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13 Fascinating Facts about Aaron Brilbeck
• I began working in broadcasting as a DJ with a radio station in Syracuse, NY when I was just 14 years old. I started reporting and anchoring news for that same station when I was 16.
• My first car was a 1960 Hearse.
• I've been friends with my wife since we were 13 years old, but we didn't become romantically involved until 10 years later.
• I've been a member of the Guardian Angels for the better part of 25 years. Most recently I oversaw patrols for Toledo, Cleveland, Akron and Detroit.
• I taught self defense for 3 years.
• My mother & grandmother raised me.
• In college, I took an interpretive dance class---and failed.
• I'm an avid motorcyclist.
• I taught college broadcast journalism for a year.
• I am deathly afraid of spiders.
• For several years I volunteered as a ghoul in a haunted house to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation.
• I've been shot at---twice.
• I hate onions!
Aaron Brilbeck came to WHO-DT in November 2009 and is a reporter for Channel 13 News at 5, 6, 9 and 10.

Aaron came to Iowa from Toledo, Ohio where he reported and anchored for WNWO, the market's NBC affiliate and reported for WSPD Radio.

Aaron is an accomplished journalist earning several distinguished honors including a National Edward R. Murrow award for Spot News Coverage in 2004 plus regional Edward R. Murrow awards for Best Investigation, Best Continuing Coverage and Spot News.

Prior to Toledo, Aaron worked as a reporter at WXXA-TV and WGY Radio in Albany, New York from 2000 to 2005. He has B.A. degree in Communications from SUNY Potsdam and an A.A.S. degree in Broadcast Journalism from Onondaga Community College.

Recent Articles
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    Des Moines Tearing Down Ash Trees To Combat Borer

    The landscape of Des Moines is changing. Beautiful old shade trees, reduced to ugly stumps. At Evelyn Davis Park, several trees were cut down this week. And thousands more will follow. “It’s gonna look sad,” neighbor Cindy Mendias said. “The park is gonna look empty now.” The reason: The tiny but very destructive Emerald Ash Borer. They were found in Waukee and it’s just a matter of time before they turn up in Des Moines. Once a tree is affected, […]

  • Reaction to Mother Takes Control of Rioting Son

    When the flames are extinguished. When the rocks stop flying. When the dust settles. There is one video we may remember most from the Baltimore riots. An angry woman, reportedly the mother of one of the rioters, slapping some sense into him and shouting at him to take off his mask and get out of there. He does. Cynthia Hunafa volunteers at Creative Visions in Des Moines inner city. She is also a mother. “I, I applaud that mother,” Hunafa […]

  • Stray Bullets Miss Sleeping Child By A Few Feet

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines family is crediting God with sparing their daughter after stray bullets ripped through the four year old’s room. On Monday, Jim Puls patched bullet holes in the wall of his four-year-old daughter’s bedroom. The rounds tore through the home just after midnight. Police say 25-year old Cletio Clark stopped by the house next door to talk with his ex-girlfriend. Clark became enraged, and police said he pulled out a pistol and began firing. […]

  • Johnny Gosch Documentary Premieres Locally

    DES MOINES, Iowa — This is the local weekend premiere of a documentary about a West Des Moines paperboy who was kidnapped more than 30 years ago. And it’s stirring up a lot of memories. Sunday, September 5, 1982 was the day that forever changed Central Iowa. It was the day Johnny Gosch was kidnapped in West Des Moines. Over the next few years, two more boys disappeared under similar circumstances. This weekend, the Fleur Cinema in Des Moines is showing […]

  • Teen Killed After Truck Goes Off Broken Bridge

    GUTHRIE CENTER, Iowa — Investigators are looking for answers after a popular Guthrie Center teen died after plunging his truck off a broken bridge. Thursday, friends gathered at the spot where 16-year old Zachary Meacham died after his truck went over a 30 foot drop into Brushy Creek in Guthrie County. Friends remember the six foot four teen, known as “Mountain Man” because of his height, as the consummate redneck who loved farming, Mountain Dew, and his lifted pickup-truck. “He […]

  • Mom Wants Trained Crossing Guards After Son Hit By Car

    A metro mom wants a local school to do more to protect kids after her son was run over by a car. But she says no one is listening, even though the school may have been partially responsible for the accident. Her son, Landon was run over by a car in front of Howe Elementary School last February while crossing the street. His ankle and leg were crushed. According to the police report, a student teacher who had been helping […]

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    Iowa Judge Won’t Annul Forged Wedding

    Joab Penney just wants to get on with his life. But the Florida man is wrapped up in so much legal red tape in Iowa, he can’t. “It has messed up my life a lot because I want to try to get married,” Penny said. “I want to live my life. And I can’t because it says I’m still legally married.” Back in 2012, Penney wanted to marry his partner, Joseph Parker.  But same-sex marriage was illegal in Florida at […]

  • Police Called To Former Officer’s Home Before Urbandale Murder-Suicide

    Former Des Moines police officer Merced Dautovic was supposed to be re-sentenced in federal court Monday morning after he and his partner brutally beat a man during a traffic stop in 2008. The two were off duty at the time, when they decided to pull over Octavius Bonds for failing to yield to their police car. The officers beat Bonds with steel batons. One of Dautovic’s blows knocked Bonds out, according to testimony from his former partner. Dautovic was convicted […]

  • Fort Dodge Police Shoot Attacking Pit Bull

    FORT DODGE, Iowa — Fort Dodge Police say they were forced to kill a dangerous pit bull after it attacked two people, including an officer. Zachary Lind, 22, of Fort Dodge says he was bringing his friend’s dog into his back yard when the next door neighbor’s dog, a two-year-old pit bull named “Jack,” attacked him. Lind says the dog pinned him up against his house and severely bit his leg. Jack was on a leash at the time, but […]

  • Daycare Provider Gets Probation After Beating Two-Year-Old

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines mom says the system failed her after the licensed daycare provider who beat her two-year-old son was let off with probation. Back in March of2014, two-year-old Traesen Madison was horribly beaten by his daycare provider in her Des Moines home. Police believe the daycare provider, 34-year-old Ana Cratty, used a belt to hit him in the face then texted his mother and told her Traesen fell off a stool. “When I arrived to get […]

  • IRS Tax Scam Becoming More Prevalent

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A lot of late tax filers are finding out the hard way, they may have been the victim of tax related identity theft. Among them, Joe Anderson of Des Moines. “You know, like I do most years I waited for the last minute to file my taxes so I went ahead and got it done,” Anderson said. “I got it done in record time one day before it was due and sent it in electronically and […]

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    West Des Moines Family Looking For Special Dog

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — For the past six months, 10-year-old Noah Asi of West Des Moines has been looking for his dog, Lady. Someone broke into his mom’s apartment and either stole lady, or she ran away to get away from the burglar. Either way, Noah lost his best friend. “He keeps asking me every day ‘Did you find her?’ after school. ‘Did you find her?’ No, no I didn’t find her, not today.” Noah’s mother, Laura Asi said, “Sitting […]


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