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  • TransportTeam_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Transport Teams

    Des Moines is the only hospital system in Iowa to offer three dedicated transport teams for our community. Life Flight, pediatric and neonatal transport teams are available at all times to care for critically ill or injured patients of any age.

  • LIVEWELL MINUTE: Laser Vision Correction

    During the last two decades an increasing number of people have had laser vision correction to free them from the hassles of contact lenses and glasses. With improving technology, laser vision correction has become very precise and safe. Ejaz Husain, MD with UnityPoint Health Eye Surgery/ Laser Eye Center says, “Laser vision correction can benefit individuals with near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism.  The ideal candidate should be at least 18 years of age, have realistic expectations, and understand the risks associated […]

  • SleeveGastrectomy_415

    LiveWell Minute: Sleeve Gastrectomy

    Weight loss surgeons at Iowa Health - Des Moines are using a new surgical weight-loss procedure called Sleeve gastrectomy. It is a great option for any patient considering weight loss surgery.

  • VascularCare_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Vascular Center for Excellence

    As blood is pumped from your heart, it must then move through the arteries and veins of your body. Your vascular system must work perfectly for your good health.  The Vascular Center of Excellence at Iowa Methodist is a comprehensive program providing state-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disease, or PVD. Dr. Douglas Massop, MD,Vascular Surgeon, The Iowa Clinic says, “From the 80s on, Iowa Methodist has been a leader in vascular care. This early expertise has developed extensively. […]

  • WhoopingCough_415

    LiveWell Minute: Whooping Cough

    A whooping cough, or pertussis, outbreak is always a serious problem because this illness is highly contagious and affects young infants significantly, even causing death. Dr. Amaran Moodley, M.D., Infectious Disease, Blank Children’s Hospital says “Whooping cough is a respiratory illness caused by a bacteria that is highly contagious and it’s transmitted between adolescents and adults and from adults to young infants.” After cold-like symptoms appear, severe episodes of coughing start at about 10 to 12 days. In children the […]

  • CountTheKicks_415

    LiveWell Minute: Count the Kicks

    Count the Kicks is a statewide awareness campaign dedicated to educating expectant parents about the importance of counting their baby’s movements daily during the third trimester of pregnancy. It is also the goal to reduce Iowa’s stillbirth rate. Stillbirth occurs in one out of every 150 pregnancies nationwide. There are about 200 stillbirths in Iowa each year. Many stillbirths occur at or near full term. Dr. Erin Lehman, Lakeview Obstetrics and Gynecology says, “Counting and tracking a baby’s movements is a […]

  • SoftPlaqueScreening_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Soft Plaque Screening

    For decades, physicians believed that most heart attacks were due to a narrowing of coronary arteries, caused by hard arterial plaque. But new imaging methods show that even more risk may come from “soft plaque,” sometimes called “vulnerable plaque”: fatty deposits that build up on artery walls. Dr. Craig Stevens tells us, “Soft plaque is very dangerous.  It can cause a sudden rupture which can cause a blood clot which can trigger a heart attack.” Cardiologists at Iowa Lutheran use […]

  • RapidArcRadiation_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Rapid Arc Radiation

    The John Stoddard Cancer Center offers optimum state-of-the-art radiation therapy. Radiation works by focusing a beam of high-energy radiation or implanting radioactive sources in the area of tumor growth. Recently, Stoddard has been using a new technology called Rapid Arc. Robert Isaak, M.D., Radiation Oncologist, John Stoddard Cancer Center says, “Rapid Arc radiotherapy technology is a major advance in technology that improves dose conformity while significantly shortening treatment times. Rapid Arc delivers treatments two to eight times faster than our […]

  • AcceleratedPartialBreastIrradiation_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

    This year more than 2,000 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in Iowa. The John Stoddard Cancer Center at Iowa Methodist Medical Center is proud to offer patients the latest advancement in breast cancer radiation therapy called Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation. Dr. Robert Isaak, M.D., Radiation Oncologist, John Stoddard Cancer Center says, “After a breast cancer tumor is removed, partial breast irradiation allows us to place the radiation source inside the lumpectomy cavity to deliver radiation to the […]

  • TeenBeltSafety_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Teen Seat Belt Safety

    Teenagers have a higher crash risk than all other age groups in the United States. This can be attributed to both driving inexperience and a greater propensity for risk-taking behaviors. Also, teens often ride with other teens. Because of these factors, this age group faces substantially elevated risks for injury and death from traffic crashes. Kathy Leggett, Center for Advocacy and Outreach, Blank Children’s Hospital says, “Teenagers’ failure to wear seat belts compounds their already higher crash risk. Studies have […]

  • TrueBeam_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: TrueBeam STx Technology

    John Stoddard Cancer Center has become the first in Iowa and one of the first in the nation to offer TrueBeam STx technology to cancer patients. Dr. John Triantafyllos, Radiation Oncologist, John Stoddard Cancer Center says, “This system will allow Stoddard to deliver fast, precise, noninvasive radiosurgery for the treatment of complex cancers throughout the body including those in the brain, spine, lung, liver, pancreas and prostate.” TrueBeam combines advanced imaging, radiation delivery and tumor motion management to allow physicians […]

  • Stenting_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Carotid Stenting Accreditation

    Iowa Methodist Medical Center has achieved accreditation for Carotid Stenting from the IAC, the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission. Iowa Methodist is one of the first five hospitals in the country to receive this important recognition. Dr. Douglas Massop, MD, SVS Vascular Surgeon, The Iowa Clinic says, “Carotid stenting is a therapeutic procedure used at the site of a blockage to help keep the artery open, and for some patients, is an alternative to carotid surgery.  The vascular surgeons who practice at […]


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