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Kelly Wallace is CNN's digital correspondent and editor-at-large covering family, career and life. She is a mom of two.

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  • Liquor aisle at grocery store. (WHO-HD)

    Is Drinking with Your Kids at Home a Good Idea?

    I probably think about the dangers of drinking more than the average person because there is alcoholism in my family. As a parent, I am slightly obsessed with figuring out what I can do to make sure my children, 6 and 8, don’t have problems with alcohol when they get older. So, on this the 30th anniversary of the national drinking age being raised to 21, I’m asking myself the following question: Am I better off never letting my girls […]

  • facebook

    SOCIAL MEDIA: Some Schools Monitoring Students’ Posts

    Just as parents are grappling with how to keep their kids safe on social media, schools are increasingly confronting a controversial question: Should they do more to monitor students' online interactions off-campus?

  • halloween_fat_letter

    HALLOWEEN GRINCH: Fat Notes Replace Candy

    I know whose house I would avoid on Halloween if I lived in Fargo, North Dakota. Instead of handing out candy, a local woman called into a radio station, saying she plans to pass out letters to trick-or-treaters she feels are "moderately obese."