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  • Mother Arrested Following Amber Alert

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa  —  The mother wanted for allegedly kidnapping her three daughters has been arrested in Sioux City. The Des Moines Register reports Sioux City police arrested Danica Arzaga at Outer Drive and Division Street on Wednesday. An Amber Alert was issued on Tuesday after authorities say she kidnapped her daughters Lillian, Adia and Olivia. The children were later located at a property in Sanborn, Iowa. The Register reports Arzaga is currently in custody and being processed.

  • Des Moines Man Sentenced in String of 17 Robberies Across City

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  A Des Moines man has been sentenced in connection to a string of robberies across the metro. Alexander Hamilton, 26, will spend 190 months in prison in connection to numerous robberies in 2016. Hamilton admitted to committing 17 robberies last year at Git-N-Go, Kum & Go, Hy-Vee, and U.S. Bank locations, as well as conspiracy to distribute hydromorphone in 2017. He said the money obtained in the robberies was used to help fund the drug conspiracy. […]

  • The Insiders: September 17th Edition, Quick Six

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Advice for politicians and which Democratic candidate to watch is all part of this week’s Quick Six with Christian Ucles.

  • The Insiders: September 17th Edition, What’s it Like to Help After a Natural Disaster?

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  As natural disasters continue taking their toll on various parts of the country, we’re reminded of how dedicated Iowans are to helping others in need. The American Red Cross in Iowa has sent more than 50 volunteers so far to help with recovery efforts, and it’s just one of a handful of agencies committed to helping. A few weeks ago, Brenda Kamish was on her way to Texas to help after her first major natural disaster. She talked about what […]

  • The Insiders: September 17th Edition, What’s Pushing Qualified Graduates Out of Iowa?

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Politicians, academics, and business leaders have talked for years about Iowa’s brain drain pushing talented college graduates to areas with things like bigger cities and beaches, but a new study shows there may be another reason for the move. Liesl Eathington is an assistant scientist of economics and one of two Iowa State researchers behind the study. She talked to Dave Price about why she feels these smart, talented people are being pushed away.

  • The Insiders: September 17th Edition, A Controversial Iowa Candidate’s Role in This Year’s Steak Fry

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Polk County Democrats are bringing back their own version of Senator Tom Harkin’s Steak Fry, the must-stop event for Democrats who wanted to be president. It’s also usually an event for other candidates to speak, too, but candidate Heather Ryan says Democrats don’t want her. Ryan is one of the Democrats running for the third congressional district, but she’s offended some leadership and activists because of the four-letter words and other language she chooses to use in public. Political […]

  • The Insiders: September 17th Edition, Honduras Native Shares His Immigration Story, Discusses DACA

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Approximately 800,000 people are currently living with their fate in limbo in the U.S. following President Trump’s call for the end of DACA. The executive order was established by President Obama to allow the children of those in this country illegally to be able to stay. It’s just one part of a complicated, elusive, politically-charged overall plan for immigration reform. Christian Ucles is a Honduras native, but now a U.S. citizen. He joined Political Director Dave Price […]

  • School Board Election Results

    IOWA  —  Find Polk County school board election results here.

  • Johnston Police Looking for Armed Robbery Suspect

    JOHNSTON, Iowa  —  Johnston police are asking for the public’s help locating a suspect they believe was involved in multiple armed robberies. Authorities say 17-year-old James Casterlando Henderson is a suspect in connection to robberies in both Johnston and Des Moines. A reward of up to $1,000 is being offered for information leading to Henderson’s arrest, but police warn people not to approach him. Anyone with information is asked to contact Johnston police at 515-278-2345 or Crime Stoppers of Central Iowa […]

  • The Insiders: September 10th Edition, Quick Six

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  In this week’s Quick Six, Jeff Merkley talks about President Trump’s first term, Hillary Clinton’s book, minimum wage, his favorite type of corn, things to know about Oregon, and his prediction.

  • The Insiders: September 10th Edition, Are Kids Spending Too Much Time Using Digital Devices?

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  New data shows kids spend 54 hours a week using digital technology. The Partnership for a Drug-Free Iowa and the Face it Together Coalition consider this number high-risk behavior by Iowa students. The digital use is often done without parent supervision, and leaves approximately only 51 hours each week for all other activities after sleep is calculated into the number of available hours. Iowa’s Digital Literacy Conference will offer some ideas about how to best protect your […]

  • The Insiders: September 10th Edition, What Should Happen to DACA?

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  What do you think should happen to DACA? Protests have taken place across the country since President Trump announced the potential end of the program, and there have been many mixed opinions as to what should happen next. Some think children and parents who came here illegally should all be deported, some think the children should be allowed to stay but their parents should be deported, and others think both children and parents should be able […]