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  • Iowans Gather to Celebrate State in California

    CALIFORNIA  —  Over the weekend, proud Iowans gathered in California for an annual celebration of the state. The Iowa Association of Long Beach held its Iowa by the Sea picnic on Saturday. This was the 117th year for this celebration at the Battleship Iowa Museum. Iowans and people who have a connection to the state of Iowa were invited to attend. Those who attended say the family-oriented event is a good way to stay connected to fellow Iowans and a great way for […]

  • Herbicide In Market After Three Years

    With agricultural chemicals and seed traits it can take a while to get products from the lab to the farmer’s field. As an example, In 2014, the Enlist Duo herbicide from Dow AgroSciences was approved to be used in Iowa. But that ended up being delayed for three years. Now, at a Dow AgroSciences field day north of Des Moines, they are showcasing their Enlist Duo resistant corn set to come out next year. In 2015, there was a controversial […]

  • FaceOFF: Lynch Sits, Elliott Suspended, Bolt Finished, License Plates

    Keith Murphy and SoundOff guest host Scott Siepker debate several hot topics in this week’s FaceOFF.

  • Murphy’s Law: Cyclone Football Fans Deserve More Than Mediocre

    In this week’s Murphy’s Law, Keith says Iowa State football is historically worse than mediocre, but better positioned to finally reward its loyal fans, who deserve success.

  • Iowans Gather in Ames for Peaceful Rally Following Virginia Protests

    AMES, Iowa  —  Approximately 350 people gathered in Ames on Sunday night to push back against the white supremacist message displayed in Virginia over the weekend. A rally took place at Bandshell Park, where people shared songs, poetry, and stories to promote peace. The crowd then marched down Main Street with signs asking for action. Organizers laid out the difference they see between their rally and the one in Charlottesville. “The most important thing is it starts from a framework of love,” […]

  • Body of Fallen Marine Returned to Iowa

    ELDORA, Iowa  —  The body of an Iowa Marine who died in California is now safely back in his home state. A procession welcomed Lance Corporal Cody Haley back to Iowa on Saturday. A motorcade featuring firetrucks and motorcycles was led by a state patrol car and a military services car. Haley’s body made the trip from the Des Moines International Airport to Eldora, and people in communities along the way paid tribute as the procession passed. A public funeral for Haley will take […]

  • Protests Taking Place Around the Country Following Charlottesville Violence

    UNITED STATES  —  Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, over the weekend at a white supremacist rally has led several groups around the country to hold rallies against white supremacy on Sunday. Dozens gathered in Greenville, South Carolina, carrying signs and chanting, “I will not tolerate racism.” Organizers say the rallies give areas a chance to become part of the national conversation on racism. In 2015, South Carolina removed the confederate flag from the statehouse grounds, but has not seen the same level […]

  • ‘Unite the Right’ Rally Leader Speaks Out Following Violent Protests

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia  —  The Unite the Right rally brought together white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, where they ended up fighting with counter-protesters. Police say James Fields Jr. of Ohio took this violence to a frightening level, as he intentionally drove his car through a crowd of people. One woman died and 19 others were injured. Two state troopers later died when their chopper crashed as they tried to provide security to the area. An organizer of the rally needed security […]

  • Police Continue Investigating Hit-and-Run After Truck Crashes Into Home

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Des Moines police are continuing their search for the people involved in a hit-and-run accident that sent a car crashing through a home on the city’s south side. People who live on SW 9th St. call it a busy street, with the only thing separating cars–a center divide–proving useless after a Dodge Ram clipped a Malibu Chevy driving the opposite direction. The truck then crashed into a nearby house. “I thought the truck had ran all the way […]

  • DOT Responds to License Plate Design Controversy

    IOWA  —  The votes are still coming for Iowa’s new license plate design. As of Saturday evening, the City and Country plate is in the lead with 83,641 votes and the Fly Our Colors plate is in second with 73,334. Local artist John Bosley created a plate design that he feels represents Iowa better than the designs made by the DOT, and the ideas were very well received by many Iowans. However, the DOT has since responded to the designs, saying, “While we […]

  • Thousands Gather for Adel’s Sweet Corn Festival

    ADEL, Iowa  —  One small Iowa town spent Saturday celebrating a lot of corn. Adel hosted around 12,000 people from across the country for its annual Sweet Corn Festival. The festival kicked off with a 5k run in the morning followed by the largest parade in Dallas County, and finally the festival’s namesake: free sweet corn. Organizers of the event as well as members of the town got together on Friday night and shucked an estimated 15,000 ears of corn for […]

  • Senator Ernst Serves Food, Visits with Iowans at State Fair

    DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Day three of the Iowa State Fair us well underway, and fairgoers got a taste of politics with their pork on Saturday. Sen. Joni Ernst helped serve at the Iowa Pork Producers’ stand. She said she did it to visit with the people she represents. “We do get to visit, and you hear those short snippets of, ‘Joni, I need to tell you about this situation’ and, ‘we want you to understand what’s at stake here,’ and people […]