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  • Iowans Set World Record By Going and Going

    JOHNSTON, Iowa–Athletes gathered on the track at Johnston High School and ran. And ran. And ran. One-hundred Iowans, mostly high school and college students, took turns running five kilometers back-to-back. That would be a distance of about 318 miles. They started Friday, ran through the overnight and finished around 4p.m. Saturday. The runners took about 28 hours to finish, unofficially about two hours faster than the previous world record. Here is Channel 13′s story Friday on runners talking about going […]

  • Attorney General Tom Miller

    Two Health Product Companies Barred From Calling Iowans

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Two Las Vegas-based health companies are now barred from telemarketing their products to Iowans, Attorney General Tom Miller said in a news conference Thursday. Americare Inc. and Au Naturale Health Solutions, two unrelated companies, each made telemarketing calls to elderly Iowans claiming their products, including a “spray” and a “phytoplankton pill”, could cure diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Undercover phone line recordings were played at the news conference, showing telemarketers persuading Iowans to spend […]

  • Easter Seals of Iowa Paddleboat Race

    Area Business Leaders Paddle-Boat for Charity

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Several local businesses raised at least $1,000 to place a team in a paddle-boat at Camp Sunnyside Thursday. It was part of the Easter Seals of Iowa’s 11th annual Sunnyside Regatta – a paddle-boat race for charity. The Easter Seals of Iowa provide services for Iowans with disabilities, and all the money raised from Thursday’s event goes toward their year-round operations. “Any community is inclusive and diverse, and our services ensure that people with special needs […]

  • T.J. Denham at On With Life

    “On With Life” Throws Dance Party for Teen

      ANKENY, Iowa – A West Des Moines teen battling a brain injury he was diagnosed with in the spring of 2013 was dancing today for his 18th birthday. T.J. Denham was a 17-year-old student at Valley High School when he discovered he had a heart defect. This resulted in a brain injury that has left him cognitively sharp, but physically challenged. Throughout the last year, he has slowly recovered some of his physical abilities back – he even raced […]

  • Middle Schoolers in Des Moines Make Lemonade Stands for Charity

      DES MOINES, Iowa – Over 100 students from Weeks Middle School spent the past six weeks of the summer raising money for seven different charities. The students were divided into four groups, and held multiple lemonade stands over the weeks in front of the school and at local Hy-Vee stores. In total, they raised about $500 and selected seven charities to donate the money to. Some of the organizations included the Make-a-Wish Foundation and the Animal Rescue League. “We […]

  • Public piano in downtown Des Moines. (WHO-HD)

    Public Pianos Unveiled in Downtown Des Moines

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Downtown Des Moines has become a bit more musical. “City Sounds” installed two painted pianos Tuesday afternoon.  One is located at the public library and the other in the East Village. Each piano was donated, and organizers asked local artists to paint a design onto them. The idea of public pianos came from a similar project in Iowa City. The pianos will be covered with tarps at night and during severe weather, and will be taken […]

  • Tech Camp for Des Moines Schools' students. (WHO-HD)

    Tech Camp Emphasizes STEM for Des Moines Students

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines tech experts are teaching kids all things computers and coding this week. It’s the second year of Tech Camp for Des Moines Public Schools’ students. The purpose of the week-long camp is to get students interested in the STEM field — science, technology, engineering and math — at an early age. Those returning from last summer’s camp will get more advanced lessons in areas like robotics and computer coding. New camp-goers will get their […]

  • ARL Spay/Neuter Campaign to Curb Over-Crowding Problem in Des Moines

    DES MOINES, Iowa -The Animal Rescue League of Iowa wants pet-owners of Des Moines to “Beat the Heat”. That’s what they’re calling their summer campaign to neuter and spay 600 animals within 90 days. “We want pets to have a good life and a loving home,” said Goizane Mullin, Community Outreach Coordinator for the ARL. “And a way to get this accomplished is by reducing the pets that don’t have homes.” Thanks to grants the organization received, they can offer […]

  • Amputee Golf Tournament

    Amputee Golf Tournament Tees Off in West Des Moines

      WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - Amputees in Iowa are gathering on the golf course this weekend. The Iowa Amputee Golf Association’s 23rd annual tournament kicked off Friday at Willow Creek Golf Course. Both lower- and upper-body amputees participate in the tournament each year, and the association says it usually gathers around 65 golfers. The purpose of the tournament is to bring Iowans going through similar challenges together through the sport of golf, encouraging education and rehabilitation both mentally and physically . […]

  • active_shooter

    Waukee City Workers get Active Shooter Training

    WAUKEE, Iowa – The Waukee Police Department is making an effort this summer to equip public employees of the city with the tools to navigate an active shooter situation. “Just based on society and what’s going on, we thought it would be a good idea to train public employees on the options they have in case of an active shooter or an active threat,” said Sgt. Scott Cunningham of the Waukee Police Department. Active shooter training isn’t a new concept […]

  • Iowa Law Enforcement Teams Test Hostage Negotiation Skills in Des Moines

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Ten hostage crisis teams from across the state of Iowa gathered at Principal Park in Des Moines Wednesday for hostage negotiation training. “The idea here is to apply skills they’ve learned in training,” said Deborah McMahon, chief facilitator of the program. “And do it in a competitive environment where they can see how good they’re doing against other folks.” The program is hosted by the Iowa Department of Corrections, and includes both training and a competition […]

  • Bishop Drumm Retirement Center in Johnston Celebrates 75th Year

    JOHNSTON, Iowa -  The very first nursing home for senior citizens in Des Moines celebrated its 75th anniversary Wednesday. Bishop Drumm Retirement Center, located at 5837 Winwood Dr., Johnston,  was founded by the Sisters of Mercy – the same women who founded Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines – on Clark Street 75 years ago today. Originally assisting 35 elderly men and women, it soon outgrew its capacity, and a larger location was finally opened in Johnston in 1986. The […]