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Capital City Pride Fundraiser Brings Fresh Ideas to Old Concept

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  On Sunday, Capital City Pride held its first fundraiser of the season.

The event brought a new idea to and old concept called a tea dance.

Tea dances began as a way for singles to meet after indulging in late afternoon tea service. The Sunday dances soon turned into a way for gay and lesbian individuals to discreetly dance in underground speakeasies. At this time, it was illegal for members of the same sex to dance together, so in the event of a raid attendees would quickly change partners to mixed-gender couples.

"It's not just a party. We're trying to educate people and give people more pride in this community and what it means to be either LGBTQ or an ally," said organizer Jordan Dusenberg.

The goal is to raise money for next year's Pride parade, the theme of which will be Rise Up.

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