Favorite Quote: “It’s not about you.” Rick Warren, Purpose Driven Life.

Writes Left handed, Throws Right Handed.

Flew with the Navy Blue Angels on a media ride.

Covered stories in all 99 Counties in Iowa

Played the Trumpet in High School and College Marching Band

Freelance works with ESPN’s announcers on college basketball

Plays guitar in church worship band.

Movie ‘Final Season” was on my High School, Norway IA

Was always the smallest kid in school.

Rode on RAGBRAI for the first time in 2014

Favorite Iowa Restaurant: Colony Inn Amana

Favorite Iowa Place: West Lake Okoboji

Favorite Iowa State Park: Ledges

Roger Riley has worked around the state of Iowa for several decades in TV news working in Cedar Rapids and Sioux City Markets prior to landing in Central Iowa.

A graduate of Eastern New Mexico University, Roger worked at the Quay County Sun in Tucumcari, NM for a short while before breaking into television at KBIM-TV in Roswell NM.

Roger started with WHO-TV in 2004 as a photojournalist. After 10 years on the morning show, he began as a multi-media journalist in 2014. He is best known at WHO-HD for doing live car-cam shots of tornadoes and blizzards around central IA. He also enjoys doing features on interesting people in IA.

Roger grew up on a farm near Norway, Iowa where he went to High School.

Roger & his wife Susie have 3 kids, 2 daughters-in law, and 2 grandchildren

Recent Articles
  • Ames City Council, and the Electrical Utility governing board met to learn about a possible solar project. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    City of Ames Utility Discussing Possible Solar Power Generation Project

    AMES, Iowa- The City of Ames is considering options as a possibility to pursue some type of city-owned solar project. A meeting was held with the Electric Utility Operations Review and Advisory Board, and the City Council to hear a consultant’s presentation on options for a solar generation project for the City of Ames. “We’ve had a large growth in customer-owned solar, that people are putting them on their homes, people putting them on their businesses, and things like that,” […]

  • The new dorm at Iowa State will be called  Gregory L. Geoffroy Hall. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Iowa State to Name New Residence Hall After Former President

    AMES, Iowa — Iowa State University Wednesday formally requested to name a new dorm under construction after a former President of ISU, Gregory Geoffroy. The request before the Iowa Board of Regents cites Geoffroy’s leadership helping to establish new enrollment records and records in fundraising. Geoffroy led Iowa State’s capital campaign which raised over $800 million and also doubled the number of endowed faculty positions to 150. The new dorm has 784 beds and costs $49.5 million. The new residence […]

  • House of Compassion will reopen as Marshalltown's only homeless shelter. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Marshalltown Homeless Shelter to Reopen November 14th

      MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- The only homeless shelter serving this city will reopen on November 14th. The House of Compassion Shelter was closed September 3rd due to issues involving housing of both women, families, and men. Seems there is not enough space there to separate the various groups being housed, so the shelter was closed. “So I just became evident that we need to close down clean the facility which you can’t do when you’re open,” said Karen Frohwein, Director of […]

  • Lead Pastor, Rev. Nan Smith of Hope United Methodist Church stands by a burned Free Little Library by her church. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Marshalltown Fire in Free Little Library Will Not Stop Reading Outreach

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- The Marshalltown Fire Department was called a to a small fire late last Thursday at the Hope United Methodist Church at 2202 South 3rd Avenue. Lead Pastor, Rev. Nan Smith was inside the church discussing an upcoming wedding there. “All of a sudden somebody came into the church going hello is somebody here?” said Smith. “Turned out it was the fire department and they had responded to a 911 call Free Little Library was on fire.” No one […]

  • grinnell-still

    City Hall in Grinnell Plans Move to Former Transportation Museum

    GRINNELL, Iowa- The City of Grinnell is hiring a contractor to do some renovation to a new space for City Offices. “We’re going to move into what amounts to a historic rehab that’s more appropriately sized for our operations,” said Russ Behrens, City Manager for Grinnell. “What the Transportation Museum did was preserve the Spaulding complex of buildings which will be the city offices.” The museum was housed in the former Spaulding auto manufacturing plant which at one time operated […]

