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  • House Fire at 321 M Avenue in Nevada (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Nevada Fire Department Battles Fires in Ames and Nevada Monday Night

    NEVADA, Iowa — Fire crews from Nevada answered house fire calls in Ames and Nevada Monday night. The Ames Fire before 7 pm damaged a house at 114 8th Street. As crews were preparing to leave that scene, Nevada was called back to town to assist with another house fire at 321 M Avenue. Upon arrival fire crews found flames engulfing the back of the home. No one was injured and no pets were injured. According to Nevada Public Safety […]

  • Six year old Oliver Moehlis in red held a Lemonade Stand to raise money for DMARC (contributed photo)

    Oliver’s Lemonade Stand Challenge

    DES MOINES, Iowa — When 6-year-old Oliver Moehlis heard the Des Moines Area Religious Council was cutting back on food provisions for the needy, he wanted to do something. Oliver heard on the news that DMARC was cutting back food supplies to those in need by 25 percent. Saturday he launched Oliver’s Lemonade Stand. He raised over $100. Oliver told his Mom that he would like to raise enough money to provide a million meals, so he is challenging other […]

  • recap5

    RAGBRAI Takes Detour to Visit Sutliff Bridge

      SUTLIFF, Iowa- While many of the RAGBRAI throng of riders kept on the main route, some took the time to visit Sutliff.  This historic bridge was built in 1898 for $12,000. In 2008 floods on the Cedar River washed out a span of the Sutliff Bridge. “The bridge was built in 1898, and the village formed around the bridge,” said Sarah Brannaman, of the Sutliff Bridge Authority. RAGBRAI’s 2015 ride concluded Saturday in Davenport. Johnson County Conservation Board worked […]

  • RAGBRAI Video Highlights 2015

    DES MOINES, Iowa- The RAGBRAI 2015 ride of 462 miles across Iowa is complete.  The riders enjoyed pleasant weather with temperatures in the 70’s and low humidity for the first part of the trip.  That was countered by the hills of northwest Iowa. The riders visited overnight hosts, like Storm Lake, Fort Dodge and Eldora.  They were also welcomed in Cedar Falls, Hiawatha, and Coralville. Some smaller towns got to participate as well, including Fonda, Williams, and Ackley. There were […]

  • Hardin County

    RAGBRAI 2015 Complete: Photo Gallery

    DAVENPORT, Iowa- RAGBRAI 2015 finished with over 23,000 riders the last day.  Those cyclists encountered Iowa hills, rain, lightning and 90 heat.

  • RAGBRAI Riders Jump Aboard- Some Bring Kids

    HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa- As RAGBRAI goes through Central Iowa some riders take the opportunity to jump aboard. Mike Stabell found a great spot to jump on between the Highway 20 exit, and the town of Eldora. “We just found the best spot for us, we headed up from Madrid,” said Stabell. His friend George Morawska came from the Chicago area to ride his first RAGBRAI. “I’ve been practicing for a month, this will be an experience,” said Morawska. Some riders […]

  • RAGBRAI Ride-Along With Rider Helping Parkinsons Patients- 13 Raw

    HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa- One team on RAGBRAI is promoting Parkinsons awareness.  They have a mission to show how Parkinson’s patients can benefit from riding on the back of a tandem bike. Nadine Davis, and her daughter Reece were riding near Highway 20 this morning north of Steamboat Rock. Davis also talks about what it’s like to bring her daughter along for the ride.  

  • RAGBRAI Day Three: Great Weather, Some Ride 100 Miles to Radcliffe

    RADCLIFFE, Iowa — Sunny skies and low humidity greeted RAGBRAI riders on Tuesday. Weather like this makes the event way more fun, and riders tend to talk more when the weather is good. “People have been in a great mood today,” said Iowa State Trooper Doug Cutts. “Got a bit of a breeze, so it’s been really good today.” Cutts counted 17,515 riders passing the intersection he patrolled to help riders cross roads. When the weather is hot and humid, […]

  • Dave Cossman from California can't ride, but he helps pack and drives on RAGBRAI (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    RAGBRAI Breaks Camp: Tuesday Morning Photo Gallery

    FORT DODGE, Iowa- Riders took off to cool temperatures and sunny skies in Fort Dodge Tuesday morning. One man who is not riding this year is Dave Cossman, who is from California.  Due to foot surgery, he cannot ride, so he is serving as a team driver. That means he has to get the truck to the right spot in the next town.  He said sometimes, that’s hard, as directions are not always the best.  Then he has to”pick a […]

  • RAGBRAI Ride-Along: Rider Shares Story of a Spill

    WASHTA, Iowa — Carl Smith from Ohio took a spill on day one of RAGBRAI 2015. His fall drew some blood on his elbow, and leg.  The 35-year-veteran cyclist said he was talking to two women who were dressed up as babies, even wearing diapers. He said they had a sign saying “Baby on Board.” As he was chatting, he said his bike drifted off the road, and he took a tumble. The accident had happened 20 minutes prior. He […]

  • Trooper Alex Dinkla uses a RAGBRAI style sign to reach out on Twitter (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    RAGBRAI State Trooper Takes to Twitter for Outreach

    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Iowa — Some of the most important people on RAGBRAI are the state troopers and other law officers who help riders to safely cross busy highways on the route. State Trooper Alex Dinkla, of Osceola, decided to let riders know how to get in touch. Dinkla made a hand-written sign, like the one you would see touting the pies in the net town, but instead, he invited riders to follow him on Twitter. “With the Iowa State Patrol, we’re […]

  • rag4


    MANSON, Iowa — RAGBRAI riders got a little bit of everything weather-wise. The day started in rain, then to clouds and finally sunshine. Newell welcomed the riders with a banquet table the entire length of Main Street. The guy from New York state, and his wife stopped in Newell, each riding the fat-tired bike. It will go through rain, snow, and even RAGBRAI. He was asked about the highway rumble strips, “what rumble strips,?” he responded with the fat tire […]


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