Public Service Announcements
In-Kind Donations
Speaker Requests
Sponsorship Requests
Community Calendar Criteria

Must meet/be one or more of the following:

  • 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization and able to provide documentation
  • Government or city agency
  • Emergency or crisis situation
  • Public or private school

Must provide the following information:

  • Fact sheet/letter explaining the organization on letterhead
  • Letter documenting what the organization hopes to receive
  • Follow-up letter and acknowledgment upon receipt
  • Proof of 501(c)3 status

Public Service Announcements Requirements:

  • All PSA’s must be pre-produced
  • All PSA’s must be submitted in high-definition. Here are our preferred format specs:
    • Quicktime Movie
    • Codec: XDCAM EX 1080i60
    • 35MB/s VBR
    • 1920×1080
    • 29.97fps
    • 16-bit Little Endian stereo 48kHz audio
  • PSA’s may not contain any blatant for-profit messages, sponsors or logos and such determination is at the sole discretion of station
  • PSA’s may be delivered via a web or .ftp site
  • PSA H-D video file may also be mailed or delivered on data DVD or other disposable medium
  • No PSA’s will be accepted via satellite
  • No scripts or unproduced PSA’s accepted
  • Must be sent to the station at least 4 weeks prior to desired air date
  • Submission does not guarantee the PSA will air
  • Must be :30 seconds in length.  :60 second messages will also be considered
  • WHO-HD 13 does not guarantee nor track PSA airings. No proof of performance will be provided
  • Unfortunately due to sheer volume, WHO-HD can not return call regarding PSA’s
  • No PSA’s will be returned
  • To submit a PSA for consideration, email Tim Gardner the following:
    • Name of Organization
    • Campaign Name & Purpose
    • Requested Start Date
    • Requested End Date
    • Location of or attached low-res viewable version of PSA
    • Instructions where to obtain the hi-res HD version

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In-Kind Donations Requirements:

  • Must send a request in writing on organization letterhead explaining type of event, attendance expected, date, time, location, and how the donation will be used.
  • WHO-HD 13 must be allowed signage or logo recognition
  • Submission of request does not guarantee an in-kind donation
  • Currently, our in-kind donations are WHO-HD 13 plastic bags
  • All donations must be picked up at our studios during regular business hours. No donations will be mailed.
  • Requests for monetary donation or sponsorship are not currently being accepted
  • Must send a follow-up letter about event such as attendance, dollars raised, etc.

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Speaker Requests Requirements:

  • Requests may be made electronically here.  Requests may also be submitted in writing on organization letterhead to the attention of the Assignment Desk and either mailed to: WHO-HD 13, 1801 Grand Ave, Des Moines, 50309 or faxed to 515-242-3796
  • Must be sent at least one month in advance
  • Submission of request does not guarantee a speaker
  • Must provide date, time, location, length of appearance, speaker s responsibilities, number of people attending and contact person, phone number, address and e-mail address.

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Sponsorship Requests Requirements:


  • Proposal must be submitted in writing, to the attention of Tim Gardner, defining specifically the requirements of WHO-HD 13 as a sponsor as well as what WHO-TV 13 will receive for sponsorship
  • Submission of proposal does not guarantee sponsorship
  • WHO-HD 13 logo must be included on all printed programs, flyers, ads, etc.
  • WHO-HD 13 signage at the event

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Community Calendar Criteria Requirements:

  • Must be submitted in writing to the attention of Community Calendar in care of WHO-HD 13 four weeks prior to the date of the event
  • Include simple facts about the event:  Who, What, Where, When, & Why
  • Community Calendar events can be submitted 3 ways:
    1. E-mail to
    2. Mail to Community Calendar c/oWHO-HD 13, 1801 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA, 50309
    3. Fax to Community Calendar at 515-242-3793
  • WHO-HD 13 does not guarantee Community Calendar airings or provide tracking

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