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  • Four students from Knoxville heading to Disneyworld for Prom trip. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Ultimate Prom Surprise for Knoxville Students

    KNOXVILLE, Iowa — Four students were called to the office at Knoxville High this morning to be told of a surprise trip to Walt Disney World for prom. The four students were met by a local man who served as the bearer of the good news. The two boys, two girls would be entering a stretch limo, getting their bags at home and heading for the Des Moines International Airport to fly to Orlando, Florida. They will spend Friday at […]

  • Students from Southeast Warren Schools lobby for a 4% increase for schools (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Southeast Warren Students Campaign for School Funding Increase

    DES MOINES, Iowa — April 15th is known for being federal tax day, it is also the day for Iowa school districts to have budgets finalized for the coming year.  So far state lawmakers have not come to an agreement on what the state should provide in terms of dollars to local districts. Republicans have offered an increase of 1.25%, while Democrats have been seeking a 4% increase. Students and parents from the Southeast Warren School District came to the […]

  • Fantasy Coffin will be auctioned to raise money for water in Ghana (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    ISU Coffin Auction Raising Funds for Ghana Water

    AMES, Iowa- Engineering Students at Iowa State University will auction off a unique coffin to help raise money to provide water in Ghana. Last fall the students had a visit from fantasy coffin artist Eric Adjety, who helped the students construct the coffin from wood.  The coffin is carved and painted to look like an ear of corn.  The ISU student chapter of Engineers without borders will put the piece on  E-Bay’s Giving Fund Auction site from April 20 to […]

  • Volunteers needed Saturday to help Campustown Shine (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Making Campustown Shine This Weekend

    AMES, Iowa – Saturday over 50 volunteers are expected to help clean up Ames Campustown area with Stash the Trash.  The community wide effort is a spring cleaning for the city. ISU students, and community volunteers will join forces to  pick up trash, garbage, cleaning up business fronts, and surrounding neighborhoods. Kim Hanna the Executive Director of the Campustown Action Association said Saturday’s cleanup is part of a larger year-round effort to keep the neighborhood clean. “We love the pedestrian […]

  • Radio switch still

    Iowa Radio Stations Moving on the Dial

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Two central Iowa radio stations will be switching frequencies starting Tuesday. Iowa Public Radio will be moving from 101.7 to 97.7 and KPUL Pulse 99.5 FM will move to the 101.7 spot. The changes were approved last fall by the Federal Communications in order to accommodate a tower move by KTIA-FM 99.3 radio in Boone. The tower will move from Boone to Huxley to enable to Christian Talk station to serve the Des Moines Market. The […]

  • Elvin Jay is presented a certificate of recognition from the American Legion on his 100th Birthday (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Moulton Holds Birthday Bash for 100 Year Old WWII Vet

    MOULTON, Iowa- Elvin Jay turned 100 years old on April 9th.  On Sunday the town of Moulton came out to the American Legion Hall to celebrate his milestone birthday. Jay said in an interview, ” I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’ve worked hard all my life,” said Jay.  Jay said his advice to others is “I’ve stayed out of trouble, if they follow my footsteps, they won’t be in trouble.” Jay has many memories his life, none more vivid […]

  • A seminar at the Iowa Horse Fair on roping cattle (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Iowa Horse Fair: Everything for the Horse Lover

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The 31st Annual Iowa Horse Fair saw horses all over the Iowa State Fairgrounds this weekend.  The annual event draws 9,000 people to Des Moines from Iowa and states in the midwest. Linda Spain of St. Marys Chairs the Iowa Horse Fair.  She said the theme of this year’s show was “Let Us Equitain You.”  She and most everyone here find horses to be entertaining. “You can talk to a horse and they won’t talk back to […]

  • Buckeye Still

    Smallest Town on RAGBRAI Prepares to Roll Out the Welcome Mat

    BUCKEYE, Iowa — The announcement of the RAGBRAI route took the people of Buckeye by surprise. The Hardin County town has only 108 residents and is the smallest town the massive ride will swing through. Mayor Gordon Kolterman said they learned of the ride passing through when it was announced. “It was kind of a surprise,” said Kolterman. “Nobody contacted us ahead of  time, we thought we’ll just take a shot at it and do what we can.” To get to Buckeye […]

  • Ernst still interview1

    Sen. Joni Ernst: No Nuclear Capabilities for Iran

    EDDYVILLE, Iowa- U.S. Senator Joni Ernst said Wednesday that Iran should not be allowed to enrich uranium for use in nuclear power or nuclear weapons. “No nuke for Iran, if they continue to enrich uranium,” said Ernst, as she continued her 99 county tour of Iowa, at Cargill in Eddyville. “I would rather see Iran not with nuclear capabilities,” said Ernst. ” I don’t believe they are developing these for a peaceful purpose.” Senator Ernst said the outcome should be based […]

  • Jordan Wayne Still

    Oskaloosa Senior High Student In Top 10 Facebook Art Competition

    OSKALOOSA, Iowa — An Oskaloosa High School Senior has been selected into the top 10 in a nation-wide art competition for a greeting card company. Jordan Wayne’s entry of a red fire truck made the top 10 out of over 12,000 entries. Wayne said he drew the truck for the contest as he thought that would stand out from other entries already filed.  If he would win the competition, there is a $10,000 scholarship prize, and a cash reward for […]

  • budget workshop still

    Generations Join Forces to Battle Looming Debt Crisis

    PELLA, Iowa- Central College students took some time to meet with members of older generations to try to come up with a solution to the nation’s growing debt problem.  The non-profit Concord coalition, which is dedicated to reducing and eliminating national debt sponsored a budget exercise at Central. The purpose was to ask people how they would handle the problem. Estimates are, within ten years over 75% of the nation’s budget will be committed either to entitlement spending, such as […]

  • AEA ISU classroom still

    Educators Show and Tell for New High Tech Classroom Tools

    JOHNSTON, Iowa- Technology coordinators and educators from central Iowa got a taste of new techno tools, they may soon have in their classroom. Iowa State University brought the FLEX (Forward Learning Experience) to the Heartland Area Education Agency Offices.  The mobile education lab in the College of Design, Industrial Design Department at Iowa State University. Lecturer Pete Evans told the group that technology is changing so fast, that educators need to be thinking ahead as to what is next in […]


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