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13 fascinating facts about Dave Price:
• I play the trumpet, although not very often anymore. I bought my first instrument at my grandpa's music repair store.
• I completed the Chicago marathon on a frigid morning in 2002.
• My grandpa used to ride bikes as a kid with Beverly Hillbillies star, Buddy Ebsen, in Belleville, Illinois.
• When I was growing up, half our backyard was full of strawberry plants. Strawberries are still my favorite fruit.
• My wife and I got engaged on Friday the 13th.
• I probably have a tie addiction.
• My father-in-law is a divorce attorney. So is my brother-in-law. I had better be a REALLY good husband.
• I throw right-handed and kick left-footed. I don't know why.
• Barack and Michelle Obama gave me honeymoon advice.
• LeAnn Rimes was my first celebrity interview. I flew a T-34 Mentor Navy plane over the Rocky Mountains. And I steered a nuclear submarine in the Bahamas, all because of cool tv assignments.
• I have two younger brothers and a sister. My mom always baked birthday cakes in shapes of our favorite characters. My dad makes amazing soups and barbecue.
• I almost never miss a St. Louis Cardinals' game on tv. My grandma used to babysit former Cards' manager, Whitey Herzog.
• I'm a German/Austrian/English/Welsh/Native American/native Illinoisian.

Dave Price is WHO-TV's Political expert and anchors Channel 13 News on weekend evenings.

Dave Price grew up in southern Illinois in the town of Belleville. A graduate of Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Dave worked at the public radio station in Edwardsville for several years. He then continued his career in radio at KMOX Radio, the dominant powerhouse in St. Louis.

Price recalls, "Having listened to that station all my life, it was a great experience to work with the people I had admired for so many years."

After his experience in radio, Dave completed his Master's Degree at the University of Missouri-Columbia in 1996. He then worked at KOMU-TV in Columbia for three years as a morning anchor and assignment manager. Dave then moved to Montgomery, Alabama to work as an anchor/reporter and help launch a startup station, WNCF-TV.

Throughout his career Dave has received an Emmy for a documentary called "Choices", where he talked to people about the bad choices they've made throughout their lives that landed them in jail or worse. He has also won awards from The Society of Professional Journalists and the Missouri Broadcasters Association.

Dave says he's excited to live back in the Midwest, closer to his family and closer to the St. Louis Cardinals!

You can e-mail Dave at Dave.Price@whotv.com and check out his blog, Price of Politics.

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