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  • RAGBRAI Ride-Along: Rider Shares Story of a Spill

    WASHTA, Iowa — Carl Smith from Ohio took a spill on day one of RAGBRAI 2015. His fall drew some blood on his elbow, and leg.  The 35-year-veteran cyclist said he was talking to two women who were dressed up as babies, even wearing diapers. He said they had a sign saying “Baby on Board.” As he was chatting, he said his bike drifted off the road, and he took a tumble. The accident had happened 20 minutes prior. He […]

  • Trooper Alex Dinkla uses a RAGBRAI style sign to reach out on Twitter (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    RAGBRAI State Trooper Takes to Twitter for Outreach

    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Iowa — Some of the most important people on RAGBRAI are the state troopers and other law officers who help riders to safely cross busy highways on the route. State Trooper Alex Dinkla, of Osceola, decided to let riders know how to get in touch. Dinkla made a hand-written sign, like the one you would see touting the pies in the net town, but instead, he invited riders to follow him on Twitter. “With the Iowa State Patrol, we’re […]

  • rag4


    MANSON, Iowa — RAGBRAI riders got a little bit of everything weather-wise. The day started in rain, then to clouds and finally sunshine. Newell welcomed the riders with a banquet table the entire length of Main Street. The guy from New York state, and his wife stopped in Newell, each riding the fat-tired bike. It will go through rain, snow, and even RAGBRAI. He was asked about the highway rumble strips, “what rumble strips,?” he responded with the fat tire […]

  • Capture12312

    RAGBRAI XLIII Underway from Sioux City

    SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The 42nd Edition of RAGBRAI rolled out of downtown Sioux City early Sunday morning. Riders on Sunday are visiting Kingsley, Washta, and Quimby en route to Storm Lake. The Sunday night stop will be hosted along the shores of Storm Lake. Riders were asked how much they rode to prepare for the ride. One cyclist from St. Louis said he rode 700 miles.  Another older rider was asked how much he rode, his reply, “not enough.” […]

  • Steve Bisenius, of Lee County Economic Development, speaks to a round table discusison on wind energy at DMACC (Roger Riley photo)

    Study Shows Iowa Could be 40% Powered by Wind in Five Years

    ANKENY, Iowa- A new study from the US Department of Energy shows Iowa has tremendous potential for wind growth in the coming years. Iowa’s total power generation could rise to 40% by wind in just five years, up from 28% currently. By the year 2030, Iowa could generate enough electricity to power 6.3 million homes. Also in 15 years farmers could see lease payments unto $55 million per year, and the wind energy could pay $136 million in property tax. […]

  • Rock Valley Welcome RAGBRAI amid a flood one year ago

    Rock Valley One Year After a Flood and RAGBRAI

    ROCK VALLEY, Iowa — One year ago the northwest Iowa town of Rock Valley was just coming together after flood waters damaged 180 homes in the town. They were also preparing to welcome thousands of RAGBRAI riders as the launching city. A year later, six homes are still left waiting repair. City Manager Tom Van Maanen said a year later, “the town’s doing really well.” He said RAGBRAI was appreciated here more than most people remember. “It energized the town […]

  • Quinn Roorda works his lemonade stand during WHO radio's Van & Bonnie Show (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Quinn’s Lemonade Stand From a 1917 Model T

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Quinn Roorda celebrated his sixth birthday Wednesday by having his own lemonade stand. Roorda won the contest to have a lemonade stand along with the WHO Radio Van & Bonnie show from 5-9 am. Roorda’s Lemonade Stand was unique, a 1917 Ford Model T Truck. The vehicle had been the Roorda family for generations. Customers could drive up to Valley West Mall, get some lemonade,and make a donation. The proceeds raised will go to Quinn’s […]

  • Refunds Issued to Students Who Received Misleading College Degrees

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Attorney General today announced former students of a for-profit online college are now receiving payments after they learned their four-year education degree would not allow them to teach school in Iowa. The Iowa Department of Education had not approved Ashford Online Education Courses for certification for Iowa teachers. “I would say, if you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is,” said Christina LeBlanc, of Comanche. “Ask more questions, and don’t assume,” […]

  • Lots of Work at Bike Country before RAGBRAI (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Check Out the Bike Before RAGBRAI

    ANKENY, Iowa — It’s a busy time the week before the Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa. At Bike Country in Ankeny, there is a steady stream of customers wanting to get bikes checked, or buy a new bike, or gear. “Even if you’re gonna be a couple of days on RAGBRAI you still want to make sure your tires are good,” said Sean Williams, who is the Service Manager for Bike Country. Williams said it’s not unusual for […]

  • Iowa Air National Guard Base at the Des Moines International Airport (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Des Moines Airport Board Postpones Air Guard Lease Termination

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Airport Authority has voted to temporarily delay termination of a lease with the Iowa Air National Guard. Under FAA rules, the Des Moines Airport must charge market rates to tenants on the property not involved in whats called an “aeronautical mission.” The government removed the F-16’s from Des Moines, which fell under the aeronautical mission rules. The Guard was charged $1 a year for lease. Now the Iowa Guard will be implementing military […]

  • Road Trip Launches Giant Ice Cream Cone Idea

    ACKLEY, Iowa — While on vacation with the family, Jeff and Janet Kurth of Ackley just wanted to find someplace to get some ice cream. “Everybody is in the car, it’s snack time, we’re looking for ice cream, and can’t find it, so that’s where the idea was born,” said Jeff. Kurth thought that it should not be that hard to find ice cream, so he came up with an idea. The Ackley businessman makes after-market parts for Winnebago motor […]

  • Saving the Mill in Lynnville from Falling Down

    LYNNVILLE, Iowa — The Wagaman Mill was built in 1846, but local leaders were concerned it might not survive damage to the building’s foundation. In May, part of the floor was sagging, and it was discovered the 1840’s sandstone foundation had collapsed on the southwest corner of the building. “We noticed the floor was getting kind of spongy in the middle so we looked and the floor was laying in the basement,” said Walton Van Maanen of the Lynnville Historical Society. […]


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