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  • teacher_100

    100-Year-Old Math Teacher Refuses to Retire, Says She ‘Can’t Sit Back and do Nothing’

    Brooklyn, NY (WPIX) — For most of us, hearing about your birthday on the radio is a seldom occurrence. However, in the case of Brooklyn math teacher Madeline Scotto, it’s pretty much warranted. “This is very exciting!” Scotto said as she and her daughter Michelle crowded around a radio in a quaint living room, listening to a news report honoring her birthday. Mrs. Scotto is celebrating a milestone turning 100 years old. What’s even more incredible, she is still part […]

  • Forecasters predicted Gonzalo will weaken to as it moves past Bermuda and pushes into the North Atlantic by Saturday. (CNN)

    Surf’s Up, Way Up: Hurricanes Target Bermuda, Hawaii

    It’s a double threat. Hurricanes are barreling through the ocean on both sides of the continental United States. Hurricane Gonzalo on Friday slammed the British territory of Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean. Hurricane Ana is heading for the Hawaiian Islands and could cause trouble over the weekend. Hurricane warnings were posted on Bermuda as Gonzalo raged through the region. The powerful Category 3 storm battered the island with wind gusts that topped 115 miles per hour, according to the […]

  • ebola

    Texas Worker Who May Have Handled Ebola Samples Quarantined on Cruise Ship

    Concerns about even remote chances of Ebola exposure rippled from a U.S. airline to a ship off Belize on Friday, with Frontier Airlines trying to contact hundreds more passengers of a plane linked to an infected nurse, and a cruise liner quarantining a health worker only tangentially linked to the care of a different Dallas Ebola patient. The airline’s move relates to Amber Vinson, a Dallas nurse who treated an Ebola patient and then was diagnosed with the virus herself […]

  • ISIS Attacks Kobani, Syria

    ISIS in Possession of 3 Fighter Jets, Training Pilots

    SURUC, Turkey — Could ISIS fighters be training as warplane pilots capable of turning their weapons on coalition aircraft? That’s the worrying prospect suggested by an unverified report from the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that ISIS has three warplanes in its possession in northern Syria. The Syrian opposition group also claims, citing reliable sources in Syria, that former Iraqi military officers are training members of the Sunni extremist militant group to fly them. The planes are at the […]

  • Over 48 million Americans live in poverty, according to a special report by the Census Bureau Thursday. It provides an alternative look at the worst off people in the nation than the official numbers that come out in September. (Shutterstock/CNN Money)

    Over 48 Million Americans Live in Poverty

    Over 48 million Americans live in poverty, according to a special report by the Census Bureau Thursday that provides an alternative look at the worst off people in the nation than the official numbers that come out in September. Government programs such as food stamps do help some people, especially children, but even so 16% of American children are living in poverty, according to the supplemental report. “These are bad numbers,” said Robert Doar, a fellow of poverty studies at […]

  • pumpkin_spice

    Woman Can’t Get Enough, Buys a Year’s Supply of Pumpkin Spice Lattes

    MOLINE, Illinois — (WQAD) — It’s that time of year when, if you’re not carving a pumpkin, you’re likely drinking one. Pumpkin spice everything is all over menus and store shelves right now. One Quad City woman is making it a year-round tradition. Sherry Lynn Gustafson is getting her fix by loading up on pumpkin spice lattes. “I love pumpkin pie, and this is like pumpkin pie with whipped cream on it in a drink. So, I can drink as much […]

  • chris christie

    Christie Will Speak, Not Shoot, at Iowa Pheasant Hunt

    WASHINGTON — New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will speak at U.S. Rep. Steve King’s annual pheasant hunt in Iowa this month — but he won’t be shooting game himself. Ann Trimble-Ray, an advisor to the King reelection campaign, said Christie will be present at a fundraising luncheon in Iowa on Saturday, but he won’t be hunting because he’s on a campaign swing visiting other candidates. “His schedule doesn’t allow him to do more with the congressman,” she said. Christie, who […]

  • Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in this file photo. (CNN)

    Stock Market Panic Takes a Timeout

    NEW YORK — Apparently all Wall Street needed to end its panic attack was a little money printing talk. U.S. stocks ended another wild day of trading mostly unchanged, rebounding from an early 200-point plunge on the Dow that was sparked by fears of a global slowdown. The big comeback was triggered by a Federal Reserve official who suggested the central bank could abandon its plan to pull away the easy money punch bowl that’s been juicing stock prices for […]

  • Ebola patient Amber Vinson

    Texas Hospital Apologizes for Ebola Blunders

    DALLAS, Texas — A Texas doctor has apologized for what he calls mistakes in how his hospital handled Ebola, as schools close out of fear that they’re vulnerable to the virus. Also on Thursday, officials are considering barring 76 hospital workers who treated an Ebola patient from boarding airplanes. The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says a second Dallas nurse who tested positive for Ebola, who flew a day before it was known that she might […]

  • fan

    Florida Governor Refuses to Debate Because Challenger Had a Fan

    WASHINGTON — Florida Gov. Rick Scott refused to go onstage for the first seven minutes of a debate Thursday night, because his opponent had a fan. No, not a rowdy supporter in the audience. An actual electric fan. Scott’s Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist, had set up a small fan underneath his podium, apparently trying to keep himself from sweating under the Broward College stage’s lights. Scott saw the fan, a prop that often accompanies Crist at public appearances, […]

  • Corporate America's Mountains of Cash

    When Will Companies Stop Hoarding Cash?

    NEW YORK — The fuel for the next leg of the economic recovery is literally sitting in the bank. Companies are hoarding cash. Instead of hiring workers and investing in the future, businesses are sitting on their money or giving it back to shareholders. Neither strategy does much good for the real economy. It’s a chicken-and-egg dilemma for companies. They aren’t seeing enough demand from their customers to justify investing in major projects for the future. But that lack of […]

  • (Courtesy: WGN)

    Haunted House Worker Gets Too Creepy, Arrested and Charged

    CHICAGO (WGN) — A suburban haunted house worker has been charged and is accused of saying inappropriate comments and touching patrons in an unwelcomed way. Twenty-three-year-old Robert Keller of Algonquin, Ill. was charged over the weekend with battery and disorderly conduct. He was accused of using an electrical neck massager on a teenage girl inappropriately as she waited to get into a Montgomery, IL haunted house. In addition, Kane County Prosecutors accuse Keller of speaking to her inappropriately. Dressed like […]


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