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13 fascinating facts about Andy Fales:
• I am an avid gardener. I grow about 6 different types of heirloom tomatoes and many other vegetables and enjoy spending time working on my lawn and perennial gardens.
• I love to cook. My favorite time with my wife is spent in the kitchen making dinner and experimenting with new recipes.
• I am a dedicated supporter of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and have loved dogs and everything about them since I was a little boy.
• I have played the electric bass guitar since I was in high school.
• My degree is in English, but when I first went to college, I wanted to be a wildlife biologist so that I could do a show like “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom” which I loved watching as a child. I still hope to do something like that, some day.
• My very favorite sport to watch is St. Louis Blues hockey.
• The gold ring I wear on my right hand belonged to my great-grandfather and bears his initials, “IDF”.
• My mother’s family is from northern Wisconsin, and my parents retired there a few years ago. I take a summer vacation up there every year.
• My wife and I love to eat ethnic food. We love Indian, Thai and Japanese most.
• My favorite athlete of all time is Wayne Gretzky. I have met him or interviewed him eleven times.
• Someday, I hope to own a classic muscle car from the 70’s. Right now, I have a 1985 Jeep CJ-7 that once belonged to my grandmother.
• My high school baseball team was invited to play in Australia, where (at the time) the sport was played mostly by the wealthy.
• I love to camp, hike and fish. My best friend and I take a long trip to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota every summer.

Andy Fales is back at Channel 13 News! Andy co-hosts “SoundOff with Keith Murphy” each Sunday night at 10:35pm and features his popular segment “What’s Bugging Andy?”

Andy returns to Channel 13 from KMBC-TV, the ABC affiliate in Kansas City, where he had been a sports anchor and reporter from June through December 2007.

Andy also contributes in new and improved ways to the weeknight newscasts. Look for Andy’s special reports and insights on a regular basis.

“When I left Iowa for Kansas City, I thought I’d enjoy being a little closer to home (he was born and raised in St. Louis),” said Andy. “The fact is, I was actually moving farther away from it. Iowa is home. It’s where I want to be.”

You can reach Andy at

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    UNION COUNTY, Iowa — It looks like something a ten-year-old invented. In other words, it looks like a blast. “There’s not much more fun than getting to ride a horse and shoot a gun at the same time,” says Clint Travis, behind a big smile. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is meant to be just that: simple, old-fashioned fun. “It’s a fast-paced sport that gets to showcase our horsemanship skills and our marksmanship skills all at the same time,” says Carl Watson […]


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