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  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin learn how to blast that dreaded back fat away

    Posted on: 1:18 pm, November 17, 2010, by , updated on: 01:18pm, March 6, 2012

    “As we age, things start to head south.” That’s what personal trainer Gigi Filer tells us during a recent workout...
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    Back Fat
  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin tap into a little puppy power to help them stay fit

    Posted on: 1:21 pm, October 26, 2010, by , updated on: 01:21pm, March 6, 2012

    Obesity is on the rise among people and their pets. Just like humans, pets are at increased risk of disease...
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    Workout with Pets
  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin get some core work and cardio at a killer Kosama class

    Posted on: 1:26 pm, October 19, 2010, by , updated on: 01:21pm, March 6, 2012

    By now you’ve probably heard of the place promising “total body transformation.”  Kosama opened its first location last winter and...
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    Kosama Workout
  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin & Sonya get a chance “play” through a workout with Kidz Pump

    Posted on: 1:28 pm, October 12, 2010, by , updated on: 01:28pm, March 6, 2012

    A lot of times adults don’t give kids enough credit. For instance, Emily Allen knows exactly why it’s important for...
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    Kidz Pump
  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya groove to the music during a Body Jam class

    Posted on: 1:30 pm, October 5, 2010, by , updated on: 01:29pm, March 6, 2012

    Sometimes it just doesn’t seem right to use the word “workout” when the exercise we’re doing feels more like playing....
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    Body Jam
  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin & Sonya join co-worker Lynn Melling for a post-baby workout designed to drop those stubborn pounds

    Posted on: 1:37 pm, September 7, 2010, by , updated on: 01:35pm, March 6, 2012

    From a lack of time and sleep, to too many hormones and diapers — new moms have a lot to...
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    Post Baby Workout