13 Fascinating Facts about Krystle Kacner:
• I have lived in 4 different states, all in the Midwest: Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa (in order)
• I have a cat named Atticus and a fish named Franklin. Someday I would like a pig for a pet
• I often create my own words, commonly referred to by friends as “Krystle-isms”
• I can’t cook or bake to save my life, but someday dream of opening a cupcake shop
• I have an irrational and overwhelming fear of spiders. No matter how small they are I swear I can see their fangs
• I harbor a secret love for video games
• My favorite color is pink. Everything is better in pink
• I was a swimmer in high school, and a lifeguard for 8 years
• I am a vegetarian, but I still eat seafood. Sushi is my favorite
• I have a minor in history, but was only 1 credit shy of a double major, something I didn’t realize until the day I graduated. I only took the classes because I enjoyed them
• My favorite food is pickles
• Even though I grew up in Wisconsin, I am a Twins fan and a Vikings fan
• I am determined to write a novel someday

Krystle joined Channel 13 News in May of 2011 as a multimedia journalist and became a reporter in January of 2012

Before coming to Des Moines, Krystle lived and worked in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She was at KDLT News, another NBC affiliate, for about 3 years. There, she anchored and produced the weekend show and reported during the week.

Before entering the world of professional journalism, Krystle graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2007, and worked at Minneapolis radio station KS95.

Krystle loves every aspect of journalism, but is most excited to have the chance to meet the many people of Iowa with stories to tell, and be able to help them share their experiences with others.

When she’s not at work, you can find Krystle lost in a good book, visiting her family in Milwaukee, WI , or out and about exploring what Iowa has to offer.

You can contact Krystle at krystle.kacner@whotv.com, and follow her on Facebook and twitter (@krystlekacner).

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