13 fascinating facts about Megan Reuther:
• My first name is Elizabeth, but no one calls me that except doctors and telemarketers.
• I met my husband at work. We fell in love doing a news story about mold.
• We lived on a farm the first two years we were married.
• We have 3 kids: 2 boys and 1 girl.
• My two pinkies are curved.
• I don’t like cheese.
• My younger sister and I are only eight months apart.
• I have 30 cousins.
• My first job was washing floors at the family car business.
• I used to hate running. Now I’m training for a half marathon.
• I am from Missouri.
• I can’t go to sleep unless my pajamas match.
• I sing the same song to my kids my mom sang to me every night I tuck them into bed.

Megan Reuther joined the Channel 13 News Team in October 2007. She started as the live reporter for the station’s top-rated Today in Iowa morning news program. Now, you can see her reports on the Channel 13 News at 5.

Megan came to the station from KWWL in Waterloo where she was an anchor/reporter. Prior to that, she was anchor/reporter at KOMU in Columbia, Missouri. She graduated with a Journalism/Broadcast News degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Megan says she loves covering parenting issues because that’s how she spends most of her time: raising two young sons and a little daughter.

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