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  • 13Raw Video: Mutton Bustin’ at the Iowa State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa — One Iowa State Fair Attraction which is more popular each year is something called Mutton Bustin.’  This is like rodeo bull-riding except sheep are used for elementary aged children to get their first ride. Watching this event, it is always fun to see what type of reaction the kids have after being dumped off.

  • Univ. of Iowa AD Barta Talks All Things Hawkeye at the Iowa State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa — University of Iowa Athletic Director, Gary Barta was all over the Iowa State Fair Friday.  First off, Barta stopped at the WHO Radio Crystal Studio to chat with Van and Bonnie about what is going on in Iowa City. He later planned to stop at the University of Iowa booth in the Varied Industries Building. “I  love coming to the Iowa State Fair,” said Barta. “The State Fair really represents Iowa,” he added.  Barta says Hawk […]

  • Cell Phone Not Needed at Iowa State Fair Husband Calling Contest

    DES MOINES, Iowa- Husband-calling goes back to the days when Iowa was mostly an agricultural state. Fast forward to 2014, you would think this old art of summoning a spouse would not be needed — not so.  Leslie Eichelberger of Muscatine won the husband-calling by showing why modern technology can often fail when she is trying to contact her husband Daryl out on the farm.

  • 13RAW: Sky Glider Tour of Iowa State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa State Fair has two Sky Glider Rides, which are a great way to tour the fair, without having to walk much. Click on the video to take a ride on the south Sky Glider.

  • bubble gum contest

    Kid’s Bubble Gum & Kid Contest Day at Iowa State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The Iowa State Fair has plenty of competition, but no contest can be harder to measure or judge than the Bubble Gum contest. Thursday morning a couple dozen kids took the stage to try their mouth out at blowing a bubble. The contest was in 4 age groups, with each kid being given two pieces of bubble gum. The groups start with ages 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16 and up. Having two pieces is important according to […]

  • Calling All Yodelers: Iowa State Fair Needs You

    DES MOINES, Iowa- This year the Yodeling Contest at the Iowa State Fair had just three contestants, all three won ribbons!  Normally there would be a few more, but not this year. The show must go on, so all three contestants gave it their best. Ken Reed of St.Charles was accompanied by his wife on the guitar, wearing 1800s clothing. “I usually get 13th place out of 7 yodelers,” he said.  ” Maybe I can do better this year,” said […]

  • (WHO-HD)

    PHOTO GALLERY: Baby Animals at the Iowa State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa- There is nothing more appealing on a farm to a child than baby animals.  That is what drew families with young children to the Paul Knapp Center Thursday at the Iowa State Fair.  The floor of the indoor exhibit hall was filled with dozens of animals.  The idea was to let young children see newborn animals. On the floor were pens of baby ducks, baby chicks, newborn goats and their mothers, new born calf and mother, as […]

  • Former congressman Neal Smith (WHO-HD)

    Former Congressman Neal Smith Talks Washington, Dam Projects

    MARION COUNTY, Iowa- The name Neal Smith has been a fixture in central Iowa since 1958.  It’s been almost 20 years since the Democratic congressman Neal Smith left office, but he is still leaving his mark on projects in Iowa. At a groundbreaking for the new Red Rock Hydroelectric Plant, Smith was recognized for passing appropriation monies in Washington in 1959 to construct the original Red Rock Dam. Smith also helped with federal funds to construct Saylorville Dam, and Rathbun […]

  • dam groundbreaking

    Ground Broken at Red Rock Hydroelectric Project

    MARION COUNTY, Iowa- Lake Red Rock is known as a place for recreation on the water, now it will also be a source of energy. The Groundbreaking for the new Red Rock Hydroelectric project was held Wednesday morning near Pella. The project will be a retrofit of the current dam on Red Rock, which is owned and maintained by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The project has been under discussion for a number of years in the Pella area. […]

  • Auctioneer Tom Howard of Winterset (WHO-HD)

    Fair Auction Contest Showcasing Art of the Sale

    DES MOINES, Iowa — There was a lot of fast talking at the Iowa State Fair Tuesday morning and it wasn’t coming from any politician. Twenty two auctioneers from all over Iowa and the Midwest competed in the State Fair Auction Contest. Each auctioneer was given three items to auction off.  The money raised by the auction goes to support the Iowa Auctioneers Association. “The reason we have this is to showcase to the public what an auction is,” said […]


    Iowans Can Now Get Special License Plates Online

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Specialized license plates are hard to miss, especially as football season approaches. Plates can have a personalized message on a background with the Hawkeyes, Cyclones, Panthers, or a number of other schools. There are also causes like nature, education, fire fighters, ems, to name a few. People wanting to get one of these special plates will find it easier to obtain as the process is now online. Iowa DOT Director Paul Trombino joined Governor Terry Branstad […]

  • Hatch Still(1)

    Hatch Starts Early Debate with Branstad over Law Judges

      DES MOINES, Iowa- Democratic Senator Jack Hatch called on Governor Terry Branstad to reverse a decision regarding employment status of a state Administrative Law Judge. Hatch, who is running on the Democratic ticket for Governor said the decision to make an administrative law judge an at-will employee would mix politics into areas it should not be. This decision, said Hatch “is a continuous pattern of ignoring the rule of law.”  Hatch said making a law judge serve at the […]


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