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  • Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds wait to speak at the Madison County Republican Headquarters in Winterset.

    Branstad-Reynolds: Establish Citizen Government Portal

    WINTERSET, Iowa — Governor Terry Branstad and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds were on tour Thursday talking transparency in government. In a campaign stop at the Madison County Republican Headquarters, the pair recounted a list of accomplishments in the first term, and a list of things yet to do in the next term. The governor announced the intention to create a government accountability portal. “One stop shop to serve as the launching point for comments concerns suggestions for any agency of […]

  • St. Francis Manor residents and volunteers take the walk for the Healthiest State Initiative

    Healthiest State Walk on a Roll in Grinnell

    GRINNELL, Iowa — Wednesday saw Iowans participate in the Healthiest State Initiative Walk. This is an effort to get everyone out and moving. In Grinnell, at St. Francis Manor, the challenge was accepted, even by those who can’t walk. Dozens of volunteers came out to help push the wheel chairs of residents around the campus of the nursing home. “It was wonderful, made us feel so good to get outside, it was just a wonderful thing to do,” said Eileen […]

  • Senator Charles Grassley (R) New Hartford IA takes questions from Johnston High School students.

    Senator Grassley at Johnston High for Q&A

    JOHNSTON, Iowa- A lesson at Johnston High School, not from the internet, or a textbook, but rather a chance to question one of Iowa’s U.S. Senators.  For the better part of an hour Wednesday morning Senator Grassley took a wide range of questions from students on topics like the department of Education, or the legalization of marijuana. Grassley said as the Department of Education, someone could vote to abolish it, but that would not take away the programs of the department […]

  • Early Morning Show: Lunar Eclipse Does Not Dissapoint

    DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s 3 a.m. and a number of telescopes are trained on the southwestern sky over Des Moines. Doug Rudd, the President of the Des Moines Astronomical Society is waiting for a great show. “What we’re looking at lunar eclipse where the moon is moving into the earth’s shadow,” said Rudd. “It started at 3:30 and we’re expecting to see a nice bronze color as it gets into totality,” he added. The watch party attracted 15-20 people […]

  • Ames Stargazer: Advice on Where to See Eclipse Wednesday

    AMES, Iowa- Jack Troeger can remember as a small child going outside with his mother to view the heavens. Back in the 1940’s it was a bit easier to see the Milky Way according to Troeger, as there was less light from nearby cities. Troeger continued his love for science, eventually becoming a science teacher at Ames High back in the 70’s, until his retirement in 2000. Since then he has remained interested in studying space, and some of the […]

  • Part of a control valve in the lobby of Fisher Controls, in Marshalltown.

    Manufacturing Day in Iowa

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- It’s Manufacturing Day in Iowa, a day to showcase what the industry is all about these days. “A lot of people have a 30 year old idea of what manufacturing is like,” said Governor Terry Branstad, who was visiting Fisher Emerson in Marshalltown, the world’s largest valve control plant. “Today it requires a lot of math and technical skills,” he added. “Fisher’s got a very rigorous training program for those who want to be employed here,” said the […]

  • branstad still

    Governor on Two Topics: Open Government & Wife’s Political Ad

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- Governor Terry Branstad asked today about the conclusion of the Senate Oversight Hearings said, “what’s disappointing to me is that Senate Democrats killed the bill that would do the most good, and that is to open up these personnel records.” “When we have somebody that’s dismissed from state government for a reason, I think the public, the taxpayers who are paying their salaries deserve to have that information,” said Branstad. “That bill which I recommended passed the House […]

  • Century Link Mailer sent to homes in Iowa.

    Communications Company Encourages Customers to Keep Landlines

    DES MOINES, Iowa – It’s not uncommon to hear someone talk about how they no longer have a land line, or in many cases wonder what it’s like to have a land line.  One company is working to encourage customers of the benefit of having a hard wired phone in addition to the cell phone. “CenturyLink is a data company our legacy history is through telephone lines,” said  David Slinker, Market Development Manager for CenturyLink. His company is sending out […]

  • Bruce Braley answers reporters questions at a campaign appearance at a Southside Senior Center 100 Payton Ave. in Des Moines

    Braley Campaigns in Des Moines on Social Security

    DES MOINES, Iowa- Democratic Congressman Bruce Braley came to the Southside Senior Center in Des Moines for Pie Day.  “My Mom always told me never come to something like this without bringing any food,” said Braley.  In his hand what looked to be a peach pie, baked by his mother Marsha Braley, who made the trip to Des Moines as well. Braley had his mother along to help him make a point, that he will not seek to privatize Social […]

  • Workiva in Ames seeks young software workers with amenities in the workplace.

    Workiva in Ames Competing for Workers with Amenities

    AMES, Iowa — When Workiva CEO Matt Rizai planned to launch this company, he knew right where he could find the type of worker he needed: Iowa State University. Rizai had been to Ames before as the head of the Engineering Animation company he founded back in the 1990’s.  That firm was later sold. The Workiva Company launched as WebFilings, changed its name this year to Workiva.  “As time went on we enhanced our product platform, Web Filings name was […]

  • 13 Raw- Rain on Iowa

    BOONE County- Rain fell across Iowa overnight leaving a broken tile and some ponding water along Highway 30 in Boone.  Also east of town some soybeans are looking soggy. At Ledges State Park the  Lower Canyon was closed due to high water.  

  • Algona Ready for Fall Color Season

    ALGONA, Iowa- Plans are set here for fall activities as the annual fall color season got underway here this week.  Trees began to turn at the Smith Lake area north of Algona, while there were still many trees with green to be seen. “It’s an exciting time of year, our campgrounds are still open, we’re open thru the end of October,” said Kendall Stumme, who is Executive Director of the Kossuth County Conservation Board.  “We’re getting a good start on […]


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