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Stuart is the Director of Internet Operations at WHO-HD. He's worked in this role since 1995 and was a part of WHO-HDs on-line efforts since the beginning of the project. Long time viewers would recognize Stuart from his Today in Iowa Sunday appearances on Computer Corner!

Before taking the reigns of, Stuart was a news photographer here at WHO. He began with the station in the summer of 1983 and worked as a news photographer until 1995 when he became webmaster.

Away from the station, Stuart is a private pilot and loves to spend his free time flying over central Iowa.

Recent Articles
  • UnityPointJohnStoddardAccreditationFromCoC_770

    Livewell Minute: John Stoddard Commission on Cancer

    John Stoddard Cancer Center, part of UnityPoint Health – Des Moines continues to lead the way for Iowans and has been recognized for its quality cancer care.  As a 2013 recipient of the Commission on Cancer’s Outstanding Achievement Award, John Stoddard is the only cancer center in Iowa to have received this award and is in the top 15 percent of cancer centers in the United States. Seven standards form the basis of the Outstanding Achievement award and they are […]

  • Migraines_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Migraine Headaches

    Migraine headache affects 36 million Americans. Migrane attacks may last from 4 hours to 3 days, with sufferers experiencing pounding head pain, nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. Dr. Lynn Rankin, MD, Neurologist, UnityPoint Clinic says, “Migraine typically arises from a family history, but may begin following a mild head injury, illness or a shift in hormones. People should log their attacks, looking for triggers or patterns, and seek a diagnosis from their physician.” Migraine treatment is individualized for […]

  • MaternityServicesWest_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Maternity Services at Methodist West

    Methodist West Hospital’s maternity center offers 12 beautiful, private suites, one C-section delivery suite and a newborn nursery. Moms are able to labor, deliver and recover all in the same room with convenient room service, offering a wide menu selection. Melanie Hermann, Perinatal Clinical Nurse Specialist, UnityPoint Health says,  “The miracle of new life is a special experience. At Methodist West Hospital maternity services, we’re committed to providing every family with a meaningful and unique childbirth experience that is as […]

  • flower

    Submit Your Gardening Questions

    Send us your gardening questions using this form…

  • KidneyStones_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Kidney Stones in Children

    A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that forms in a kidney when substances that are normally found in the urine become highly concentrated.  A larger stone may get stuck along the urinary tract and can block the flow of urine, causing severe pain or blood that can be seen in the urine. Dr. Ari Auron, Pediatric Nephrologist, Blank Children’s Hospital says, “Children with kidney stones may have pain while urinating, see blood in the urine, or feel […]

  • GOLDEN APPLE: April 2014 Winner

    Before teaching, Shaen Polasky served five years with the Marine Corps. But claims he doesn’t have a “no nonsense” approach to teaching. His teaching methods work in the classroom. He is this month’s Golden Apple Award recipient. To the students and faculty at Indianola High School it was no surprise Shaen Polasky deserved an award. It was for Polasky himself… “All I can say with this recognition is that I hope I can live up to it and keep doing […]

  • WindowSafety_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Window Safety

    Each year in the United States, falls from windows account for an estimated 5,000 injuries, in some cases death.  Blank Children’s Hospital wants to remind anyone who watches infants and small children to be on guard for the potential of this often overlooked hazard. Anne Garinger, Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator, Blank Children’s Hospital says, “Don’t depend on screens to prevent falls. In 80% of window fall cases, a screen was in place.  Keeping beds and furniture away from windows can […]

  • ENBronchoscopy_415

    LIVEWELL MINUTE: Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy

    Iowa Methodist Medical Center and the John Stoddard Cancer Center are the first in the area to acquire a new Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy, allowing physicians to detect lung cancer earlier than before. Despite the medical advances of detection, diagnosis and treatment methods throughout the past 50 years, lung cancer is the number one leading cause of cancer deaths in Iowa, for both men and women. Dr. Ryan Brimeyer – Pulmonologist, The Iowa Clinic says, “The most effective way of stopping […]

  • MarriotRoofaspect

    YOUNKERS FIRE: Pics And Tweets Tell The Story

    Downtown residents share their photos of what they saw overnight. They also share their memories of the downtown landmark.

  • CownieOnYounkersFire

    PLANS SETBACK: Mayor Says Fire is a Tragic Loss

    The old Younkers building was a key part of the Walnut street revitalization project. Developers planned to convert it into housing and retail space.  Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie was in the studio this morning to talk about the impact of today’s events on the future of downtown development. Mayor Cownie says the Younkers building was a key landmark on the downtown landscape. It was the focus of a forty million dollar project to revitalize the downtown area. The project […]

  • Climbing for Cancer

    Over a thousand people crammed into stairwells to fight lung cancer this weekend. Sunday morning was the Annual Fight For Air Climb.  Nearly 1200 participants climbed the stairs of the E.M.C. Insurance company’s building, the Hub Tower and the Des Moines Downtown Marriot.  Teams could choose to climb one or all three. The event raises money for lung cancer research.  Officials say that this year the climb raised $214,000. Event Coordinator Julia McCarville says, “These people have so many reasons […]

  • SkyDive02

    TANGLED UP: Landing Aircraft Hits Skydiver

    (CNN) — A Cessna collided with a parachute at a small airport in Polk County, Florida, on Saturday.   The plane took a nose dive, and the skydiver was thrown to the ground.   Neither the pilot nor the skydiver were seriously injured when they fell about 75 feet, according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Sharon Trembley was doing what are called “touch and goes” with the Cessna, a maneuver in which the plane touches the ground and ascends again. The […]


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