Protests Taking Place Around the Country Following Charlottesville Violence

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UNITED STATES  --  Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend at a white supremacist rally has led several groups around the country to hold rallies against white supremacy on Sunday.

Dozens gathered in Greenville, South Carolina, carrying signs and chanting, "I will not tolerate racism." Organizers say the rallies give areas a chance to become part of the national conversation on racism.

In 2015, South Carolina removed the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds, but has not seen the same level of violent protests about it.

In Texas, there was also a protest about a confederate statue at about the same time as the Charlottesville protest. Several hundred people gathered around a 118-year-old confederate monument in a public park in San Antonio. Two city council members have filed a request to have the statue removed. Police kept protesters separate using barricades, but both sides shouted slurs and profanity at each other.

One person was arrested during the protest for misdemeanor assault.