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13 Fascinating Facts about Jodi Whitworth:
•I've never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Call me un-American.
•I have a pretty cool family. Both my brother and I are adopted. He's adopted from Seoul, Korea. I'm adopted from Chicago. And my parents’ names are Dick and Jayne.
•I was a cheerleader all four years in high school. Yes, cheerleading is a sport.
•Favorite movie: What About Bob. I still laugh at all the same parts and can quote every line.
•I am notorious for making funny faces.
•I love to dance.
•Dream vacation destination: Tokyo, Beijing or Seoul. I have a recent love of Asian culture. I blame the "Gangnam Style" song.
•I ran track for over 10 years. I hold several records at my high school and college. Oddly enough, I don't even like running but I thrive on competition!
•I'm a true Midwestern girl. I've lived in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota and I still hate the winters.
•I am a die - hard Fighting Illini fan. ILL - INI!
•I'm deathly afraid of spiders. I can hardly even read the book Charlotte's Web.
•I was Ankeny High School's first African American homecoming queen in 2008.
•Only two professions run in my family: broadcasting and the funeral home business. I contemplated studying mortuary science in college.

Multimedia Journalist, Jodi Whitworth, joined the Channel 13 news team in January of 2013 after graduating from Northwestern College in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Electronic Media Communications. While in college she had valuable experiences interning with news teams at WCIA in Champaign, IL, KSTP in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her first internship experience was at WHO-HD. It was here where she learned she had a passion for journalism.

Jodi served in an active role on her campus TV station, Eagle 7 News for several semesters. She also was the 2012 recipient of the Alliance for Women in Media: Diamond Award Diversity Scholarship and is a member of the National Communication Association Honor’s Society: Lambda Phi Eta. She's even taken her journalism skills overseas. In 2012 she traveled to Belize to teach a media seminar to local television and radio stations.

Having gone to Ankeny High School, Jodi is no stranger to Des Moines. She and her family moved to the Twin Cities after her high school graduation, but is excited to be back amongst the friendly folks of Iowa. Jodi covers a wide variety of stories and would love to hear from viewers. You can contact her by email at jodi.whitworth@whotv.com, “Like” her on Facebook or, follow her on Twitter @jlwhit09.

Recent Articles
  • Residents Receive Lack Of Warning About Escaped Decatur County Jail Inmate

    LEON, Iowa – On Friday, Decatur County Jail inmate James “Mick” Murphy managed to escape and has been on the run ever since. The Decatur County Sheriff’s Department is not releasing how the 43 – year – old escaped but say he was last seen headed south from the Decatur County courthouse shortly after 8 p.m. Friday. Those living in the Leon said the lack of warning from local authorities put its residents at risk, many of them not knowing […]

  • Bricks of heroin confiscated by police. (WHO-HD)

    Number of Heroin Deaths Doubled, Eastern Iowa Hit Hardest

    COLFAX, Iowa – The number of deadly heroin overdoses in Iowa has more than doubled since 2012 and experts fear that trend is only going to get worse. According to the Iowa Department of Public Health, since 2009 deadly heroin overdoses have slowly increased. The largest increase was from 2012 when 8 people died compared to 2013 when 20 people died. Recovering heroin addict, Jacob, remembers the feeling of getting high, “It`s a very euphoric body high,” and says he […]

  • Lunch served at school. (WHO-HD)

    Court Order in Effect to Prevent Lunch Room Monopolies

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Attorneys say they have a plan to keep a monopoly effect from happening between food distributors and school districts. The class-action suit was filed against Martin Brothers Distributing and the Iowa Education Corporation. It alleged they created a monopoly that resulted in higher lunch prices. The lawsuit was eventually settled for nearly $2 million. Attorney Bart Goplerud, who worked on the case says, a court order is already in effect to prevent this from happening […]

  • (WHO-HD)

    Lack of DM Firefighter Staffing Felt Again at Downtown Fire

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Saturday morning’s fire at the Equitable building downtown injured six firefighters. The local firefighters union says those injuries only added to an already stressed fire department. The department is dealing with record low staffing levels. Local firefighters union president, Joe Van Haalen, says,” They [the firefighters] were in that building for several hours and went through several bottles of air and that`s because we were short staffed. We don`t have enough guys in there to be […]

