Stuart is the Director of Internet Operations at WHO-HD. He’s worked in this role since 1995 and was a part of WHO-HDs on-line efforts since the beginning of the project. Long time viewers would recognize Stuart from his Today in Iowa Sunday appearances on Computer Corner!

Before taking the reigns of, Stuart was a news photographer here at WHO. He began with the station in the summer of 1983 and worked as a news photographer until 1995 when he became webmaster.

Away from the station, Stuart is an instrument rated commercial pilot and loves to spend his free time flying over central Iowa.

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    We’re learning more about the Des Moines teen who died of starvation last year.  Yesterday, investigators released the search warrant affidavit for the home where Natalie Finn was found back in October. Police say Natalie was lying on the floor in a bare room unresponsive and not breathing.  They say she was also wearing an adult diaper and appeared to have been in her own waste for quote, “some time.” Police say the home smelled of urine and that there […]