13 Fascinating Facts about Jodi Whitworth:
•I’ve never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Call me un-American.
•I have a pretty cool family. Both my brother and I are adopted. He’s adopted from Seoul, Korea. I’m adopted from Chicago. And my parents’ names are Dick and Jayne.
•I was a cheerleader all four years in high school. Yes, cheerleading is a sport.
•Favorite movie: What About Bob. I still laugh at all the same parts and can quote every line.
•I am notorious for making funny faces.
•I love to dance.
•Dream vacation destination: Tokyo, Beijing or Seoul. I have a recent love of Asian culture. I blame the “Gangnam Style” song.
•I ran track for over 10 years. I hold several records at my high school and college. Oddly enough, I don’t even like running but I thrive on competition!
•I’m a true Midwestern girl. I’ve lived in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota and I still hate the winters.
•I am a die – hard Fighting Illini fan. ILL – INI!
•I’m deathly afraid of spiders. I can hardly even read the book Charlotte’s Web.
•I was Ankeny High School’s first African American homecoming queen in 2008.
•Only two professions run in my family: broadcasting and the funeral home business. I contemplated studying mortuary science in college.

Multimedia Journalist, Jodi Whitworth, joined the Channel 13 news team in January of 2013 after graduating from Northwestern College in Saint Paul, Minnesota with a degree in Electronic Media Communications. While in college she had valuable experiences interning with news teams at WCIA in Champaign, IL, KSTP in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Her first internship experience was at WHO-HD. It was here where she learned she had a passion for journalism.

Jodi served in an active role on her campus TV station, Eagle 7 News for several semesters. She also was the 2012 recipient of the Alliance for Women in Media: Diamond Award Diversity Scholarship and is a member of the National Communication Association Honor’s Society: Lambda Phi Eta. She’s even taken her journalism skills overseas. In 2012 she traveled to Belize to teach a media seminar to local television and radio stations.

Having gone to Ankeny High School, Jodi is no stranger to Des Moines. She and her family moved to the Twin Cities after her high school graduation, but is excited to be back amongst the friendly folks of Iowa. Jodi covers a wide variety of stories and would love to hear from viewers. You can contact her by email at, “Like” her on Facebook or, follow her on Twitter @jlwhit09.

Recent Articles
  • Capture

    Teacher Addresses ‘Touchy Subject’ After Several Recent Teen Suicides

    WEST DES MOINES — A Waukee High School teacher is addressing an issue many feel uncomfortable talking about – mental health and teen suicide. “You have to be willing to open up to the people around you, even if it’s just a little bit at a time,” says Sheena Grove. The 9th grade English teacher posted a video of her own childhood struggles to social media.  She says vulnerability is the only way to combat the growing concern of mental […]

  • promo285030797

    Iowa Regents Hope to Maintain Tuition Freeze

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Board of Regents plans to immediately start discussing the potential for a tuition increase at the state’s public universities. The board says it’s due to lack of state funding. Tuition for in-state undergraduates was frozen at all three public universities last fall. This year, the board asked for more funding in hopes to freeze tuition again, but the request was turned down by the state. It’s not clear if and when the rates will go […]

  • promo284736415

    Teaching Amidst Tragedy, Gilbert Teacher Earns Golden Apple Award

    GILBERT, Iowa — Twenty years in the classroom has taught Virginia Beecher a lot but a pivotal point in her career happened eight years ago. “Things are going to happen in your classroom that you cannot anticipate but you can be a light in some very dark moments in some kids lives,” she says. In 2008, Beecher was teaching in the Aplington-Parkersburg school district. That was the same year a massive tornado leveled the town, killing seven and injuring hundreds. […]

  • before and after

    Crews Filling Giant Sinkhole is ‘Quite the Show’ for Spectators

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A sinkhole that swallowed a Des Moines front lawn Wednesday is about to disappear. Neighbors began noticing the sinkhole at 4103 SW 5th St. about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday when it consumed a hedge.  About seven hours later, the hole had expanded dramatically, consuming a 35-foot tree. Marilyn Bender is the homeowner’s sister. She said it’s scary when she thinks about how it could have happened while her brother was in his yard. “He said was standing over […]

