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13 fascinating facts about Keith Murphy:
• I worked at Walt Disney World in High School.
• The first time I ever lost a foot race, it was to a girl. (I'm looking at you Blanche Wiggins.)
• I've read the sports section, while eating breakfast, with the paper propped between my cereal bowl and a gallon of milk for as long as I can remember.
• I've had neck, shoulder, knee, and nose surgery---all from sports related injuries.
• I moved to broadcasting after a bad concussion at college football practice my freshman year. Future NFL All-Pro Jessie Tuggle knocked the snot out of me. He's a nice guy though, and I probably had it coming.
• I once had a fly land in my mouth during a sportscast. I coughed it up, and laughed so hard, we had to go to commercial. Fortunately there was no "You Tube" then.
• I once high jumped 6' 4". I also once threw two interceptions in a quarter.
• I worked at a movie theater for more than three years. My friends and I often stayed until sun-up watching films.
• I often drink a glass of half diet Pepsi/half milk. It tastes like a root beer float.
• I was "promoted" to news early in my career, but couldn't get out fast enough after covering the Gainesville Ripper murders in 1990. I often get emails from viewers after they've seen old file footage of me on a national story about the killings. I'm the guy (with more hair) who looks like he should be doing sports.
• I'm actually shy. I'm an introvert who plays an extrovert on television.
• I was an Altar Boy who laughed too much, a Cub Scout who couldn't tie knots, and a news anchor who loved sports.
• I was benched an entire game in the local Little League World Series for throwing my bat in anger after striking out. The following year I won the sportsmanship trophy. Thank you, coach Hutchinson.

Sports Director Keith Murphy joined the Channel 13 news team in 1996 and helped change what viewers expect from our local sports coverage. The old cliche is true, it's not just scores and highlights with Keith. Sportscasts are often fun, almost always opinionated, and at times, thought-provoking. Murphy has won Iowa Sportscaster of the Year and anchored the Emmy, Associated Press, and IBNA choices for "Best Sportscast " numerous times. He's won Murrow and Sevareid awards for outstanding sports reporting. Keith also knows people don't watch sportscasts because someone won awards, but he hopes it impresses old friends and classmates when they Google his name.

In addition to anchoring sports in the Channel 13 News at Six and Ten, Keith hosts Iowa's most watched and talked about sports-based show, SoundOFF with Keith Murphy and Andy Fales, Sunday nights live at 10:35. SoundOFF is an interactive show where the fans have a voice, or at the least, a keyboard. SoundOFF, on a good night, is both informative and entertaining, even for non-sports enthusiasts. You never know what you'll hear, or what will happen, and it usually goes beyond sports and ventures into entertainment and pop culture. SoundOFF recently celebrated its 800th show. SoundOFF is now in its 17th year, with more people watching than ever, and it keeps winning awards. We're surprised too.

Before joining Channel 13, Murphy was Sports Director at WOI-TV in Des Moines, where in addition to anchoring sportscasts, he provided play-by-play for Cyclone basketball on ESPN and the Iowa - Iowa State football game on ABC regional television.

Keith married his best friend, Jenny. They blended families to create a modern day Brady Bunch, only with all boys and no Astro Turf, though Keith wishes he had it so he'd never have to mow. Who are we kidding... with six boys he won't have to mow until he's 60. When the Murphys aren't mowing, they're playing sports or video games, watching movies, and pulling pranks.

You can read Keith's opinions on everything in and out of sports on his popular blog, Murphy's Law. It's updated at whotv.com every night.

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  • Hoiberg Wins, Loki Sleeps, Colin Eats

    Remember all the skeptics when Jamie Pollard announced he’d hired Fred Hoiberg to turn the Cyclone basketball program around? It was somewhat understandable. Hoiberg had never coached a game. At any level. But now that Hoiberg’s the Big 12 Coach of the Year (along with Bill Self), he’s proven he can bring in talented players, and get them all pulling on the same end of the rope… Pollard misfired on McDermott and Chizik. Both are successful elsewhere, but a bad fit […]

  • Cyclones Win It, Hawkeyes Blow It

    By Chris Hassel One team was up 15. The other was down 9. One team won. The other lost. The Cyclones found themselves in a hole against 9th ranked Baylor, but it was almost as if the Hilton crowd willed ISU to victory. It’s Iowa State’s second top-ten home victory, and 7th straight at Hilton. The ‘Clones clinched the 3-seed in the Big 12 Tournament and will play Texas in the quarterfinals. I think ISU can make a run but […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: CyHawk Bias, Manning Angst, Gusto Pizza

