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  • Trump Floats Idea of Making Mexico Border Wall a ‘Solar Wall’

    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – President Donald Trump drew a big crowd at his rally in Cedar Rapids last night. Some people were there supporting him while others were protesting the Trump administration and its policies. Wednesday’s rally marked the President’s second trip to Iowa since winning the November election, and the first visit since he took office. Many people eager to see President Trump lined up a day early to get a good seat. Inside the event, trump took in […]

  • The Importance of Tiling in Agriculture

    Tiling is an important tool to farmers.  It helps their fields dry out quicker, stops erosion, and can even improve yields.  A tile plow feeds lines into the ground to draw water there and send it out where the farmer wants.  Corey Goodhue shows us how tiling works at a farm in Clarke County.  

  • Scammers Claim to be from ‘Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force’

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Law enforcement officials say they’re seeing a scam in Iowa that tries to trick people into thinking they’re under investigation by the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. All of the cases followed the same script, with a person claiming to be a female contacting a male online. The female eventually transitions the conversation to text and sends the victim nude photos. That’s followed by a call from someone posing as police officer with the Internet […]

  • Des Moines Woman Sentenced in ‘Nigerian’ Email Scam

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A Des Moines woman is headed to federal prison for scamming nearly 100 people around the country. A federal judge sentenced 67-year-old Victoria Lovan to 16 months in prison for three counts of wire fraud. Lovan admitted to working with accomplices overseas to carry out what’s called the Nigerian email scam. Lovan accepted wire transfers from 89 victims. She kept part of the money and sent the rest to her accomplices. In addition to prison time, […]

  • A Year of Livestock Markets

    Agribusiness Reporter David Geiger talks to President of U.S. Commodities Don Roose about the last year in the cattle and hog markets.

  • Iowa Woman Says Counting App Saved Her Baby’s Life

    DES MOINES, Iowa–Most people use apps to play games on their smart phones, waste time or check the latest sports scores. Emily Eekhoff, of Des Moines, believes her app saved her baby girl’s life. “I haven’t let my mind go there,” Eekhoff said Tuesday morning at Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, “They could have been burying our baby instead.” Eekhoff was 33 weeks pregnant when she noticed something had changed. “We were a little scared that things weren’t right,” […]

  • Des Moines Designated a ‘Home Base Iowa’ Community

    DES MOINES, Iowa –Des Moines is the latest community to receive the Home Base Iowa designation. Gov. Kim Reynolds and Lt. Gov. Adam Greg made the announcement Tuesday morning. The Home Base Iowa program assists veterans transitioning from military to civilian life by connecting them to nearly 1,600 businesses and 21 colleges and universities. “At first glance, Home Base Iowa is helping us become the most veteran-friendly state in the nation, but it`s also serving as a connector within our […]

  • Adoptive Cousin Pleads Not Guilty in Sabrina Ray’s Death

    ADEL, Iowa — Another person accused of contributing to the death of 16-year-old Sabrina Ray has pleaded not guilty. Josie Bousman’s attorney entered a written plea Monday. Bousman is Ray’s adoptive cousin and faces charges of child endangerment resulting in death, kidnapping, and obstruction of justice. Ray was found dead in her adoptive family’s Perry home on May 12th. Authorities say she had been abused and neglected and an autopsy found she weighed just 56 pounds at the time of […]

  • Expansion of Medical Cannabidiol in Iowa Begins

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Monday marked the first day that certain Iowans were legally obtain medicine made from marijuana plants. First, patients have to apply for a registration card. It is needed to legally buy and use cannabis oil. The cost is $100 to apply and patients also need a doctor’s recommendation and must suffer from one of the debilitating medical conditions defined in the Medical Cannabidiol Act. Among those conditions are cancer, ALS, Crohn’s disease, and untreatable pain. The […]

  • Des Moines Fireworks Sale Lawsuit Moved to Federal Court

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A fight over fireworks is headed to federal court. A new Iowa law makes it legal to buy fireworks until July 8th, but Des Moines and several other cities have restricted sales to industrial areas. A fireworks distributor is suing Des Moines, saying state law prevents cities from restricting sales. The lawsuit is seeking an injunction to block Des Moines’ ordinance. The lawsuit was originally filed in Polk County District Court but is now being moved […]

  • A Year of Grain Markets

    Agribusiness Reporter David Geiger talks to President of U.S. Commodities Don Roose about the last year in the grain markets.

  • 2017 Des Moines Arts Festival This Weekend

    Join Channel 13 at the biggest event of the Summer...June 23-25 in Western Gateway Park.