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  • MURPHY’S LAW: QB Controversy, Panthers Reeling, Cundiff Relieved

    Posted on: 3:43 pm, October 1, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Paul Rhoads didn’t say that Jared Barnett would start Saturday’s game against TCU. He also didn’t say...
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: NFL Debacle, Ferentz takes blame (sort of), Raiders Ready

    Posted on: 3:23 pm, September 25, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Last weekend may go down as the wildest regular season weekend in NFL history, and what a...
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  • CELEBRATE: Chris Hassel Blooper

    Posted on: 6:43 pm, September 24, 2012, by

    Chris Hassel behind the scenes
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    Chris HAssel
  • MURPHY’S LAW: Underdog, Favorite, Elmo

    Posted on: 4:44 pm, September 24, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Think the national perceptions of the Iowa and ISU football programs are beginning to even out? Think...
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: Central (FREAKING) Michigan

    Posted on: 9:44 pm, September 22, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Iowa lost to Central Michigan, today. A team that calls itself the Chippewas. A team that lost...
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: Bye Week, Mani-pedi, JVB MIA

    Posted on: 10:07 pm, September 17, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Monday’s are always miserable, but this Monday was made much worse by lack of excitement for next...
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: Hawkeyes Bounce Back, Cyclones Stay Perfect

    Posted on: 9:14 pm, September 15, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Confident Northern Iowa fans dominated the conversation throughout the week, but it was the Hawkeyes that dominated...
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: 9/11, UNI vs. Iowa, East Fundraiser

    Posted on: 5:47 pm, September 11, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel Today is a good day to revisit the story photojournalist Brandon McCauley and I put together, last...
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  • FOOTBALL FRIDAY: High School Insiders

    Posted on: 9:57 pm, September 10, 2012, by

    Channel 13′s Chris Hassel speaks with the Register’s High School Insiders about this week’s prep football games.
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  • MURPHY’S LAW: Thoughts on Cy-Hawk Showdown

    Posted on: 5:57 pm, September 10, 2012, by

    By Chris Hassel RVTV was a blast, the game was a dud, but all-in-all it was a great week for...
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  • KNOXVILLE STADIUM: The Story Behind The Name

    Posted on: 1:03 pm, September 6, 2012, by , updated on: 07:53pm, September 6, 2012

    Knoxville’s Ken Locke stadium is an unforgettable place to watch a high school football game, and the story behind its...
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    Knoxville Stadium
  • CHRIS STREET: Player Left A Lasting Impression

    Posted on: 9:28 am, September 5, 2012, by

    In Indianola, you see him everywhere. His name. His number. His face. But it’s not what you see that makes...
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    Chris Street