Weather-Related School Announcements


Favorite Quote: “It’s not about you.” Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life.

Writes Left handed, Throws Right Handed.

Flew with the Navy Blue Angels on a media ride.

Covered stories in all 99 Counties in Iowa

Played the Trumpet in High School and College Marching Band

Freelance works with ESPN’s announcers on college basketball

Plays guitar in church worship band.

Movie ‘Final Season” was on my High School, Norway IA

Was always the smallest kid in school.

Rode on RAGBRAI for the first time in 2014

Favorite Iowa Restaurant: Colony Inn Amana

Favorite Iowa Place: West Lake Okoboji

Favorite Iowa State Park: Ledges

Roger Riley has worked around the state of Iowa for several decades in TV news working in Cedar Rapids and Sioux City Markets prior to landing in Central Iowa.

A graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, Roger worked at the Quay County Sun in Tucumcari, NM for a short while before breaking into television at KBIM-TV in Roswell NM.

Roger started with WHO-TV in 2004 as a photojournalist. After 10 years on the morning show, he began as a multi-media journalist in 2014. He is best known at WHO-HD for doing live car-cam shots of tornadoes and blizzards around central IA. He also enjoys doing features on interesting people in IA.

Roger grew up on a farm near Norway, Iowa where he went to High School.

Roger & his wife Susie have 3 kids, 2 daughters-in law, and 2 grandchildren

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  • algona-friday-early-am-still

    Blizzard Makes For Tricky Travel in the Town of Algona

    ALGONA, Iowa — Rain turned to snow early Thursday evening. Since then snow has been falling at a rapid pace. Streets around town are passable with a narrow center lane.  Conditions are set to improve when City plows hit the streets around 6:30 a.m. Friday. “Right now I’d say we got 8 plus inches on the ground, it’s real heavy snow,” said Algona Police Chief Kendal Pals. “We don’t have a lot of traffic in the middle of the night, […]

  • regents-uni-still

    Regents Learn of Mid-Year Budget Cuts at Iowa, ISU and UNI

    AMES, Iowa- The Iowa Board of Regents today heard from Universities and Schools under Regent authority on how they would handle mid-year state budget reductions. The cuts became a necessity in the Iowa Statehouse due to tax revenues falling sharply. Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI are asked to cut a total of $18 million dollars. $8 million at Iowa, and Iowa State, $2 million at UNI. “So we’re going to look at this from a number of perspectives, the first […]

  • isu-tennis-center

    ISU New Indoor Tennis Facility Approved by Regents

    AMES, Iowa- The Iowa Board of Regents gave committee approval to a $2.7 million dollar new indoor tennis center. It is named the Bruce McKee Indoor Tennis Center. The building was under lease from developer Dickson Jenson, but now the university is buying the building. A $500,000 gift toward the project made it possible for ISU to buy the building instead of leasing. “It means a lot to us, having a place for the student athletes to call their home,” […]

  • img_8504

    Sen. Grassley Town Hall Jam Packed in Iowa Falls

    IOWA FALLS, Iowa  —  Several deputies from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office were on hand Tuesday as Senator Chuck Grassley attended a heated town hall meeting at the Iowa Falls Fire Department. Inside the meeting, Grassley faced a room packed full of people who wanted their concerns on a variety of topics to be heard by the senator. As soon as Grassley entered, the people began shouting questions at him. As a result, the senator asked people to present their questions one […]

  • campustown-still

    Ames Campustown Shooting Victim Was Innocent Bystander

    AMES, Iowa- Kyle Heaton made an email statement to  Sioux City television station KTIV, regarding the shooting in Campustown early Sunday morning which injured three people. The names of those injured have not been released by authorities. “I would not mind at all if you informed the station in Des Moines, that I was a bystander, in the wrong place, at the wrong time,” said Heaton. “I was not part of the altercation, I was just walking home with friends.” […]

  • ames-campustown-shooting-2-19-17-still

    Three People Injured in Ames Campustown Shooting

    AMES, Iowa- Ames Police are investigating a shooting early Sunday morning, after 3 people were shot along Welch Avenue in Campustown. Around 1:30 police were called to an altercation at a bar on Chamberlain. The altercation then moved up to the 200 block of Welch. A suspect in a red car shot three people on the street. Officers fired two shots back, the suspect drove away without stopping. Police are still looking for that red car, and interviewing witnesses. According […]

  • promo311638297

    Raccoon River Valley Trail Association Working to Make Trail Safer

    ADEL, Iowa  —  The Raccoon River Valley Trail Association is working to make safety improvements to the bike trail. The group has issued a $10,000 challenge grant to raise money. The trail loops between Jefferson and Waukee, making trips on the trail more interesting. The problem is some gravel roads intersect the trail, and money is being raised to paved those intersections. “We’re trying to get the final trail crossings paved on the trail so the association has put up […]

  • promo311552978

    Wrestling Tournament Not Just For Wrestlers

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa High School Wrestling Tournament invites 3 classed in weight brackets of 16 each to come to the Well for an opportunity to be the best in the state. The tournament involves dozens of volunteers, and even some students who are not always athletes. Before each session a student sings the Star Spangle Banner in the arena as athletes and fans face the flag. “It’s a lot of singing the national anthem, over and over again,” […]

  • promo311465935

    Career Change Leads to New Kind of Green in Old Bank

    NEW PROVIDENCE, Iowa- Ali Smith had a nice career in the hog industry. She had a masters degree from Iowa State and had been working at a local pork production company, when she decided it was time for a change. She talked to a woman in Hubbard, who was looking to sell her flower business. She worked it out to buy the business, but needed a building. “My boyfriend’s family is from this area and they said hey go talk […]

  • vets-still

    Iowa Vietnam Veterans Thanked For Service in Formal Ceremony

      MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- Vietnam era veterans were invited to be recognized for their service now some 50 years ago. A ceremony was held at the Iowa Veterans Home here. Nationally there is an effort to make sure all Vietnam veterans are given recognition. We do these ceremonies every time we get veterans together, “ said Iowa Commission of Veteran Affair Chairman, Dan Gammon. “We want to make sure all our Vietnam Veterans are recognized for their service.” Vietnam veterans walked […]

  • promo311376480

    Polk County Supervisors Side with Workers in Statehouse Debate

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Polk County Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution siding with workers in the collective bargaining debate now going on at the State Capitol. The resolution said, in part, “workers are entitled to basic protection including the right to organize and bargain collectively and be paid a living wage.” The vote was 3-2 in favor of the resolution. Wording in the document also speaks against efforts by state Republicans to pass a new minimum wage […]

  • promo311313059

    ESPN Broadcast Team Names Hilton Food Best in the Big 12

    AMES, Iowa  —  Lost amid Cyclone fans’ the weekend-long celebration following a sweep of the Oklahoma Sooners in men’s basketball was some recognition of a part of Hilton Magic that doesn’t get much notice: Hilton Concessions. This includes treats like Clone Cones, walking tacos, and Lotta-Pop Popcorn. One ESPN broadcast team has crowned Hilton as the Best in the Big 12. ESPN announcers Bob Wischusen and Fran Fraschilla spend a lot of time in arenas of the Big 12 during […]