    Interesting dynamic Wednesday night as some Hawkeye fans started hammering us, and other local media, for our Cyclone bias. Generally, it’s a more frequent accusation from Cyclone fans, and some who actually work at Iowa State, that the central Iowa media leans toward Iowa City too much. The reality: we go where the bigger story is. Cyclone basketball is the biggest sports story in the state right now… Chris Hassel is with the Cyclones in Kansas City. Zach Borg is covering […]

  • Girls Thriller, ISU Favored, Playoff Expansion

    By Chris Hassel I’m not a big fan of girls basketball, but today’s game between Southeast Polk and Ankeny was a thriller. It doesn’t matter if it was a game of darts, these two schools hate losing to each other. I will even go as far as to say that the Ankeny/SEP rivalry is better than Valley/Dowling. This one had the feel of a state championship game, but Ankeny has one more to play. Saturday night’s game against #1 Iowa […]

  • Jackrabbits

    MURPHY’S LAW: Jackrabbits, Tsingtaos, ipods

    The South Dakota State Jackrabbits are going to the NCAA tournament. No one, not even IceBorg, can convince me South Dakota State has a better basketball team than Iowa, but the Jackrabbits are part of what makes the tourney different, and cool. Anyone can make it. Plus, no South Dakota team had ever made it to the Dance. I was in downtown Des Moines tonight for dinner at Zombie Burger. I had the Flamethrower, but who really cares what I […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: Hawks Win, Clones Lose, Hassel Winks.

    Nice needed win by the Hawks at the Big Ten tournament. Matt Gatens again sparked Iowa with his shooting, defense, and heart. Illinois is not good—Illini won just one game since January—but that’s still a team with talent. It would have saved everyone time if Illinois’ A-D had just fired Bruce Weber after the handshake… The Register’s Rick Brown tells me Iowa has not played its way into the NIT yet. Brown says since the NCAA took over the NIT, RPI is […]

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    MURPHY’S LAW: Big 4 All Playing.

    For the first time, all four NCAA men’s basketball teams in Iowa will play in the post-season. Of course, that’s tempered somewhat by the fact we now have four tourneys, and let’s be real, there’s only one everyone cares about. That’s the one that invited Iowa State… Tough draw for the Cyclones. #8 seed playing defending national champion UConn (9) in Louisville Thursday night at 8:20. Winner likely plays #1 Kentucky. Royce White says to be the best, you have to beat […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: Iowa Advances To Ugly Court.

    There have been years Hawkeye fans wanted no part of the NIT. Those years will come again. But right now, it’s a big step, and Iowa fans fully embraced the NIT Tuesday night. Carver-Hawkeye Arena was nearly full, Hawk fans were fully energized, and the Iowa team gave them reason to cheer… Iowa played one of its best games of the season against a solid Dayton team that had the misfortune of playing a “home game” in Iowa City. The […]

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    MURPHY’S LAW: Frantic Friday, CIML Power

    Thursday lacked that signature shocker we’ve come to expect from March Madness. Friday more than made up for it. Lehigh takes down Duke, and Norfolk State shocks Missouri. Two 15 seeds win on the same day, bringing a sigh of relief from Cyclone fans tired of watching Hampton’s annual reminder that even a 2-seed can lose… Former Cyclone Paul Shirley, who just wrote a candid and controversial story for the Register on what happened against Hampton, tweeted the following: “Hooray! […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: UConn, UGone

    So much for nervous jitters. The Cyclones came out with guns blazing… Iowa State will play #1 Kentucky Saturday night because the Cyclones outplayed UConn, kept cool when the Huskies made runs, and had the best player on the court… Royce White started the game with a swift drive and thundering dunk. It set the tone. White then scored 15 points, pulled down 13 rebounds, and created uncomfortable match-up problems for UConn all night… No player in the NCAA tournament […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: 3 Down 1 To Go, Shirley’s Misery

    Nice NIT win for UNI. The Panthers play Drexel next, so they stay in Philly… Three of Iowa’s Big 4 basketball teams won in the past 24 hours. You already know about UNI and Iowa, plus Drake beat North Dakota for the Bulldogs first post-season win in 35 years. Can that be right? Apparently it is. The Dogs play at Rice Saturday… There is no doubt UConn is looking past Iowa State to Kentucky. When Jeremy Lamb was asked about […]

  • murphys_law_400

    MURPHY’S LAW: And Then There Was One.

    The Hawkeyes scored 97 points. And lost. Now that’s bad defense. It’s also good offense, most of it from underclassmen… UNI also lost in the NIT’s second round. We can all go back to not caring about the NIT now… The Cyclones did all they could against Kentucky. The Wildcats are just too good. ISU’s one shot was raining threes, and that didn’t happen. Nothing lacking in the effort… Royce White yelled in a moment of emotion that he was […]


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