that much harder, plus your energy bill goes up," said one employee.

Workers say many times when the air conditioning doesn't seem to be keeping up, the first thing you should check is the the filter. These should be changed every few months.