  • promo284613507

    Community Raises More than $50K to Save Bussey Corner Store

    BUSSEY, Iowa — Two months ago, the future of a popular corner store in Bussey was in question. Now the town is breathing a sigh of relief. “I’m thrilled. We got the money, it’s almost over. No more stress,” says Candy Evans as she stands inside Katy-Did’s, a store named after her late mother. After months of struggling, the community raised enough money to keep the 20-year-old general store open. In February, the state said the store had until mid–April […]

  • promo284610445

    Subway Employee Allegedly Denies Pregnant Customer’s Medical Request

    ADEL, Iowa — A Central Iowa woman says she was treated unfairly at a fast food restaurant because she was pregnant. For Kassidy Small, a soon-to-be mother of two, her children are her priority especially when it comes to the health of her unborn child. “I’m expecting and doctors recommend that you don`t eat deli meat unless it’s thoroughly heated,” she said. “Usually when I eat at Subway I ask them to microwave my meat then toast it.” Small, who […]

  • promo284426248

    Iowa Board of Medicine Considering Conversion Therapy Ban

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A central Iowa man is claiming doctors used a controversial procedure on him hoping it would turn him straight. “Every single time a picture of a naked man would show up, I would be shocked. It would literally just shock me,” said Sam Brinton. “Then whenever a picture of a woman would come up, nothing would happen. A picture of man would show up and I would get shocked.” Conversion therapy is legal in Iowa. The […]

  • promo284332379

    Des Moines City Hall Officially on the Move

    DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s moving day for dozens of city employees. In a few months, the 106-year-old building that houses City Hall will undergo some much-needed repairs and renovations, but citizens should know how to access the city’s many departments during the move. Once the building is cleared, city officials expect the renovation will take up to 18 months. The move alone will cost about $1 million. The overall budget will cost more than $5 million, but Mayor Frank Cownie […]

  • promo283820993

    Van Meter District Pays Tribute to Fallen Officer

    VAN METER, Iowa — For a small town, there is no shortage of pride. “It was so tragic what happened. No one should have to suffer like that, so we are out here just trying to support the best we can,” said eighth-grader Madeline LaVallee. The procession for Des Moines Officer Carlos Puente-Morales was routed in front of the Van Meter School District, giving a unique opportunity for students and staff to pay their respects. “They’ll never forget this. They’ll […]

  • promo283736340

    Students Write Cards for Cops in Wake of Officer Deaths

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — The past couple of days have served as a teaching moment for the students at St. Francis of Assisi. On Wednesday, students lined the streets outside the school to pay their respect to Officer Susan Farrell as her police escort and procession drove by. On Friday, they will do the same for Office Carlos Puente-Morales. “We had the conversation of what they would see going by and where the family was going and how they […]

  • promo283641205

    Strangers to Officer Susan Farrell Have Kind Words for the Fallen Hero

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A sea of red and blue flashing lights painted a mesmerizing tribute to fallen Des Moines Officer Susan Farrell on Wednesday. ” It’s a little eye-opening. It makes you feel good to be an American,” said spectator, David Courtright. Law enforcement from every corner of the state and around the country attended the funeral. Thousands from the community came to say goodbye even if there was never a formal hello. “I just cant imagine not standing […]

  • Tosha Hyatt

    Family of Woman Killed in Deadly Crash Visits Site of Accident to Grieve

    DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa — In the deadly crash that killed four people early Saturday, including two Des Moines Police Department officers, Tosha Hyatt of Council Bluffs was the prisoner being transported in the back of the officers’ squad car. However, Tosha’s family and friends want her to be remembered by more than that. “I don`t want her to be labeled as a prisoner. She wasn`t no prisoner,” said Jeanne Hyatt, Tosha’s mother. “We are still trying to process this all. It’s […]


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