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  • State Senator Bill Anderson, Sen. Dist. 3 Pierson shows phone to kids Joseph and Eva (Roger Riley photo)

    Being a Lawmaker Can Be a Family Affair

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The first day of the Iowa General Assembly can be a sort of open-house for lawmakers’ families.  In the Senate Chamber Monday morning Senators were sworn in, seats were assigned, and rules for the session were reviewed. For State Senator Bill Anderson (R) Pierson, that meant his kids Joseph and Eva had to keep really quiet during all the proceedings.  “My Dad always says that they are church babies, they’re very good we take them to church, […]

  • Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal offers an opening day gift of chocolate (Roger Riley photo)

    Senate Majority Leader Calls For Focus on Iowa’s Middle Class

    DES MOINES, Iowa- Senator Mike Gronstal, a Democrat from Council Bluffs was re-elected as Iowa Senate Majority Leader.  In his speech to the upper chamber he called on Iowa Senators to focus on the middle class in this session of the legislature. “While some Iowans have benefited during the recovery from the great recession  Iowa’s middle class has been largely left out,” said Gronstal.  “So many Iowans are struggling financially that it hurts Iowa’s economy.” Gronstal praised Governor Branstad for […]

  • tiny cheerleaders stil

    Extreme Spirit Cheerleader Competition in Iowa

    DES MOINES, Iowa- They come by the hundreds from all over Iowa.  Teams of very young cheer squads to compete to impress judges with cheer routines.  Just like their older counterparts in high school and college, these squads work out as much as ten hours a week. “We’re hosting an all-star cheer competition they’re very popular around the country,” said Tonia Sewell of Extreme Spirit Productions out of Illinois.   “This sport combines everything a lot of little girls love,” said […]

  • Sleepy Hollow Sports Park Sunday Afternoon.(Roger Riley photo)

    Snowfall Helps Sleepy Hollow Sports Park

    DES MOINES, Iowa- Sleepy Hollow Sports Park had been making snow since late November, but had not had an abundance on hand, until some white stuff came from the skies last week.  With Sunday temperatures around the 30 degree mark, and new-made snow the hills at the park were busy with tubers, boarders and skiers. “It is a perfect day for skiing, there’s fresh snow from out little snowfall the other day,” said Mary Flatt of Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. […]

  • gas tax still

    Iowa State University Economist Breaks Down Proposed Gas Tax Increase

    AMES, Iowa – An Iowa State University economist has studied what a proposed ten-cent gas tax increase would cost drivers in Iowa. Dave Swenson is an Associate Scientist in Economics at Iowa State University.  Swenson calculates that with the dime increase a person drives 30,000 miles in a year, in a vehicle getting 25 miles per gallon, it would cost $80 a year.  If you drive a truck or vehicle that gets about 10 miles per gallon, driving 30,000 miles, the increase would be […]

  • Iowa DOT snowplow collided with a truck in Northwest Iowa on Monday. (DOT-Photo)

    Iowa DOT Seeks Motorist Awareness After Snowplow Crashes

      AMES, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Transportation say drivers need to be aware of the big orange plows on the roads. This comes after 12 plows were involved in crashes during the storms on Monday. According to the DOT, one accident involved a snowplow and a truck. The accident happened on Iowa Highway 60 in NW Iowa. The snowplow rolled once, there were no injuries. Andy Loonan is the Field Service Coordinator with the DOT District One Office in […]

  • Toy Show Still

    Iowa Diecast Toy Show for Kids of All Ages

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The 4th Annual Iowa Diecast Toy Show drew toy fans out on a bitter cold Sunday.  The show features many types of farm tractors and implements as toys.  Also various trucks and industrial machines. The show was held at the Elwell Building at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Tracy Johnson organized this show.  She started her interest in these types of toys thanks to her Dad’s interest.  She got so into the diecast toys, she started a toy […]

  • Cold wind blows across downtown Des Moines Iowa

    Bitter Cold and Snow Roll Into Iowa

    DES MOINES, Iowa- It’s that time of year when winter gets serious.  Iowa got an inch or so across parts of central Iowa overnight.  Blustery winds and a dropping thermometer made being outside not as fun as Saturday, even though the sun was shining. Still Iowans take things in stride. “I think we’ve been very fortunate, every week we get decent weather, it’s good,” said Dean Cooper of Pleasant Hill.  “This is that time of year in Iowa, so we’ve […]

  • Snow Overnight Comes With Cold Winds

    DES MOINES, Iowa- Just under 1 inch of snow fell in Des Moines as measured at the airport. Roads across Iowa and in Des Moines have some snow and driving is a little tricky. Early this morning there were no vehicles off the road, and very little traffic. The winds were really biting cold and strong.  The DOT is reporting at least a partial covering of snow on most state roadways.

  • Lisa Niday, left and Wendy Peterson right talk about "Night to Shine" to be held at Prairie Ridge Church in Ankeny on 2.13.15

    Prairie Ridge Churchs and Tim Tebow Foundation Partner to Help Those with Special Needs

    ANKENY, Iowa- Prairie Ridge Church of Ankeny has been selected by the Tim Tebow Foundation to host “Night to Shine,” a prom event for people with special needs.  The event will be held February 13th at Prairie Ridge Church at 825 NW 36th Street, in Ankeny. The Prairie Ridge team will host a planning meeting at Prairie Ridge on January 16th.  The deadline to register is January 23rd.  The church will also help assist ladies in getting donated prom dresses, […]

  • Tim Gedler the Walnut Woods Park Manager, leads the First Day Hike on New Year's Day.

    Start 2015 With A Walk in the Woods

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa- 2015 got off to an early morning start with a walk in the woods.  Walnut Woods State Park on the southwestern edge of the metro area held a First Day Hike.  The tradition began several years back. Park Manager Tim Gedler hosted the group for long and short hikes through the park.  Some even brought their dogs along. “Walnut Woods was purchased way back in 1925 for $55,000,” said Gedler. He was telling of the history […]

  • History Boy Theater Company in Jefferson, IA (WHO-HD)

    Midwest Premiere for Off-Broadway Production in Jefferson

    JEFFERSON, Iowa- You might not think of Jefferson Iowa as a place to premiere new off-Broadway Productions, but that’s the goal and plan of History Boy Theater Company of Jefferson. On New Year’s Eve History Boy will premiere “Murder Ballad,” which is a rock musical with four characters, and a 3 piece rock band.  The production is somewhat different as all the lines by the characters are sung, there are no spoken lines. “We just want everybody to come and […]


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