Lawmakers Take Affordable Housing Tour

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POLK COUNTY, Iowa  --  Home tours usually show people some of the more spectacular houses in their area, but on Friday local housing officials hosted a different kind of housing tour.

City, county, and federal officials and their representatives boarded a bus for a tour of affordable homes. The tour was organized by the Polk County Housing Trust Fund, which is in charge of putting tax dollars to work to build affordable housing around the metro. Some of that funding is in jeopardy in recent federal and state budget proposals.

The group hopes by showing where the money goes and the difference it makes in lives and communities, lawmakers will be convinced not to cut it.

"It really is an opportunity to take a look at homes that wouldn't be here but for home funds and federal CDBG funds," said Eric Burmeister.

Representatives of both Senators Grassley and Ernst were along for Friday's tour.