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Des Moines Company Builds Tiny Home in Three Days

NORWALK, Iowa -- The company Built on the Fly is building a tiny home in 72 hours for the Des Moines Home Show Expo.

“We were offered by the Home Show Expo, for one weekend, to build this tiny house and we took them up on it. We thought it’d be a little bit of a challenge versus the standard three months to one year to build a tiny house,” Nicholas Donlin, owner of Built on The Fly, said, “The fact that we are doing it in 72 hours will be fun, and fast, and exciting.”

He got the idea about a year ago and it actually was part of his “pickup line” to ask out his girlfriend, the designer of the tiny home.

“I like that you can spend a little less money on your house and more on the experiences outside of the house and the minimalist approach on cutting down. So we aren’t spending as much time and money on our own houses,” Donlin said.

He said he hopes everything will go smoothly and they took a lot of time to plan.

“I have about seven guys each day. So it should go pretty smooth,” Donlin said.

One of the biggest questions about tiny homes is “How big is it really?”

“The trailer itself is 8 foot by 24 foot. Once the walls are up interior dimensions only leave us with 7 foot 3’ by 23 foot 3’,” Designer Jenna Wraye said.

Once you have the specifics on space, then it becomes about how you fit amenities into it.

“It really did force us to get creative. We went back and forth with the idea to either get a ladder or a staircase and we ended up going with a staircase. We put the refrigerator in the stairs, we also put the hook up for the washer and dryer in it. Everything in the tiny house has to have multiple purposes,” Wraye said.

Wraye and Donlin expect to be done with the project on Sunday.