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13 fascinating facts about Chris Hassel:
• In 10th grade, I taught myself how to write upside down and backwards. You see, I had a science test that I was bound to fail, and all we could use was a plain white cover sheet. I wrote my notes on the back… and I could read them through the sheet.
• I was part of the 2001 4A state championship golf team at Muscatine High School as a junior.
• I was in position to head to state again my senior year. However, I was disqualified from districts because I beat up one of the opposing players on the 17th hole. He tried to penalize me for cussing. We qualified for state, but I wasn’t eligible to compete.
• I wake up at 1:30pm and go to bed around 3:30am. In the winter, I see about 3 hours of light each day.
• When I was in Kindergarten, I fell asleep on the back of the bus on the way to school. I woke up some two hours later to an empty bus at small home in the middle of the country. When I wandered into the house, the bus driver was watching ‘The Golden Girls’. I missed the entire day of school.
• On the first day of 7th grade, I told my math teacher I was allergic to lead. It was a lie. I was the only student allowed to do my homework with pen.
• When I sleep, I have to use a fan. A big fan. Industrial strength. My wife hates it. My ideal bed would sit in the center of the room with four fans hitting me from all directions on the floor and a ceiling fan up above.
• I ended my basketball career while yelling at my 9th grade girlfriend. Instead of attending an after-school practice, I decided to argue with her until I got my way. I didn’t get my way… and I was kicked off the team.
• I once went 2 years, IN COLLEGE, without eating a French fry. I’ll never go back on that diet.
• My 1st grade teacher’s name was Sister Ellia. She didn’t have eyes in the back of her head. She had mirrors on the sides of her glasses.
• On October 26th, 2002… I became the first Muscatine High School student to walk out of an ACT test. I was able to complete the “reading” section, before succumbing to the power of sports. Iowa was playing Michigan in football that day, and I simply couldn’t concentrate. I was the only one without a test score, but also the only one who saw the game.
• I was the first person in my class to begin shaving (I had a mustache in 3rd grade). Yet, two decades later, I still can’t grow a full beard. Go figure.
• I didn’t read a single book from 6th-12th grade. When we were asked to give book reports, I made up a title, and created my own story.

Iowa native Chris Hassel joined the Channel 13 Sports team in June 2007.

“I can’t believe they hired me,” exclaims Hassel. “And what’s nice is that there’s no act to follow.”

“When Chris showed up for his interview dressed in a suit and attempting to impress with his business acumen, we were concerned, partly because we had to look up the definition of acumen,” says Channel 13 Sports Director Keith Murphy. “But once he got the job, we saw the real Chris. He showed up for his first day of work in cargo shorts, jacked up on Mountain Dew, and doing impressions of Jim Zabel. We knew right then he’d fit in.”

Chris came to Channel 13 Sports from Davenport where he was a sports anchor/reporter for KLJB-Fox 18 TV. In addition to his television duties, he also served as the morning news anchor for WOC-AM Radio and Sports Director for St. Ambrose University’s TV and radio stations. He has also been involved in Learfield Sports Iowa Hawkeye Football broadcasts as a pre and post-game host. Chris earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in radio and television from St. Ambrose University in Davenport.

Chris enjoys being frustrated by the Cubs, yelling at his TV when the Bears are playing, and making sure he can have vacation his first year on the job so he can get married. Though his primary duties will be sports reporting, Chris will anchor some weekend sportscasts.

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