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13 Fascinating Facts about Aaron Brilbeck
• I began working in broadcasting as a DJ with a radio station in Syracuse, NY when I was just 14 years old. I started reporting and anchoring news for that same station when I was 16.
• My first car was a 1960 Hearse.
• I've been friends with my wife since we were 13 years old, but we didn't become romantically involved until 10 years later.
• I've been a member of the Guardian Angels for the better part of 25 years. Most recently I oversaw patrols for Toledo, Cleveland, Akron and Detroit.
• I taught self defense for 3 years.
• My mother & grandmother raised me.
• In college, I took an interpretive dance class---and failed.
• I'm an avid motorcyclist.
• I taught college broadcast journalism for a year.
• I am deathly afraid of spiders.
• For several years I volunteered as a ghoul in a haunted house to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.
• I've been shot at---twice.
• I hate onions!
Aaron Brilbeck came to WHO-DT in November 2009 and is a reporter for Channel 13 News at 5, 6, 9 and 10.

Aaron came to Iowa from Toledo, Ohio where he reported and anchored for WNWO, the market's NBC affiliate and reported for WSPD Radio.

Aaron is an accomplished journalist earning several distinguished honors including a National Edward R. Murrow award for Spot News Coverage in 2004 plus regional Edward R. Murrow awards for Best Investigation, Best Continuing Coverage and Spot News.

Prior to Toledo, Aaron worked as a reporter at WXXA-TV and WGY Radio in Albany, New York from 2000 to 2005. He has B.A. degree in Communications from SUNY Potsdam and an A.A.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism from Onondaga Community College.

Recent Articles
  • Nicole Wheeler, daughter of Fairfield's police chief, has been charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. (WHO-HD)

    Police Chief’s Daughter Accused in Hit & Run that Hurt Child

    FAIRFIELD, Iowa — Police in Fairfield didn’t have to look far to find a car believed to have been involved with a hit and run.  It was registered to the newly appointed police chief, and his daughter admits she was driving it at the time. Seven-year-old Phoenix Hagans of Fairfield was riding his bicycle to school with his siblings when he was hit October 8.  His brother, Tyson Newcomer, saw the whole thing.  “We came around the corner over by […]

  • Fort Dodge Police: Teen Charged After Attacking Jogger

    FORT DODGE, Iowa — A 15-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder after Fort Dodge Police say he attacked a jogger.  Investigators say this isn’t the first time. “I don’t know what would possess someone to get up in the morning and go down to the nature trail and attack somebody,” says Police Chief Kevin Doty, “Just really doesn’t make sense.” But police say that’s what happened. They say the teen attacked the woman as she jogged along the […]

  • dog

    Teens Save Dog Trapped in Mud

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Students with an 8th grade class from Bergman Academy are being hailed as heroes. They were jogging around the drained Greenwood Pond as part of a gym class Thursday when they spotted two dogs, one stuck in the mud and the other by its side. “It was a pretty short dog. It didn’t have very long legs so it was stuck in there pretty good and it couldn’t get out because its legs were too short,” […]

  • scarlet

    Anger Over East High’s Forfeit to Ames

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The football field at East High School was dark Friday night. The Ames School District decided not to allow players to play at East after rumors about possible violence. “The police have informed us there’s no reason not to have a football game tonight,” says Des Moines School District spokesman Phil Roeder. “But people in Ames and Boone seem to think they know more about what’s going on in Des Moines than we do. It’s just wrong.” […]

  • iowa_guard

    Iowa National Guard Could be Called On to Help Fight Ebola

    DES MOINES, Iowa — President Obama has authorized the call-up of National Guard troops, if needed, to help combat Ebola in West Africa. It’s an idea that isn’t sitting too well with the family of one National Guardsman. Ashley and Travis Kerr say they can never get used to the idea of their father going into harms way to serve his country. But they’ve come to terms with it. Until now. Their dad, Jeff Kerr, is a staff sergeant with […]

  • dog_injuries

    Pit Bull Deemed Dangerous, Owners Don’t Want Him Put Down

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines police have deemed a pit bull who bit two children in two separate incidents over the past few months “dangerous.” But the dog’s owners are fighting to keep the dog alive. Seven-year-old Jashawn Fleming’s physical scars are healing, but the mental scars, that’s another story. Last month, Jashawn went to visit a friend in his east side apartment building when the friend’s pit bull got out and lunged at him. “The dog was right […]

  • iowa_state_campus

    Regents Consider Tuition Increase

    AMES, Iowa — The State Board of Regents is considering raising undergraduate tuition by 1.75%. and at the same time, they’re paying a consultant more than $3 million to figure out ways the universities can save money. When you think of “struggling college student,” you’re probably thinking about someone like ISU freshman Jory Wernette. “I’m sitting here riding my bike all the time and I’ve just got a drawer of Ramen noodles that I eat all the time,” Wernette says. He […]

  • Former Senator May Be Illegally Possessing Guns

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Disgraced former State Senator Kent Sorenson violated terms of his pre-sentencing release by testing positive for marijuana. And that may not be his only violation. Sorenson pleaded guilty last year to accepting thousands of dollars for supporting one presidential candidate over another. He faces up to 25-years in prison. While awaiting sentencing, Sorenson failed a drug test that was taken September 30. Under the terms of his release, he is also forbidden from possessing firearms. But in […]

  • Ankeny Police Department (WHO-HD)

    Ankeny Officer in Frisbee Golf ‘Profiling’ Incident Identified

    ANKENY, Iowa — We now know the name and the history of an Ankeny police officer who tried to search a car because he said everyone who plays Frisbee golf smokes pot. On a video of the October 2 traffic stop, Officer Aaron King can be seen asking the motorist if he plays Frisbee Golf. When the motorist says yes, Officer King asks, “Why is it that everybody that plays Frisbee golf smokes weed?” King then asks to search the […]

  • Ankeny Police Department (WHO-HD)

    Ankeny Cop Tries To Search Car Because ‘Everybody that Plays Frisbee Golf Smokes Weed’

    ANKENY, Iowa — Ankeny’s police chief is apologizing after a video surfaced showing an officer trying to search a motorist’s car because, according to the officer, everyone who plays Frisbee golf smokes pot. The video, which was taken by the motorist, starts with the officer giving that unknown motorist a warning about driving without headlights. Then the officer begins his interrogation. “You play frisbee golf?” the officer asks. “I do actually. I play out at Heritage (Park)”  the motorist replies. […]

  • ebola_preps

    Local Emergency Responders Discuss Ebola

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Dozens of emergency responders and medical professionals learned the basics of Ebola Wednesday, and what to do should there be an outbreak in the metro. “What we do know is we do have the tools and we do have the resources to manage Ebola in the United States,” said county disease prevention supervisor Kari Labada Townsend. “Isolation of symptomatic patients, contact tracing and monitoring, our use of appropriate equipment and procedures, infection control measures, and communication are […]

  • Proposed Dallas County law enforcement center. (WHO-HD)

    Dallas County Considers Building New Jail to Address ‘Growing Pains’

    WOODWARD, Iowa — The population of Dallas County has more than doubled over the past 15-years. More people means more crime. So the sheriff says the county needs a new law enforcement office and a new administration building. “Our dispatch center dispatches for a majority of Dallas County,” Sheriff Chad Leonard explains, “Fire, EMS, rescue, and most of the police departments we do a lot of stuff that the police departments don’t do and we’re responsible for a lot of things […]


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