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  • In a Superhero Cape, He Feeds the Hungry and Homeless. And He’s Only 4

    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – Austin Perine’s superhero cape glides and flutters as he hands chicken sandwiches to homeless men outside a shelter in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s a sweltering 95 degrees outside, but at age four, Austin is undeterred. The red satin cape he wears, he says, makes him go faster. “It blows in the wind,” he explains with a smile. At the shelter, he’s quickly met with a merriment of high-fives and pats on the shoulder. Since March, he’s become a […]

  • Missouri Police Chief Home with Family After Bullet-Proof Vest Saves His Life

    WARSAW, Mo. – The community of Warsaw, Missouri, is rallying behind its police chief after he was shot in the chest Friday. “I’ve got a pretty good bruise and a little bit of a wound, but it’s OK,” Jason Wenberg told WDAF. The chief is back home with his family after being shot by a 16-year-old suspect Friday morning. According to the Benton County Sheriff’s Department, the 16-year-old led officers on a high-speed pursuit Thursday night while driving a stolen car. At […]

  • Man Wins 4 Lottery Prizes – Including for $5M and $1M – Within Months

    LOS ANGELES – A lucky lottery player from Southern California has won more than $6 million in prizes in the past six months, including one worth a staggering $5 million, state lottery officials announced Friday. Antulio Mazariegos recently walked into the California Lottery’s Van Nuys District Office with the $5 million-winning scratchers ticket. Mazariegos had purchased the winning ticket at Liquor Bank, located at 16925 Vanowen Street in Van Nuys, according to a California Lottery news release. He explained there […]

  • Quadruplets Graduate From High School Together

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Wilhoit quadruplets walked across the stage in succession at Shawnee Mission West’s graduation Thursday night. It was fitting for Overland, Kansas siblings Ben, Mia, Noah and Zach, who are all 19 years old. They’ve spent most of their lives by each other’s side. “Four kids at the same time is kind of wild, but it was always nice having somebody to play with when you were a kid. You have three buddies right next to you,” […]

  • Grandma’s Accidental Selfie Video Leads to Internet Fame

    PHOENIX, Ariz. – A Phoenix grandmother became an internet sensation after she experienced some user-error on her new smartphone, according to KPHO. Adrienne Gutowski was gifted a smartphone from her granddaughter on Tuesday, but she quickly became convinced that it was more of an annoyance than advantageous. “Apryl! Why did my phone turn into a mirror?” Grandma Adrienne said as she accidentally recorded her reaction. “I’m looking at my face and, oh my, look at all these wrinkles! You’ve got to […]

  • She Found an Abandoned Baby. 20 Years Later, He Found Her

    An enduring mystery in Azita Milanian’s life was solved Wednesday when she was reunited with 20-year-old Matthew Whitaker, reports the Los Angeles Times. Two decades ago, Milanian went for a jog in the foothills of Altadena, Calif., with her dogs when one of the dogs started scratching at the dirt. Milanian walked over to the dog and saw something that took her breath away: two tiny feet sticking out from a shallow grave. Milanian started to dig and found a 7-pound, […]

  • Convicted Felon Buys Guns After Passing Background Check

    MUNCIE, Ind. — A convicted criminal with an extremely violent past was able to pass a federal background check by filling it with lies, then nearly killed his landlord. The night of the shooting It was a quiet Saturday night in Muncie.  Tony Ong, the manager of a small apartment complex, walked outside to greet tenants. Ong is known to be friendly and caring, not a typical manager who hounds tenants for their rent. Ong said he had a brief conversation […]

  • Oklahoma Woman Killed by Pack of Mixed Dachshunds

    ARDMORE, Okla. – Police in Ardmore, Oklahoma are investigating after a woman was mauled to death by a pack of mixed dachshunds. Tracy Garcia, 52, was near her home on May 7th when a pack of seven dogs attacked her, KXII-TV reports. She later died at the hospital. As first responders on the scene tried to help the woman, one of the dogs turned on them. “Unfortunately, yes. We had to shoot one dog,” Carter County Sheriff Chris Bryant told KFOR. […]

  • Man Finds Treasure in Own Backyard After Finally Opening ‘Cable Box’

    NEW YORK – Treasure was found in May, not buried on a deserted island but languishing on Staten Island. The Staten Island Advance has the story of Matthew Emanuel, who hired a company to rip up his damaged arborvitae trees and replace them with bamboo. But when the trees were uprooted, a box that CBS New York reports had long been assumed by Emanuel to be a cable box or something similar turned out to be something else entirely: a […]

  • Truck Driver Leaves Waitress $2,000 Tip

    ROLAND, Ark. – A waitress at an Arkansas diner received a hefty tip of $2,000 from a Mississippi truck driver on Sunday. After moving to Roland, Brenda Pearson has been working as a waitress at the 4 Star Diner and on Mother’s Day she waited on a customer who placed a to-go order she’ll never forget. He ordered a cheeseburger. “It actually got made wrong first and I said well, it`s not correct, it needed two patties, but we fixed […]

  • ‘Braspberries’ are Now a Real Thing Thanks to Justin Timberlake

    An “out-of-this-world flavor combination” is coming to a grocery store near you. Driscoll’s says it is launching a new berry: the braspberry! The fruit combo, which is a blueberry inside of a raspberry, was inspired by Justin Timberlake who coined the term in a video he posted on social media several months ago. #Braspberry… A post shared by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on Dec 5, 2017 at 12:35pm PST Driscoll’s posted on its Instagram page: “New berry launch! Fresh from the farm, #Braspberries are […]

  • How Members of the British Royal Family Get Their Last Names

    LONDON – Prince Harry is one of the most famous men in the world. The public seems to know every detail of his life, except his last name. As his wedding to Meghan Markle approaches, people are starting to wonder what name will appear on their marriage certificate. Last names are a complicated business for royals. In fact, siblings, parents, and children don’t always share the same last name. The last name for a royal family member can also change […]