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  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin get some core work and cardio at a killer Kosama class

    By now you’ve probably heard of the place promising “total body transformation.”  Kosama opened its first location last winter and now its one of the fastest growing clubs in the metro. “We wanted to cater to the working, to-and-from crowd,” says Ben Bjorholm.  He’s one of the owners of Kosama downtown.  Bjorholm says the best thing about Kosama is the variety.  Locations offer six different workouts, six days a week and we just happened to show up for one of […]

  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin tap into a little puppy power to help them stay fit

    Obesity is on the rise among people and their pets. Just like humans, pets are at increased risk of disease if they’re carrying extra weight. Personal trainer Angie Gallagher suggests working out with your pet. “Studies show people who exercise with pets increase speed by 28%. So it’s a nice incentive,” says Angie. Sonya Heitshusen’s dogs, Remi and Spot join us to prove Angie’s point. Instead of taking the dogs for a simple walk or jog, Angie suggests intervals, “Pick […]

  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin learn how to blast that dreaded back fat away

    “As we age, things start to head south.” That’s what personal trainer Gigi Filer tells us during a recent workout session. It’s depressing, but with her help we are learning how to fight back and in this Workout of the Week we’re targeting back fat. “Right above or below the bra line for women,” says Gigi, “and for men it’s those love handles right above the belt line.” We already know where it is, what we need to know is […]

  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin learn some exercises to help them avoid holiday weight gain

    Personal trainer, Angie Gallagher puts us through the paces on a regular basis. Now, she has exciting news about holiday weight gain. “The good news is the weight gain isn’t as much as previously thought,” says Angie. It’s not five to ten pounds. It’s more like one to two pounds for the average person.” That’s not much and it can’t be that hard to lose, right? “The bad news is,” says Angie. “It’s a lifetime gain. Most people never take […]

  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Sonya and Erin hit the ice and take on hockey as a workout

    The first thing we realize about the novice “Alien Hockey” league is everyone is very nice.  They help us put on about 30 pounds of gear, designed to protect us from head to toe. Joe Bafia, the director, says teamwork is what it’s all about, “We even have players who have graduated from our program and come back and help out.” Thank God!  We’ve never played hockey, which is obvious as we take the ice.  In fact, this is Erin’s […]

  • WEEKLY WORKOUT: Erin and Sonya sweat it out with a kickboxing class

    Fifteen years ago, kickboxing classes were a novelty. Today, you’ll find them at almost every health club. But you probably won’t find a martial arts expert teaching them. “I’ve been involved in martial arts for 33 years,” says Greg Ferry. At first glance, his kickboxing class looks like any other fitness class. There’s loud music, yelling and sweating. “We do so many different things in the class,” says Greg. “It’s over before you know it.” It’s only 45 minutes and […]