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  • iPhone 6 (WHO-HD)

    App Determines if You’re ‘Addicted’ to Your Smart Phone

    The new iPhones will give Americans something new to obsess over for a while. How do you know if you’ve become addicted to your smart phone? A new free app could help diagnose you. It’s called “Checky.” It runs in the background of your phone and keeps track of how often you take a peek at your phone. The app keeps track of your daily check-ins so you can see if you’re obsession is growing.

  • jok

    Hawkeye Jok Serving Jail Sentence

    IOWA CITY, Iowa — It’s been a busy summer off the court for former West Des Moines Valley standout, and Hawkeye sophomore, Peter Jok. Thursday began a four-day jail sentence. In July, Jok was arrested for violating his probation that he received for an OWI while driving a scooter. The jail time and fine complete his legal requirements. As for his athletic requirements, a statement from Iowa’s media relations director, Matt Weitzel says, “Nothing has changed in regards to Peter’s […]

  • Equitable Building in downtown Des Moines. (WHO-HD)

    DNR: Testing Shows Equitable Building Not Toxic

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says the fire-damaged Equitable Building in downtown Des Moines is not a hazard. Officials had been worried that a fire there last month released asbestos particles into the air. They closed off the building, but the DNR says tests prove the air isn’t toxic. The 19-story building has since been re-opened. The owner of the building says the fire didn’t do any major structural damage, with the exception of some […]

  • generic school-03

    Unknown Pills Discovered Inside Iowa Correctional Facility

    ROCKWELL CITY, Iowa — It could be several weeks before authorities know what’s inside hundreds of pills discovered at an Iowa prison. The Department of Public Safety says 300 to 400 capsules were found during a search at the North Central Correctional Facility in Rockwell City. The capsules are being tested at the Division of Criminal Investigation’s labs in Ankeny. Authorities are also trying to figure out how they got inside the prison.

  • Bubu Palo (WHO-HD)

    Board of Regents Appealing Ruling in Bubu Palo Case

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Board of Regents is appealing a Story County judge’s ruling to the Iowa Supreme Court. The regents are backing Iowa State University president Steven Leath’s decision to keep Bubu Palo off the men’s basketball team for violating the school’s code of conduct. Last month the court ruled there wasn’t enough evidence and now the regents are appealing to the high court. This is just the latest in a string of legal proceedings that stretch […]

  • Farmers Could Lose up to $100,000 in Transportation

    This year farmers have grown a monster crop of corn and soybeans, which isn’t just causing headaches over prices – there’s also logistics to be worried about. The American Soybean Association has spearheaded efforts to ensure equitable treatment of crude oil and commodities on American railroads this year, given the glut of cars transporting Bakken crude out of North Dakota. Closer to home, Soy Transportation Executive Director Mike Steenhoek also acknowledges the logistical challenge posed by this year’s crop, pointing […]

  • Crop Disaster Relief Receives Few Complaints

    DES MOINES, Iowa – After the farm bill was passed early this year, the U.S Department of Agriculture had the unenviable task of implementing its provisions. While USDA has made progress on implementing all twelve titles of the farm bill, the first area targeted was disaster payments for producers who suffered losses in 2012 and 2013. It took USDA over a year to set up disaster payments after the 2008 farm bill, but this time around, payments were heading to […]

  • des moines viral dance video

    Dad Teaches Daughter, 7, to Dance, Shoots Viral Video in Des Moines

    DES MOINES, Iowa — A video shot in downtown Des Moines is going viral. A dad says he caught his daughter, Liliana, 7, dancing with headphones on. When asked what she was listening to her reply was the same music her dad listens to, a form of electronic dance music. “I then smiled and said, ‘where did you learn that from?’ With a big smile on her face she said, ‘from watching you!’, my heart melted. In return, I asked […]

  • 2_mug_Branstad_Hatch

    Poll: Branstad Takes Large Lead Over Hatch

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa’s incumbent governor is all but unbeatable according to the people who took the latest poll on the race. The Quinnipiac University poll of more than 1,100 likely voters shows Governor Terry Branstad with a 60-37 percent lead over his challenger, State Senator Jack Hatch. Branstad has huge leads among the Republicans surveyed but also holds a large 62-33 percent lead among independents. The director of the survey says barring one of the biggest turnarounds in […]

  • rescue_flood

    AUDIO: 911 Call Released in Flooding Rescue

      MADISON COUNTY, Iowa — The 911 call from a dramatic water rescue in Madison County was released Wednesday. Ruth Samson of Creston drove her car into water that flooded Pitzer Road, between Earlham and Winterset, in the early morning hours of September 10th. The water got all the way to her chest before she got out and sat on the top of her car. First responders were able to pull her to safety as well as another driver hanging […]

  • New Dinosaur Exhibit at Science Center of Iowa

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Dinosaurs are invading the Science Center of Iowa. You’ve probably never heard of a giganotosaurus before, but you can learn all about the dinosaur as well as others at the exhibit “Ultimate Dinosaurs,” which opens October 10th. Wednesday, huge crates containing the dinosaurs’ parts arrived at the science center and crews began piecing them together. “In the age of dinosaurs there was a super continent called Pangea and when that broke apart. Most of the dinosaurs […]

  • Theresa-Supino

    New Venue Chosen for Supino Double Murder Trial

    JASPER COUNTY, Iowa — The trial of a woman charged in a 31-year old double homicide is being moved. Theresa Supino is charged with two counts of first degree murder for the deaths of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory. They were found beaten to death at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton in 1983. Fisher was Supino’s estranged husband and Gregory was Fisher’s new girlfriend. Supino was arrested earlier this year after the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office was helped in […]


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