Jennifer McDermed

Meteorologist Jennifer McDermed joined WHO-HD in October 2013 and is Channel 13’s 5th full-time meteorologist. Jennifer came to Des Moines from KQ2-TV in St. Joseph, MO where she was the weekend meteorologist. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from Saint Louis University.

Since her childhood, Jennifer has had a love for weather and that passion has only intensified. She was chasing storms and tornadoes in high school and that continued into college.

You can find Jennifer on Iowa’s Weather Channel (WHO 13.2) each weekday morning and anytime severe weather threatens. You’ll also find her filling in for Ed, Jeriann, Megan and Brett on Channel 13 News.

1. I am the blue-eyed blonde German-Irish Midwestern girl, born and raised in Atchison, KS.

2. You’ll always see me cheering for the Kansas State Wildcats!

3. I am the ornery middle child of three.

4. I have chased ten tornadoes throughout the Midwest! Biggest one being a F4 in Lyons, KS.

5. In high school I played volleyball, basketball, was on the swim team, as well as the dance team.

6. In college I spent a semester to study in Madrid, Spain for five months.

7. I graduated from Saint Louis University with a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology. GO BILLS!

8. On my 18th birthday I gave the weather on Good Morning America with Sam Champion.

9. I love biking, hiking, swimming, chasing severe weather… anything outdoors!

10. So far I have been to eleven different countries in Europe, and have slept in many hostels, airport floors, and trains while traveling.

11. One of my adventures included the Beatification of Pope John Paul II in Rome, Italy in May of 2011. I waited 12 hours in line with millions of people over night waiting for the Vatican gates to open! And you bet I forced my way through the crowd to be in the front row!

12. I like to think I am an aspiring beer (not wine) connoisseur, so if you know of any good beers to taste or breweries to go to, tweet or email me!

13. I am the pickiest eater you’ll ever meet. Give me pasta with marinara sauce or grilled cheese and I’m happy.

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