13 fascinating facts about Megan Salois:
• I’m a St. Patrick’s Day baby, born on March 17th!
• I can clog and play the piano, but not at the same time.
• I performed in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. I was a part of the black ring when we formed the Olympic rings on the field.
• My dad was struck by lightning and survived.
• I love to cook! I try at least one new recipe a week. My husband, Chris, is my test subject.
• I am half French-Canadian which explains the last name. My great great great great great Grandfather left France and came to Canada to fight against the Americans in the French and Indian War. He was given a plot of land near Montreal and a French bride.
• My dad builds fighter jets, my middle sister is a science teacher, and my youngest sister is studying to be an astro-physicist. My mom brings us all down to Earth.
• My husband proposed to me at the Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink in New York City.
• My son, Nathan, is a long baby. He was 22.5″ long at birth and remains in the 100th percentile in length for his age group.
• My first car was a light blue 1983 Honda Civic Wagon. I had a bumper sticker on it asking someone to “Please Steal This Car.”
• I adopted my cat, Quincy, one month before his shelter burnt to the ground due to an electrical fire.
• I wanted to become a meteorologist because I was scared of thunderstorms as a child and teenager.
• My favorite things about living in Iowa are the corn, the Iowa Cubs, the weather (yes, even the snow), and the wonderful friends I’ve made.

Meteorologist Megan Salois joined the Channel 13 First Alert Storm Team in April 2006. Megan has been granted her AMS Seal of Approval from the American Meteorological Society and is a member of the National Weather Association. You can see her on Channel 13 s popular Today in Iowa Saturday and Sunday programs as well as Channel 13 News at Noon.

Megan comes to Channel 13 News from WQOW-TV in Eau Claire, Wisconsin where she was their weekend meteorologist and reporter. Megan earned her Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2005 and her Bachelor s degree in journalism from The University of Georgia.

Megan’s favorite type of weather to forecast is severe thunderstorms and tornado outbreaks. Her most memorable moments forecasting tornadoes include the Ladysmith, Wisconsin tornado and the Parkersburg, Iowa tornado. The Ladysmith tornado hit the small town just before 5 PM on Labor Day 2002. Megan was covering the evening weathercasts that night and went live immediately with the warning that a tornado was moving towards Downtown Ladysmith. She then followed up with nearly a dozen news reports following the clean-up and recovery in the small Wisconsin town. The Ladysmith tornado was rated an F3 tornado. The morning of May 25th, 2008, Megan forecasted on Today in Iowa Sunday that a major tornado outbreak with the potential of long-lived strong tornadoes was possible that day. In the afternoon, a powerful tornado ripped through Parkersburg and was verified as an EF5 tornado, the strongest tornado possible.

Megan is also willing to go out in the cold for Central Iowa’s viewers. She’s been known to stand in blizzards and ice storms to make sure you’re aware of the conditions outside and can make your plans accordingly. Her experience in the elements helps her to have a better understanding of winter weather and improve her future forecasts for the next big snow storm to hit Central Iowa.

Megan grew up outside Atlanta, GA. She became fascinated with the weather because of her father’s close call. He was struck by lightning while in high school and survived.

Megan, her husband Chris, and sons Nathan and Joshua live in Urbandale. They enjoy spending time outside on the trails and at the parks around the Metro. Megan also loves to cook and try new recipes. They are active members of St. Pius Catholic Church.

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