Eastern Iowa Residents Working to Clean Up After Floods

SUMNER, Iowa  --  Hundreds of Iowans in eastern Iowa are still drying out from recent rain.

The storms triggered flash flooding, with the water taking over roadways, parks, and backyards. The flood waters even broke the foundation of one home.

Many people are working to drain their basements and salvage what they can. One family put their clothes and items outside, hoping they can be saved.

"This is my first time ever having to deal with floods, but it was nothing where my belongings got destroyed and everything, and it's kind of there's a first time for everything, but it's like, how do you take care of this stuff?" said Sumner resident Mark Hyman.

Mark says the family of five lost a lot from their basement due to flooding. On Saturday night, they still did not have power and the basement remained full of water.