New LGBTQ Program to Provide Support Across College Campuses

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa Campus Coalition aims to bring the LGBTQ community closer across college campuses in the state.

Iowa Safe Schools wants LGBTQ college students to feel comfortable having a safe space to go to and talk about serious topics.

The first step in the coalition is having a “listening tour” across 15 different college campuses in Iowa.

Iowa Safe School Executive Director Nate Monson said, “We’ve seen a lot of students as they age out to the college level have needs including issues like sexual assault, dating violence, human sex trafficking and so we are focusing on them through this program.”

Monson said it is important for students to know they are not alone, and people are ready to listen.

“Students, we want them to know we are here for them. There is advocates out there that are working every single day on their behalf, and we want them to know that people are out here. We want to talk to them about issues that they are facing. We want to work with them. They are not alone,” Monson said.

Students are taking a lead on the coalition and are the brains behind events, like the listening tour.

It is important for students to take charge of the coalition  because, “The LGBTQ experience is very different to what an adult is facing,” Monson said.

The coalition is meant to give support to advocacy victims, information on sexual health and various services to make students feel comfortable.