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  • Two bodies were found inside a storage unit in California

    Small Bodies Found Inside Abandoned Storage Locker

    COLFAX, California — When Regina Zimmer bid $40 on an abandoned storage unit in Colfax, California, near Sacramento, all she did before the purchase was look at the unit from the outside and hope to find something valuable. But after going through the contents and coming upon a storage ottoman, tape-sealed and with a “fragile” sticker on top, she “had a feeling it wasn’t something good.” Zimmer, who went through the unit with her son in November, told CNN affiliate […]

  • hacker_400

    Hacks and Security Breaches Against Government Skyrocketing

    WASHINGTON — The North Korean hack of Sony Pictures that unleashed proprietary information, leaked embarrassing emails and brought the multi-billion dollar company’s operations to its knees was unprecedented. But cyber security and intelligence experts warn that this is only the beginning. A CNN review of cyber attacks against federal agencies shows that the number of breaches into government systems is skyrocketing. “Espionage is happening at a rate we have never seen before,” said Denise Zheng, a deputy director at the […]

  • Stephen Colbert

    Stephen Colbert Airs Final ‘Report’

    Goodbye, Stephen Colbert. We hardly knew you. In fact, that was the idea, wasn’t it? Colbert — the pugnacious, “nation”-inspiring champion — hosted his last “Colbert Report” on Comedy Central Thursday night. About six months from now, he will take a new role as host of CBS’ “Late Show.” It will be like Superman changing into Clark Kent — or, perhaps, into Kal-El. For the Colbert we’ve been watching bears only a tangential resemblance to the real thing. The real […]

  • generic police-08

    Eight Children Found Dead at Home in Cairns, Australian Police Say

    Eight children have been found dead at a home in a suburb of the northeastern Australian city of Cairns, police said Friday. Police said they were called to the property in the Manoora area Friday morning after reports of a woman with serious injuries. “During an examination of the residence, police located the bodies of the children, all aged between 18 months and 15 years,” the Queensland Police Service said in a statement. Detective Inspector Bruno Asnicar sought to allay […]

  • A JLENS aerostat is seen on its mooring station at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.

    Army to Launch ‘Blimp’ that Detects Cruise Missiles

      The U.S. Army plans to launch two stationary “blimps” at 10,000-feet in the air next week to better protect the Washington, D.C. area from cruise missiles and other possible air attacks. It’s part of a three-year test by the North American Aerospace Defense Command of the so-called JLENS System, which is designed to work with already-existing air defense technology. The tethered large balloons, called aerostats, carry technology that will almost double the reach of current ground radar detection, officials […]

  • 2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid

    Toyota has Best Value: Consumer Reports

    NEW YORK – If you’re looking for a car with the best value, you might want to check out Toyota. Three Toyota cars made this year’s best values list put together by Consumer Reports. It had more cars on the list than any other automaker. Toyota’s Camry Hybrid was rated the best value overall. Consumer Reports rated it a 2.01 on its scale, meaning it gives owners twice as much value as the average vehicle. “The Camry Hybrid (Priced at […]

  • President Barack Obama talks with President Raul Castro of Cuba from the Oval Office, Dec. 16, 2014.

    Obama Looks to Cuba to Test an Old Theory

    WASHINGTON — Since the early days of his first presidential run, Barack Obama made a pledge — to talk directly with America’s enemies — that most other politicians found naive. The approach famously drew snickers from Republicans and Democrats alike, who derided it as irresponsible — a criticism that followed Obama into the White House. In the twilight of his administration, Obama’s Wednesday announcement on normalizing relations with Cuba represented his last best chance to turn this idea into a […]

  • Man Gives Away Free World Trip to Woman with Ex-Girlfriend’s Name

    Jordan Axani planned to travel around the world with his girlfriend Elizabeth Gallagher, until they broke up. Now, he’ll embark on Sunday on the circumnavigation with Elizabeth Gallagher. No need for a double-take: The name may be the same, but the person answering to it isn’t. Axani had booked his-and-her airline tickets in his name — and his girlfriend’s, he said. So, after his ex went overboard, he had to find a new co-passenger with the same name, he said, […]

  • franco_rogan

    U.S. is Set to Blame N.Korea for the Sony Hack

    The U.S. is getting ready to blame N.Korea for the mega hack on Sony Pictures as the studio said Wednesday it would cancel next week’s planned release of its controversial comedy “The Interview.” U.S. investigators say an announcement pinning the blame on hackers working for the Pyongyang regime could come as soon as Thursday. Sony pulled the film following a threat on Tuesday that people should avoid going to theaters where “The Interview” is playing. “In light of the decision […]

  • tax_return

    The 2014 Tax Breaks You’ll be Able to Take

    Well, finally. Congress on Tuesday night extended dozens of expired “temporary” tax breaks for 2014. It took the Senate, by a 76 to 16 vote, until the week after Congress was supposed to adjourn to pass the bill, which the House had already approved. The bill will now be sent to President Obama, who is expected to sign it. The majority of tax breaks in the bill pertain to businesses, but a handful will affect individuals. Among those who will […]

  • Alan Gross Arriving at Joint Base Andrews

    Obama, Castro Hail New US-Cuba Relationship

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced Wednesday plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease economic restrictions on the nation, a policy shift he called the end of an “outdated approach” to U.S.-Cuban relations that, “for decades, has failed to advance our interests.” Obama said the U.S. will move towards re-opening its embassy in the communist nation and allow some travel and trade that had been banned under a decades-long embargo instated during the Kennedy administration. “Through these changes […]

  • 141007154449-nr-sidner-actor-stephen-collins-molestation-accusations-00003303-tablet-large

    Iowa Native ‘7th Heaven’ Actor Admits Molesting Young Girls

    LOS ANGELES, California —  “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors, People reports. The actor released a statement to the publication in light of child molestation accusations that arose in the midst of his divorce proceedings. Collins was the subject of reports in October after his wife, Faye Grant, said he admitted to her he molested three underage girls. TMZ posted an audio recording that was alleged to have been made during […]


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