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  • Dad Walks Son to His First Day of Kindergarten – and His First Day of College

    DALLAS – A viral photo shared on Twitter shows a father walking his son to school on his first day of kindergarten – and on his first day of college. Charles Brockman III shared the photo of him and his father walking to school on his first day of kindergarten and a recent photo of his dad helping him move in to his dorm at college. He tweeted: “From the first day of kindergarten to college move in. Thank you […]

  • That Annoying Robocall About a ‘Free Cruise’ Could Get You $900

    UNITED STATES  —  Have you received one of those annoying robocalls saying you won a free cruise? That phone call could now get you up to $900 thanks to a class action lawsuit.  The lawsuit claims Resort Marketing Group (RMG), a third-party travel agency, made pre-recorded robocalls from July 2009 to March 2014 offering free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line. The lawsuit claims the cruise lines authorized the company to make calls on their behalf. The agency, referred […]

  • Virginia Family Comes Home to Blood Splattered on Floors, Walls After Dog Attacks Intruder

    RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia family returned home to find their floors and walls splattered in blood after their German Shepherd apparently attacked an intruder, according to WRIC. Tristan Murrin said he knew something was wrong when the dog greeted him at the front door. “We noticed something when we walked in, when I walked in with my mother and there is blood spots on the ground, we looked up stairs and you see trails of blood coming from up stairs going […]

  • Survivor of Three Nazi Concentration Camps Warns ‘It can happen again’

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Sonia Warshawski survived three different Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust in World War II. Even now, all these years later, it pains her to discuss it. “When I hear Nazi, Neo-Nazi, it goes through me like an electric shock,” said the Kansas City-area Holocaust Survivor. “The horrors are unimaginable.” Warshawski said watching white power and Neo-Nazi groups in Virginia over the weekend is like reliving a nightmare. She says she’s speaking out to keep a […]

  • Police Say New York Teen Choked Mom’s Ex-Boyfriend to Death After Seeing Him Beat Her

    NEW YORK — A woman’s son allegedly choked his mother’s ex-boyfriend to death Monday after spotting the man beating her inside their New York City apartment, police said. The 43-year-old ex-boyfriend showed up at the University Avenue unit in the Bronx around 4:30 a.m. to talk to the mother, police told WPIX. The two argued in the hallway, then he followed her into the apartment. The man, who police didn’t immediately identify Monday, then began beating the 37-year-old woman, officers […]

  • 94-Year-Old Man Builds Swimming Pool for Neighborhood Kids After Wife’s Death

    MORRIS, Minn. — A 94-year-old Minnesota man whose wife died after battling cancer built a swimming pool in his backyard for children in his neighborhood. Keith Davison’s wife of 66 years died last year, KARE 11 reports. “You just can’t imagine what it’s like,” he said. “You cry a lot. That’s just the way it is because she’s not here.” Davison then decided to do something different to fill his time. In the spring, the retired judge had an in-ground […]

  • Truck Driver, Puppy Reunited Thanks to Univ. of Iowa Hospital Nurses

    IOWA CITY, Iowa– An Iowa truck driver had to leave his truck – and his puppy – behind. But thanks to two University of Iowa Hospital nurses, he got his beloved pet back. Robert Prichard had a medical emergency while driving on I-80 and had to be taken to the University of Iowa hospital by ambulance, leaving his four-legged companion, Bandit, behind in his truck. “If it hadn’t been for these two right here, I would have lost him last […]

  • Family of Slain Man Shocked to See His Killer Out of Jail and at Ohio Wedding

    AKRON, Ohio – Family members of an Ohio man who was shot and killed while running from an Akron home in August, 2015, were surprised when they found a Facebook photo of his killer attending a wedding instead of sitting in jail. David Hillis entered a plea of guilty to one count of voluntary manslaughter, admitting he fired the shot that killed 25-year-old Marcus Glover. Glover’s family said they already felt let down after Hillis was sentenced to spend only […]

  • Alabama Teacher Accused of Sex With Students Gets Charges Thrown Out as Unconstitutional

    DECATUR, Ala. – An Alabama teacher accused of having sex with two of her students succeeded in having her charges thrown out on constitutional grounds, Morgan County Circuit Judge Glenn Thompson confirmed Thursday. Carrie Witt was facing potential prison time for allegedly having sex with two students between 16 and 19 years old while she taught at Decatur High School. Witt had the two charges dismissed without prejudice, but the state can still refile the charges if done in an appropriate […]

  • Driver Says ‘Angel’ was With Him as Driveshaft Came Flying Through Windshield

    IMPERIAL, Mo. – A man survived a terrifying accident as a drive shaft from a truck flipped up and speared the windshield of his pickup truck while he was driving along a Missouri highway. Steve Montgomery, 56, claims an angel was with him. He has a photo to back it up. Montgomery said he was driving home from a painting job in O’Fallon, Missouri a little after 8:15 p.m. Tuesday when that drive shaft crashed through his windshield, right where his […]

  • Colorado K-9 Unlatches Gate With Paw to Rescue Injured Deputy

    ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. – A Colorado police dog unlatched a gate with his paw to help a deputy injured in a confrontation with a suspect he was trying to apprehend, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said. A deputy responded to a call of a trespass in progress around 1 a.m. on Saturday in Shaw Heights. While he was investigating, the male he was speaking with ran. The deputy jumped a fence in pursuit of the suspect and he was separated from […]

  • Missouri Dad Gets Tattoo Replica of Son’s Burn Scars so 9-Year-Old Won’t Feel Alone

    FESTUS, Mo. – Joel Thomas is no stranger to the tattoo parlor, but he says his latest piece of art has a special meaning. After his son was badly burned in an accident, Thomas decided to get the same scars inked on his own leg so his son wouldn’t be alone in his recovery. “I’ve been getting tattooed for a long time, but this one means everything,” he told KTVI. “It represents, that no matter what happens in life, you can’t break the […]