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1. I live off of junk food. Employees at Taco Bell know me on a first name basis. My body is so used to junk food that I often get sick from eating healthy food.

2. I’m obsessed with Star Wars and Jurassic Park. The only thing better would be if they combined the two into one epic movie!

3. I’m told I rely on GPS too much. I use it every day on my way to work.

4. When I was three-years-old my dad would have me recite the poem “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll to his friends. He was so proud!

5. I was the only girl in my neighborhood. I grew up playing every imaginable sport.

6. I was first runner-up for Miss Minnesota, but what I am most proud of is receiving the Miss Congeniality Award.

7. My dad once turned up the volume too high before playing the movie Fantasia. He came back a few minutes later to find me screaming and crying. I’ve been afraid of the movie ever since. I still have never watched the entire movie.

8. My sorority awarded me “Most Likely To Become A Reality TV Star.”

9. I’ve worked a variety of jobs including: busser, carhop, hostess, barista, manager, server, nanny, telemarketer, sales clerk, and bartender. Believe it or not, my least favorite job wasn’t telemarketing, it was working in retail.

10. One of my favorite places to hang out is the library. I love flipping through books, but I rarely finish a book from start to finish.

11. They drive me crazy; and I often can only handle them in small doses, but my parents are my best friends.

12. I can’t cook. My fridge is filled with TV dinners and frozen pizzas.

13. I’m a huge bargain hunter.

Multimedia journalist Courtney Johns joined Channel 13 in 2013. Before joining the WHO news team she spent a year working as a multimedia journalist for News 12 in Mankato, Minnesota.

In college Courtney studied broadcast journalism, communication studies, and acting at the University of Minnesota. Before graduating she had five internships under her belt. She was also very active on campus as the publications coordinator of her sorority and the president of the school’s broadcast club, U Broadcast. To get more comfortable with public speaking Courtney hosted various online shows, concerts, and two radio programs.

Courtney got her first taste of journalism when she was 10-year-old messing around with her dad’s video camera. She was instantly hooked on every aspect of putting together a story and made numerous shows with her friends. Ten-plus years later, she says she loves her job more every day.

It was hard for this pure-bred Minnesotan to leave her home state, but says she’s grateful to be in the Midwest and is proud to call Des Moines home. She looks forward to becoming part of the community and learning everything she can about the area.

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