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Barkley and Wadley High-Step Their Way Into Saturday Showdown

Last season, Penn State thumped Iowa, 41-14. After the game, Penn State's star running back, Saquon Barkley, suggested Iowa reached the point where it was clear the Hawkeyes did not want to be out on the field anymore. In other words, quit.

The Hawks deny they gave up, but they also realize they took a beating.

Barkley returns, and he'll again look to high step his way into the end zone.

Meantime, Akrum Wadley and Kirk Ferentz both discuss Saturday's controversial unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Wadley that took a 74-yard touchdown off the board versus North Texas.

Wadley says he's never been told he couldn't run in like that, but from now on, he'll just hand the ball to an official.

John Sears reports from Iowa City.