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  • THE INSIDERS: October 19th Edition Quick 6 & Predictions

    Channel 13’s Dave Price tackles the Quick 6 and gives his prediction for this week.

  • THE INSIDERS: Kathy Ireland

    In the 1980s and 90s, few models were more well-known or successful than Kathy Ireland.  After a career on the runway, she took her stardom to greater levels…becoming the head of her own company that sells everything from socks to furniture. This past week, she headlined The Iowa Women Lead Change Conference at Prairie Meadows.  She tells Price what she thinks about Iowa’s dismal record in putting women in power, in business and politics; and she shares the questions women […]

  • THE INSIDERS: Bill Northey

    Republican Bill Northey is running for his third term as Iowa’s Agriculture Secretary.  He tells Price what it is like to endorse a losing candidate, and which falling prices right now have him most concerned. For part 4, click here.

  • THE INSIDERS: Ads, Ads, Ads

    This just in….There are A LOT of political ads on TV right now in our state.  In fact, more ads ran on Iowa’s Senate race this past week than any other U.S. Senate race in the country!  It is the tone of the ads – what they are saying as opposed to what they are not saying – that is different, too. Channel 13’s Dave Price talks to Dianne Bystrom, Director at the Carrie Chapman Catt Center for Women & […]

  • THE INSIDERS: David Young

    In this week’s edition of The Insiders, Channel 13’s Dave Price interviews Republican Third District Congressional candidate David Young at the Golightly Farm in Van Meter. Young worked there as a teenager. Young quit as Senator Chuck Grassley’s Chief of Staff to run for Representative Tom Latham’s  congressional seat.  He tells Price why Iowans should vote for him even though his opponent says he’s out of touch with Iowa concerns as he’s lived in DC for so long. For part […]

  • Kitten abandoned in dumpster. (WHO-HD)

    Kittens Abandoned in Dumpster, ARL Takes in Surviving Kitten

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Animal Rescue League officials say someone intentionally put three young kittens in a dumpster and only one of the felines survived. Construction workers on Des Moines’ east side were dumping big pieces of concrete into the dumpster when they heard meowing. One of the workers brought the basket of kittens to the ARL. “Besides being against the law as cruel abandonment there is no excuse and no reason to do that there’s the ARL and a […]

  • east

    ‘Safety Concerns’ Prompt Cancellation of East vs. Ames Football Game

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Friday night’s game between the East High Scarlets and the Ames Little Cyclones has been cancelled. Ames officials tell us the game is cancelled because of “security threats” at East High School. Thursday East High School’s principal did send a letter out to parents and students that there was a threat of gun violence at the school day. However they said there is no credible information supporting the threat. Police increased their presence at the school […]

  • IMT DMM course map 2014

    Thousands Set to Run Des Moines Marathon

      DES MOINES, Iowa –More than 10,000 runners will be hitting the pavement this weekend for the IMT Des Moines Marathon. The big event is Sunday but roads will close down before that. Saturday evening, Walnut Street from Water to East 1st will close. On Sunday morning, roads will be closed in and around the downtown area. That includes parts of Fleur, MLK and Court among others. Runners will also take part in a half marathon, 5K and relay. A […]

  • marshalltown high school

    Marshalltown Police: Threat Rumors at High School Unfounded

    MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa — Police say rumors of threats at Marshalltown High School have gotten out of hand on social media. Police say it’s snowballed since a fight in the school’s parking lot on Thursday, October 9. Officers are following up on all rumor concerns they’re seeing, but so far, have found no credible information that there’s a safety threat at the high school. Police say there’s no evidence to suggest that last week’s fight is gang related, or that there […]

  • michael crisp mug

    Student Arrested After Threat Made Against Drake University

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Des Moines police have arrested the suspect behind threatening messages left on social media. Police say Drake University student, Michael Crisp, 18, admitted to posting “Columbine will look like child’s play compared to what I’m going to do.” Adding he had “access to top tier guns” after stating he was “tired” of “this campus.” The message was posted to Yik Yak, an app which lets user remain anonymous and only shows posts in a one mile […]

  • norwalk fire

    Morning Fire Destroys Warren County Home

    WARREN COUNTY, Iowa — Fire investigators are looking into the cause of an early morning house fire, Friday. It happened at 728 East Border in rural Des Moines just south of the Highway 5 bypass, near Norwalk. Crews were called to the home at about 3:40 a.m. The home was destroyed. There’s no word on what caused the fire.

  • AGRIBUSINESS: EPA Registers Enlist Duo

    Enlist Duo, the Dow herbicide, is now registered with the Environmental Protection agency with first-time ever restrictions to manage the problem of resistant weeds. The pesticide is for use in controlling weeds in corn and soybeans genetically-engineered to tolerate 2, 4-D and glyphosate, two of the most widely used herbicides in the world for controlling weeds. Dozens of other countries including Canada, Mexico, Japan and 26 European Union members have already approved these pesticides. Last year, Canada approved Enlist Duo […]


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