13 Fascinating Facts About Dan Winters

1. My dog’s name is Paul Harvey.
2. I have lived in six towns in Iowa.
3. I can recite every word of the movie, “Christmas Vacation.”
4. Ketchup should be its own food group.
5. @danwinters
6. I have a crippling fear of snakes.
7. My family used to own the oldest hardware store in Iowa.
8. facebook.com/danwinters13
9. I was president of my fraternity.
10. I’ve never voted a straight ticket.
11. I volunteer at a local youth shelter.
12. I had dental bonding to fill the big gap in my front teeth.
13. Have you seen my keys…or my wallet?

Dan Winters co-anchors Channel 13 News at 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. Dan is an award-winning investigative reporter who came to WHO-HD nine years ago as a weekend morning anchor/reporter. Dan was born on a farm near Chariton, IA. He has lived in Marengo, Sioux City, Clarinda, Ames, and now The Des Moines Metro. He began his broadcasting career at age 16 at KMA Radio in Shenandoah, IA. After high school, he worked full-time as a news anchor/editor for KPRC, the CBS Radio affiliate, in Houston, TX. Dan earned an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University’s Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication. While in college, he worked as a reporter for KCCI-TV, covering the VEISHEA riot of 2004. Later that year, Dan was awarded “First Place TV Reporting” at the 2004 Hearst Journalism Awards Championship in San Francisco.

Dan interviewed President Barack Obama and reported on his campaign during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. His award-winning investigations have resulted in public policy changes. “I really love what I do, and I hope that comes through when people watch,” said Dan. “I feel blessed to get to work alongside Erin, Ed, Keith and all of the talented people behind the scenes each night.” Dan volunteers with Youth Emergency Services and Shelter (YESS) and hosts fundraisers for various charities. He doesn’t let the fact he’s a lousy golfer stop him from trying.

Recent Articles
  • Embracing Change at the YMCA

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Imagine if the place where you worked for over 50 years shut its doors.  That’s what happened to Marguerite Avant at the Des Moines Riverfront YMCA on Friday.  But as Dan Winters reports, Avant is ready to begin a new chapter.  

  • THE INSIDERS: Tom Harkin, Part 4

    Something old and something new: Dave has a surprise photo for Sen. Tom Harkin and they discuss his new institute at Drake University. Harkin discusses what people can learn there, especially about the caucus system.     For part 5, click here.

  • Johnathan Narcisse Spends Three Minutes in the Chair

    DES MOINES, Iowa – On November 4th, Iowans will head to the polls. Voters have more than two choices for governor. Johnathan Narcisse is running under “The Iowa Party.” He explains why, for Narcisse, “victory” equals two percent. He spent “Three Minutes in the Chair”.

  • ernst braley

    Follow the Money: Special Interest Spending on Braley vs. Ernst

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The balance of power in the United States Senate could come down to an Iowa race between Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst. Here are some of the special interest groups and wealthy individuals dumping money into TV, radio, and print ads to try to make that power shift in their favor.  

  • Truth Test: Ads Attacking Staci Appel

    DES MOINES, Iowa — TV ads accuse congressional candidate Staci Appel of wasting taxpayer money on flower pots and pipe organ repairs.  Watch and find out if the claims are true.  

  • Truth Test: Ads Attacking David Young

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A TV ad targets congressional candidate David Young.  It claims he wants to give billionaires a $200,000 tax break and eliminate the Department of Education.  How much of this ad from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is true?  Find out here.  Then, tune in Thursday at 10 when we put an ad that targets Young’s opponent to the test.  

  • Ako Abdul-Samad Spends Three Minutes in the Chair

    DES MOINES, Iowa – A local civil rights leader is weighing-in on the police shooting of the unarmed teen in Ferguson, Missouri. Ako Abdul-Samad runs an urban outreach program called “creative visions.” He`s also a Des Moines state representative . And he spent “Three Minutes in the Chair”.

  • rental_car_770

    Woman Claims Rental Car Company’s Charges Were an ‘Obvious Cheat’

    DES MOINES, Iowa – A rental car company is being sued by attorneys who claim customers across the country were charged fees they didn’t understand or agree to.  A woman visiting Iowa was charged more than $2,000 in such fees. Caixia Lai flew to Des Moines from China to watch her son graduate from college. She stopped at Dollar Rent-a-Car at Des Moines International Airport, handed the agent her Priceline.com agreement, signed her name and drove away. She didn’t realize that […]

  • Three Minutes in the Chair with Des Moines Art Festival’s Stephen King

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Along with tens of thousands of Iowans, the Des Moines Arts Festival will host members of a special international organization, this weekend. That`s because their newest member is the man in charge. Channel 13’s Dan Winters got the festival`s executive director, Stephen King, to sit down for three minutes during King`s busiest week of the year.

  • gilman_liz

    Three Minutes in the Chair with Produce Iowa’s Liz Gilman

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa leaders have tried to encourage more films, like mega-hit “Field of Dreams,” to shoot in Iowa but in 2011 a tax credit scandal brought down the Iowa Film Office. Now there is a new effort to encourage film production in the state. Dan Winters sat down with Liz Gilman the executive producer for Produce Iowa for three minutes in a chair.

  • THREE MINUTES: Candidate Nathan Blake

    The primary race to replace Jack Hatch in the Iowa Senate is underway and the first of three Democrats is taking his turn spending three minutes in the chair with Dan Winters. The order was randomly chosen and Nathan Blake starts the series. Blake works for Iowa’s Attorney General, busting criminals in the consumer protection division.

  • mercy letter

    MENTAL HEALTH: 1,800 Patients Lose Their Doctor

    Hundreds of mental health patients learned this week that their doctors are leaving. There’s concern that some of those 1,800 patients may not find a back-up plan. Psychiatrists in Iowa receive less reimbursement per patient than in almost every other state. That payment disparity has prompted several psychiatrists at one clinic to take jobs elsewhere. Their patients say they feel abandoned. Brenna Williams, Judy Ellenberger and Jeanie Hudson met in group therapy and say spending time together is like group […]


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