  • Possible Charges Pending for Driver Who Ran Over Baby

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines Police say possible charges are pending for the man who ran over and killed a 4-month-old baby boy this weekend. Police say they think the man behind the wheel may have been intoxicated. Police reports show the driveway was littered with beer cans. It also states the driver and another man had bloodshot watery eyes, slurred speech and smelt strongly of alcohol. On Saturday, authorities say Breland Garrett’s father placed him on the driveway […]

  • ‘You Never Want To Get That Call,’ Wife of Injured DM Firefighter Speaks Out

    DES MOINES, Iowa – The second major fire in downtown in six months required an army of firefighters to put it out. Fifty Des Moines firefighters responded to the Equitable building to fight a tricky and hard to access fire. Captain Steve Brown says injuries are common, “We always have the injuries: the slip trip and falls, it’s the nature of the job but for five firefighters at one fire it’s very unusual.” Two firefighters suffered from smoke inhalation and […]

  • Cleanup and Rebuilding Continues At Lake Panorama

    PANORA, Iowa – Some homes in Panora are still in shambles after severe weather this spring. Two tornadoes touched down near the east side of Lake Panorama in May and contractors are busy working to piece together the damaged homes. Contractor George Young says replacing windows and doors have been the most common repairs but several garages and a condominium complex are in the process of being rebuilt. “They were pretty much leveled, all the roofs were torn off of […]

  • gun

    Local Firearms Trainer Says Better Instruction Could Have Prevented Arizona Tragedy

    INDIANOLA, Iowa – The accidental death of a firearms instructor in Arizona has a local firearms teacher questioning what kind of training the man had. “There would be no way that I would allow a 9–year-old to have an Uzi especially a fully automatic one. They just can’t handle the recoil,” says NRA certified instructor Randy Jimenez. Jimenez says those guns are too powerful for young children and even hard for most adults to control. He owns Central Iowa Shooting […]

  • COPS TV crew films Des Moines police officers on the job. (WHO-HD)

    Des Moines Police Admit Risk Involved for ‘COPS’ Crew Members

    DES MOINES, Iowa – A crew with the “COPS” TV show has also been filming here in Des Moines all summer. It’s the fourth time the show has visited the city and no crew members have ever been injured in that time frame. On Tuesday night, 38-year-old Bryce Dion, was fatally shot at the scene of a robbery in Omaha, Nebraska. The departments say the crew members are given bulletproof vests and are allowed to follow closely behind officers. “It […]

  • vicious dog

    Vicious Pitbull Gets Second Chance At Life? City Council and Dog Trainer To Decide

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – A vicious dog sentenced to death nine months ago, may be getting a second chance at life. On Monday, the West Des Moines City Council will vote to decide what to do with the pitbull formerly known as Killer. Killer now goes by the name of “Jimmy” under his new owner. The dog was involved in three biting incidents dating back to November 2013. Over the course of nine months, the city and the owner […]

  • ben carson

    GOP Event Attracts Possible Presidential Candidate

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Doctor Ben Carson cracked a joke about Iowa and its corn during his inaugural visit to the state Sunday. Carson headlined the Summer Sizzle and Straw Poll event at the Izaak Walton League in Des Moines. Carson is a retired neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins and a best-selling conservative author. However, at previous events he’s considered adding more to his plate. He’s mentioned a possible run for president in 2016. He made no mention of that during […]

  • Actor Richard Dreyfuss Celebrates Local Jewish Federation’s Milestone

    DES MOINES, Iowa – The Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines is celebrating it’s 100th year of community partnership. The foundation began catering towards immigrants and over the years leaders say their efforts have expanded to help better educate the Jewish and non-Jewish community. “The foundation has established a school, a camp, and education program for building tolerance within Judaism as well as dispelling myths and rumors about Israel,” says the foundation’s president, David Adelman. Academy Award winning actor, Richard […]


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