  • Kirkendall Public Library in Ankeny. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Ankeny Plans New Library and Council Chambers

    ANKENY, Iowa- The City Council of Ankeny is considering an option on some land in the Prairie Trail subdivision of town for a new Library and Council Chambers Building. In recent years the City has been studying space needs of various City offices. Two areas which have great needs are the Library, and the City Council Chambers. So the City Council is considering a a new building to house both. “The library is about 23,000 ft. it’s about two decades […]

  • promo300746670

    Iowa’s Fall Color Season Underway in the Loess Hills

    MOORHEAD, Iowa-The Fall Color season has started in the Loess Hills in Western Iowa. State Forester for the Loess Hills Forest is Brent Olson of the Iowa DNR. Olson estimates the color is at about 15-20% Friday, but would be peaking around October 22nd through Halloween. “We have 11,600 acres of the state forest all the properties have been bought from willing sellers,” said Olson. The majority of the species are Burr Oak then you got Hackberry, Basswood, Elm, Ash, […]

  • Jackie Davis, James White, Josh Norgart, and Kyle Swets celebrate the rescue from the mud by going 4 wheeling. ( Photo Courtesy: Ali Davis)

    Oklahomans Thank Iowa Pair Who Came to Their Rescue

      WAURIKA, Oklahoma- An Oklahoma National Guard soldier, who was extremely thankful this week, has gotten in touch with the guys she needs to thank. Ali Davis was out with her boyfriend, James White, and brother, Jackie Davis, last week with two side by side four wheelers, when one got stuck in the mud along the Red River between Texas, and Oklahoma. They used the other four-wheeler to try to pull out the one that got stuck. Soon, they had […]

  • A Des Moines snow plow truck turns onto Martin Luther King Parkway while getting ready for the coming snow season. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Des Moines Snowplows Do a Dress Rehearsal for Snow Season

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The City of Des Moines held an all-day prep session Wednesday for the coming snow plow season. 200 drivers assembled on East 6th Street in a city garage to go over the new routes, and procedures which were established last year. Des Moines had around 30 inches of snow fall last season. Under the old plan, that would have cost $3 million to plow and clean. Under the new plan, multiple plows team up to hit […]

  • Proposed Ames Airport Terminal Building. (Courtesy: City of Ames)

    City of Ames Planning New Airport Terminal Building

    AMES, Iowa- The City of Ames is considering the approval of construction of a new Airport Terminal Building for $1.9 million dollars. The City is getting some help from The Ames Economic Development Commission, which is chipping in $250,000 toward the new terminal, and Iowa State University, which is contributing the same amount. “Our Board of Directors thought it was very important use our resources,” said David Benson, who serves on the Ames Economic Development Commission. “The airport and the […]

  • Two Four Wheelers stuck in the Red River were assisted out by some unknown Iowans (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Oklahoma Four-Wheelers Get Help From Iowa Travelers

    A trio of Oklahoma adventurers found themselves up a creek, literally, but were rescued by some Iowans. Now Oklahoma wants to find them, to say “thanks.” Ali Davis, her boyfriend and brother were running their four wheelers in the Red River near Waurika, Oklahoma. They got one of the four-wheelers stuck and used the other one to try to pull it out but it also became stuck. After a number of attempts to get out of the mud, they had […]

  • Union County Auditor Sandy Hysell sorts absentee ballot requests in Creston Thursday (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Iowa County Auditors Seeking Election-Day Poll Workers

    CRESTON, Iowa- The election is just about a month away, and some Iowa counties are still looking for poll workers. In Union County, Auditor Sandy Hysell has 8 precincts, with 35 workers. This year she is 4 short. “This year’s been a struggle we usually have just enough to get by,” said Hysell. “But this year we had some people who were unable to do it so we have put an ad in the paper and on the radio ask […]