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  • Filet with Primavera Risotto

    SECRETS SERVED: Filet with Primavera Risotto

    Ingredients: • 6 oz filet • Steps: 1. Season both sides of the filet with black pepper and kosher salt 2. Place the filet on a hot broil grill 3. Heat olive oil in sauté pan 4. Add diced onions, diced red peppers, diced green peppers, asparagus tips and diced squash 5. Add chicken stock and risotto base 6. Cook until risotto has a creamy consistency Plating: 1. Place risotto in center of plate 2. Place filet on top of […]

  • Dijon Encrusted Sea Bass

    SECRETS SERVED: Johnny’s Dijon Encrusted Sea Bass

    Steps: 1. Heat olive oil in hot sauté pan 2. Season sea bass with cracked black pepper and kosher salt 3. Place fleshy side down in pan to get the outside of sea bass crisp before placing in the oven 4. After outside is crisp, apply Dijon mustard coat to fish 5. Add light coat of herb bread crumbs over the top of the fish 6. Place in the oven Creamed smashed potatoes: 1. Heat cream sauce in pan 2. […]

  • Steak and Chicken Duo with Vodka Cream Sauce

    SECRETS SERVED: Johnny’s Steak and Chicken Duo with a Vodka Cream Sauce

    Ingredients: • 8 oz chicken breast • 7 oz certified angus beef top sirloin • Provolone cheese • Prosciutto • Herb bread crumb mix • Red onion • Cherry tomatoes (halved) • Vodka • Marinara • Basilico sauce • Cream • Bacon • Asparagus Steps: Chicken – 1. 8 oz chicken breast 2. Black pepper and kosher salt seasoning 3. 2 slices of provolone cheese and 2 slices of prosciutto 4. Roll the breast up – keep the breast as […]

  • Cavatappi with Black Olives and Feta Pasta

    SECRETS SERVED: Johnny’s Cavatappi with Black Olives and Feta Cheese

    Ingredients: • Olive oil • Black olives • One lemon • Cherry tomatoes • White wine • Feta cheese • Whole butter • Parmesean cheese • Cavatappi pasta • Parsley • Basil • Salt, cracked black pepper • Cracked red pepper Steps: 1. Heat olive oil in hot sauté pan and add fresh garlic and cherry tomatoes 2. Add black olives, cracked red peppers, zest of lemon 3. Cook until cherry tomatoes are tender 4. Deglaze with white wine 5. […]

  • Angel Hair with Scallops

    SECRETS SERVED: Johnny’s Angel Hair with Scallops

    Ingredients: • Olive oil • Sea scallops • Garlic • Cherry tomatoes (halved) • Lemon juice • White wine • Arugula • Parmesan cheese • Feta Cheese • Angel Hair pasta • Parsley • Basil • Salt, cracked black pepper • Cracked red pepper Steps: 1. Heat olive oil in a hot sauté pan 2. Season sea scallops with salt and cracked black pepper 3. Place scallops in the oil. 4. Once the scallops caramelize on one side, flip them […]

  • Molly and Lyndee

    SUCCESS STORY: Two friends who hoped to be on the Biggest Loser work together to shed the pounds

    Lyndee Underbakke and Molly Fairchild have been friends for years. So when Lyndee got engaged, there was no doubt Molly would be in her wedding. “It started out as a quest for the dress,” says Lyndee. As if the quest to find the perfect dress isn’t hard enough, it was that much more difficult for Lyndee and Molly because nothing fit. “I was gonna have to lose something to be in the wedding,” says Molly. Weight has been a problem […]

  • Push-ups

    WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya put their arms to the test in a tough pushup workout

    This week’s workout takes us back outside for a brutal workout. “I’m going to have you do P90X core synergistics,” says Rebecca Ingham. Our response to that is “Huh?” Think Boot Camp, with an emphasis on core, and more variations of push ups than we’ve ever seen! “We do it here at Lion’s Park or the Urbandale track and I’ll make them run bleachers,” Rebecca says with a sly grin. For us, she turns the park gazebo into a workout […]

  • Rugby

    WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin put in their mouth guards and ruck their way through a rugby practice

    If you’re looking for a fun way to burn off a lot of calories and blow off a lot of steam — why not join a team? “We encourage anyone… any shape, size, interest to come out and give it a shot!” Jeff McHenry is a member of the Des Moines Men’s Rugby Club and also helps coach the women. When the team invited us to visit a practice, we said “Sure!” and at first, it seems like it’s something […]

  • Kickboxing

    WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya sweat it out with a kickboxing class

    Fifteen years ago, kickboxing classes were a novelty. Today, you’ll find them at almost every health club. But you probably won’t find a martial arts expert teaching them. “I’ve been involved in martial arts for 33 years,” says Greg Ferry. At first glance, his kickboxing class looks like any other fitness class. There’s loud music, yelling and sweating. “We do so many different things in the class,” says Greg. “It’s over before you know it.” It’s only 45 minutes and […]

  • Hockey

    WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin hit the ice and take on hockey as a workout

    The first thing we realize about the novice “Alien Hockey” league is everyone is very nice.  They help us put on about 30 pounds of gear, designed to protect us from head to toe. Joe Bafia, the director, says teamwork is what it’s all about, “We even have players who have graduated from our program and come back and help out.” Thank God!  We’ve never played hockey, which is obvious as we take the ice.  In fact, this is Erin’s […]

  • Holiday Weight

    WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin learn some exercises to help them avoid holiday weight gain

    Personal trainer, Angie Gallagher puts us through the paces on a regular basis. Now, she has exciting news about holiday weight gain. “The good news is the weight gain isn’t as much as previously thought,” says Angie. It’s not five to ten pounds. It’s more like one to two pounds for the average person.” That’s not much and it can’t be that hard to lose, right? “The bad news is,” says Angie. “It’s a lifetime gain. Most people never take […]

  • Will Frazier

    SUCCESS STORY: Erin & Sonya catch up with a Channel 13 co-worker who has found a way to drop the pounds while still doing what he likes

    This week we have another success story to share with you. It features Will Frazier, one of our colleagues here at Channel 13. We had no idea he had a weight loss story to share until he commented on our workout segments and said, “Oh yeah, I’ve lost almost 100 pounds.” WHAT?!? Right away, we started asking Will to share his story with all of you. “It wasn’t until high school that I really let it go…I didn’t think it […]


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