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13 fascinating facts about Jerad Giottonini:

1. I worked in Shenzhen, China for a year teaching English to primary school students.
2. I can speak “survival” Mandarin Chinese.
3. I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China.
4. I spent the day riding a bike around Angkor Watt in Cambodia (think Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie).
5. I have also ridden an elephant.
6. I’ve played with baby tigers.
7. I have backpacked through most of Southeast Asia.
8. I can’t whistle.
9. I’ve never missed a flight.
10. I went skydiving on my 21st birthday.
11. I ate a scorpion in Thailand, it tasted like bacon.
12. I’ve seen both Elton John and Stevie Wonder in concert.
13. I’ve watched a world series baseball game at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Before calling Central Iowa home Jerad was a one-man-band reporter for the NBC affiliate in Missoula, Montana. He wore multiple hats in Montana — reporting, weather anchoring and producing.

In Western Montana Jerad covered wildfires, active-shooter situations and added to the station’s live coverage when Democratic Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders visited Missoula.

Prior to that, Jerad was a technical recruiter in the heart of Silicon Valley. He was born and raised in Northern California and received his Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. He graduated from San Francisco State University in the fall of 2012.

While attending SFSU, Jerad reported, anchored and produced the university’s broadcast, “State of Events.” He also interned at ABC 7 News and KTVU Fox 2 News in the SF Bay Area.

In his free time Jerad likes to go on hikes, cook and travel to new places.

If you have any story ideas or must-see places in Iowa, send them his way.

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    DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa  —  Nineteen days remain until the primary election, and Secretary of State Paul Pate is announcing another change to election laws just in time. The new law, signed by Governor Reynolds on Wednesday, allows proof of residence documents to be provided in an electronic format such as on a cell phone. “My staff and I have had several discussions with Iowa college students about the voting process. They told us this was an important component to make […]

  • 2015 Ruling Sets Stage For Fetal Heart Beat Bill

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Iowa’s “fetal hearbeat bill” takes effect July 1st, but a hearing one month before could postpone the law indefinitely. The law would prevent a woman from getting an abortion once a heartbeat is detected.  That could be as soon as six weeks into a pregnancy which is before most women know their pregnant. The ACLU of Iowa is suing to block the law.  A hearing on their motion for an injunction will be held June 1st. […]

  • Planned Parenthood, ACLU File Lawsuit Challenging Fetal Heartbeat Bill

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The expected legal battle over a controversial abortion has begun in Iowa. On Tuesday, the ACLU of Iowa announced it is filing a lawsuit to block the “Fetal Heartbeat Bill” from ever taking effect.  The bill was signed into law by Governor Kim Reynolds early this month; it is scheduled to become law on July 1st.  The bill bans most abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  In many instances, that could happen before a woman […]

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  • Deadline for Iowa Finance Authority Investigations Divides Democrats and Republicans

    DES MOINES, Iowa–  Sexual harassment allegations cost former IFA director Dave Jamison his job and launched multiple investigations into the agency.  Now the timing of the investigations could have an impact on November’s election. The first announced investigation into the Iowa Finance Authority involves claims of sexual harassment.  Another investigation is looking into the agency’s finances. An bill passed by the State Senate calls for regulations on the current and future investigations into Iowa Finance Authority.  Senate Republicans passed an amendment […]