Des Moines Homeowner Sees Silver Lining in Falling Tree

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A Des Moines woman was awoken by what she thought was a clap of thunder early Thursday morning.  It turns out she was wrong.

Becky McCabe says she woke up at exactly 3:06am on Thursday by a loud sound.  She looked out the window and saw a crack of lightning and assumed it was just a storm that she'd heard.  But hours later her boyfriend woke her up to tell her what she'd really heard: a tree crashing down on her home and car.

A massive tree split in half in the middle of the night crushing the car and damaging part of McCabe's roof that had just recently been replaced.  McCabe found a silver lining in the damage.

"I guess I need a different car anyway," she said, "So God said get that tree down so I guess this tree is gonna have to go."