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  • AGRIBUSINESS: Lower Corn Prices Predicted in Near Future

    Pat Westhoff – Director of the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute at the University of Missouri – says $5 corn will be the norm in the future. In fact -he predicts we’ll likely average below $5 corn for the next five years. Westhoff made his comments at a Kansas City Federal Reserve forum on global agriculture. His figures are based on FAPRI’s long-term crop and economic models. Should yields fall as a result of a widespread crop disaster – the U.S. could […]

  • THE INSIDERS: Sodders And Stineman

    Andrea Festuccia’s the chairman of BeesFree.  His company’s slogan is “Saving Hives, Saving Lives.” He is trying to raise bees differently so they fight off environmental factors that the USDA says killed off 40% of the bee population worldwide. Festuccia wants to open a research and development and production facility that could employ conservatively 40 to 50 people – opening as soon as next month.  He would expand his company’s European and South American operations and open a business in the Ames Research […]

  • THE INSIDERS: Sodders and Stineman Part 2

    The panel discuss the problem of immigration reform in Congress. For part 3, click here

  • THE INSIDERS: Sodders and Stineman Part 3

    Speedgate…Flashstache…it is the incident Governor Branstad has not been able to shake. The panel discuss the fallout from the Governor’s speeding SUV and what should change because of it. For part 4, click here

  • THE INSIDERS: Sodders and Stineman Part 4

    Though it’s the election is years away, the panel looks at the possible presidential candidates for 2016. For part 5, click here

  • THE INSIDERS: Sodders and Stineman Part 5

    The panel tackles the Quick 6 as well as share their predictions for this week. For Insiders Extra, click here

  • INSIDERS EXTRA: Sodders and Stineman

    There wasn’t enough time in the show to discuss everything, so for Insiders Extra, Channel 13’s Dave Price talks Steve Sodders and John Stineman about topics they didn’t have enough time.

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Researchers to Explore Creation of Biofuels Through Photosynthesis

    The National Science Foundation is providing a team of Colorado State University Researchers a two-million dollar grant to research new routes to the sustainable production of biofuels using photosynthetic bacteria. CSU’s Kenneth Reardon says the purpose of the research is to help solve important practical problems. Reardon says current biofuel production processes based on algae have been too expensive to scale up to commercial size. He says the team will research ways to increase the productivity and sustainability of the […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Farm Bill Moves Forward

    On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representative send the farm-only farm bill to the Senate. Wednesday, the Senate planned to insert its own version of the farm bill by unanmious consent and request a conference. The insertion is necessary because the Senate bill contains finance measures, which the Constitution states may only come from the House. At the time of this writing, it appears a conference committee will be appointed without a nutrition measure from the House.

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Nation’s Corn and Soybean Progress

    Progress of the nation’s corn and soybean crops is still lagging the five-year average rate, but the gap is closing and condition ratings are improving. According to the latest USDA report, just 3% of the corn crop is silked, compared with 22% last year and a five-year average of 9%. But the percent of corn rated good to excellent has improved modestly to 67%. At this time last year – just 48% of the crop was rated good to excellent. […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Mexico Restricts Live Pork Imports from U.S

    Citing the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus, or PEDV, Mexico has restricted live pork imports from the United States. At this time, Mexico’s Agriculture Ministry says the virus has not been detected in Mexcio. The Ag Ministry will review imports on a case by case basis and those pigs imported from the U.S. before May 17th will be quarantined and closely observed.

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Rules Committee Issues Rule on Ag Spending Bill

    The House Rules Committee has issued an open rule on the Agriculture Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2014. This means an unlimited number of amendments can be proposed. The rule also provides one hour of general debate equally divided and controlled by the Chair and Ranking Member of the House Appropriations Committee. But debate on the bill has not been scheduled. There is speculation the leadership is reluctant to bring the spending bill to the floor because it could become […]