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13 fascinating facts about Dave Price:
• I play the trumpet, although not very often anymore. I bought my first instrument at my grandpa’s music repair store.
• I completed the Chicago marathon on a frigid morning in 2002.
• My grandpa used to ride bikes as a kid with Beverly Hillbillies star, Buddy Ebsen, in Belleville, Illinois.
• When I was growing up, half our backyard was full of strawberry plants. Strawberries are still my favorite fruit.
• My wife and I got engaged on Friday the 13th.
• I probably have a tie addiction.
• My father-in-law is a divorce attorney. So is my brother-in-law. I had better be a REALLY good husband.
• I throw right-handed and kick left-footed. I don’t know why.
• Barack and Michelle Obama gave me honeymoon advice.
• LeAnn Rimes was my first celebrity interview. I flew a T-34 Mentor Navy plane over the Rocky Mountains. And I steered a nuclear submarine in the Bahamas, all because of cool tv assignments.
• I have two younger brothers and a sister. My mom always baked birthday cakes in shapes of our favorite characters. My dad makes amazing soups and barbecue.
• I almost never miss a St. Louis Cardinals’ game on tv. My grandma used to babysit former Cards’ manager, Whitey Herzog.
• I’m a German/Austrian/English/Welsh/Native American/native Illinoisian.

Dave Price is WHO-TV’s Political Director, host of the Sunday morning show “The Insiders” and anchors Channel 13 News on weekend evenings.

It’s difficult to find a local television reporter in the United States who has spent more time covering presidential candidates than Dave. Dave grew up in Belleville, Illinois, where he formed his passion in politics and his beloved St. Louis Cardinals from his dad.

He graduated from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and later worked at the powerhouse radio station in St. Louis, KMOX.

Dave left St. Louis radio to earn his Master’s Degree at the prestigious University of Missouri-Columbia. He stayed in Columbia, where he served as morning news anchor and assignments manager at KOMU-TV.

Dave then moved to Montgomery, Alabama, to help launch WNCF-TV, where he served as weekend anchor and political reporter.

In 2001, Dave began his career at WHO-TV, where he specializes in coverage of the Iowa Caucuses and state government.

Dave has earned a national Emmy, Edward R. Murrow and dozens of state and regional awards for his reporting and anchor. He also authored his first book, “Caucus Chaos,” an insider’s account of the always unpredictable way Iowans help pick the next president.

He lives in Clive with his wife Emily and son Hayden.

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    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  No other country has more people living there, with 1,387,000,000 and counting. Iowa producers see dollar signs. That is why several dozen are joining new Governor Kim Reynolds as she goes to China next month for her first overseas trade mission trip as governor. The trip, scheduled for July 19-28th, means a reunion for Reynolds. Her former boss, longtime Governor Terry Branstad, should be in place as the new U.S. Ambassador to China by then. The […]

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    DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds may call her husband Kevin, “First Dude,” but officially he will go by another title, the governor said Thursday. It will be “First Spouse,” Reynolds said, citing a previous conversation with former Governor Terry Branstad’s spouse, Chris. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the 2008 nominee for vice president, called her husband Todd her “First Dude.” Watch Reynolds reaction to Channel 13’s question about the proper way to address her husband:

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    DES MOINES, Iowa–On Thursday, new Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds will officially name State Public Defender Adam Gregg as her replacement to serve as lt. governor, sources close to the transition confirm, potentially setting off a series of legal proceedings. Gregg was one of three candidates Reynolds interviewed. Reynolds, who was sworn in Wednesday as the state’s first female governor, told Channel 13 earlier this month that she had made her decision but wouldn’t elaborate. Gregg, of Johnston, sat back in […]

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    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Wednesday, May 24th 2017 marked the 8,169th and final day of the Terry Branstad administration in Iowa. The former Governor is now Ambassador and his former lieutenant is now Governor. Branstad says serving the state he loves was a dream job.  But when the President asks you to serve you have to listen. Channel 13 Political Director Dave Price takes us to the end of one era and the beginning of another for Terry E. Branstad.

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    DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa Governor Terry Branstad will end his record service on the job this Wednesday, Channel 13 has learned. That is, of course, is dependent on the U.S. Senate confirming him Monday afternoon to become the next Ambassador to China. Final Executive Council meeting (we assume) for @TerryBranstad. pic.twitter.com/5GdnOSqWfS — Dave Price (@idaveprice) May 22, 2017 “Twenty-two years, four months and however many days,” Branstad said Monday morning, following what he expects to be his last gathering as a […]

  • After Second Teen’s Death, Branstad Praises DHS Director But Says Next Gov. Should Decide His Fate

    DES MOINES, Iowa–Following the second death of an adopted, home schooled teen who had been under supervision from the Iowa Department of Human Services, Governor Terry Branstad declined to speculate on the future of the agency’s director, Chuck Palmer. “That’s going to be his decision and that of the new governor,” Branstad said. (Watch Channel 13’s full interview with Governor Terry Branstad on Sabrina Ray’s death) Thursday, prosecutors charged Marc and Misty Ray in connection with the death of their […]

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    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds will name her own replacement when she becomes governor–or maybe she won’t. Or maybe she has another plan. Whatever her plan is, she said Monday that she has it finalized. She just isn’t ready to let Iowans know about it. “We have decided what we’re going to do,” Reynolds said, “We will let Iowans know when the time is appropriate.” That means not until after the U.S. Senate confirms Governor Terry Branstad […]

  • ‘We Thought About That,’ Governor Says About Possibility of Moving to Dangerous Place

    DES MOINES, Iowa–Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has more reason to pay attention to what is happening on the other side of the world. Branstad is waiting for his expected confirmation later this week from the U.S. Senate to become the next Ambassador to China. Relations between China and North Korea have become increasingly strained as North Korea has tested several ballistic missiles, including another one Sunday.   “We thought about that,” the governor said Monday when asked about the potential […]