WHO-HD Channel 13 takes pride in its educational and informational programs for children. We keep a detailed file of our children’s programming in our public inspection file, available during business hours, at our studios:

WHO-HD Channel 13
1801 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50309

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


The More You Know Learning Series in Collaboration with NBC News has created a free eBook for Parents, Teachers, & Kids

Growing Up Online

This free, downloadable Internet safety eBook,Growing Up Online, is a unique learning tool that provides parents and teachers with important information to help initiate conversation with children about online safety. With half of all kids under the age of eight using Internet connected devices, and one in three children cyber-bullied, it is more critical than ever to educate kids on using technology safely. Growing Up Online is a media-rich eBook that provides easy-to-use content on navigating the digital world in an engaging way. It includes safety tips, discussion questions and key takeaways, as well as entertaining video comic books for kids focused on real situations that may arise when they go online. Growing Up Online is available as a free download for a variety of tablet devices in both English and Spanish.

See WHO-HD’s Children’s Programming Reports at the FCC HERE.

Here are upcoming changes to WHO-HD’s regularly scheduled children’s programming lineup:

Program Regularly Scheduled Rescheduled Time
Lazytown Saturday 11/22  11:30 AM Saturday 11/22  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 11/22  12:00 PM Sunday 11/23  11:30 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 11/22  12:30 PM Sunday 11/23  12:00 PM
Lazytown Saturday 11/29  11:30 AM Saturday 11/29  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 11/29  12:00 PM Sunday 11/30  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 11/22  12:30 PM Sunday 12/7  11:00 AM
Lazytown Saturday 12/6  11:30 AM Saturday 12/6  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 12/6  12:00 PM Sunday 12/7  11:30 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 12/6  12:30 PM Sunday 12/7  12:00 PM
Poppy Cat Saturday 12/13  12:00 PM Sunday 12/14  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 12/13  12:30 PM Sunday 12/14  11:30 AM
Lazytown Saturday 12/20  11:30 AM Saturday 12/20  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 12/20  12:00 PM Sunday 12/21  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 12/20  12:30 PM Sunday 12/21  11:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 1/3/15  12:00 PM Sunday 1/4/15  11:30 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 1/3/15  12:30 PM Sunday 1/4/15  12:00 PM
Lazytown Saturday 1/10/15  11:30 AM Saturday 1/10/15  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 1/10/15  12:00 PM Sunday 1/11/15  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 1/10/15  12:30 PM Sunday 1/11/15  11:30 AM
Lazytown Saturday 1/17/15  11:30 AM Saturday 1/17/15  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 1/17/15  12:00 PM Sunday 1/18/15  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 1/17/15  12:30 PM Sunday 1/25/15  11:00 AM
Lazytown Saturday 1/24/15  11:30 AM Saturday 1/24/15  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 1/24/15  12:00 PM Sunday 1/25/15  11:00 AM
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 1/24/15  12:30 PM TBA
Lazytown Saturday 1/31/15  11:30 AM Saturday 1/31/15  7:30 AM
Poppy Cat Saturday 1/31/15  12:00 PM TBA
Noodle and Doodle Saturday 1/31/15  12:30 PM TBA


WHO-HD Channel 13.1 Regularly scheduled programming that is Educational and Information for children 4 to 8 years old:

 In compliance with the Children’s Television Act regulations that became effective January 2, 1997, the NBC kids programming block features an on-air icon (E/I) indicating that each program is “educational and informational” for children.  This icon is displayed throughout each program.  Also, in compliance with the regulations, the following document, which includes “early educational and informational” objectives of NBC kids, must be placed in your public file.


The NBC kids programming block also meets the requirements for video described content, as established by the Twenty-first Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, effective October 8, 2010.  Full-power affiliates of NBC that are located in the 25 television markets with the largest number of television households must provide video-described content at any time they are providing children’s programming.  Each episode of content can be aired no more than twice in the calendar year.


Each of the programs listed below, which make up the three hour NBC kids programming block, is specifically designed to serve the early educational and informational needs of children ages 2-5.  All of the programs have educational objectives and messages that are core to the content and appropriate for the program genre.


From July 5, 2014 – September 27, 2014, NBC Kids aired six shows returning from the 2nd Quarter 2014.  These are:  The Chica Show, Noodle and Doodle, Justin Time, Tree Fu Tom, Lazy Town, and Zou. 


All six shows were developed specifically for a target audience composed of children ages 2-5.  Noodle and Doodle is a live action, fact based, craft and cooking show. The five remaining shows have a narrative format and three of the shows (Justin Time, The Chica Show, and Tree Fu Tom) use elements of fantasy and imagination to develop the educational content.  The Chica Show and Tree Fu Tom combine live action with animation while Lazy Town is live action with puppets.  Justin Time and Zou are both animated series.


Saturday’s 10:00 AM

Astroblast!, based on the book series “Astroblast!” by author and illustrator Bob Kolar, is set on a space station in an unknown solar system.  The station is populated by five animal characters and one 3-eyed octopus of unknown derivation.  Each episode begins with an everyday conversation or incident that grows into a predicament of some sort needing a solution.  While these predicaments take place on a space station populated by animal characters and aliens from different galaxies, the issues and resolutions resonate for a preschool audience.  Through comedy and zippy action, our target audience sees how the characters learn lessons for practical living such as how to:  keep track of things that belong to you, practice good habits, clean up a space when you’ve made a mess,  rebound from a failure or embarrassing incident, or resist the urge to blame others for your mistakes.

The Chica Show
Saturday’s 10:30 AM

Chica is a five-year-old “baby” chick who spends her days with her parents in their costume shop, the Coop. The shop’s one employee, Kelly, doubles as Chica’s nanny and the ensemble is rounded out with Bunji, a large floppy eared rabbit and Stitches, a straw mannequin that sits in the window.  In each episode Chica develops or encounters a problem that she cannot immediately resolve. Usually her issues involve impulse control, distractibility, judgment, and inter-personal behaviors. She and Kelly usually work on the problem through an adventure—a fantasy transformation to animation– where Bunji and Stiches come alive and join Chica and Kelly for the problem solving process. The core educational content is primarily socio-emotional development, and Chica learns how to express herself properly, think before she acts, and interact with others effectively. She often learns that it takes hard work and practice to become proficient at different skills.


Tree Fu Tom
Saturday’s 11:00 AM

In each episode, Tom (live-acted) comes out of his house’s back door, puts on a power belt, and runs across his lawn into a woodland. In there is the tree with Treetopolis on, protected by a magic shield. Using the power belt he jumps up, shrinks to insect size as he flies into the tree, and enters the world of Treetopolis, where he has adventures. He is skilled in that world’s magic, and often gets characters out of scrapes. The tree’s sap is shown as a glowing orange magic liquid. Sometimes he has to call on “the big world” for magical help: he tells the audience to make particular magical moves and then say particular words to “send the magic to me”. The magic is shown as orange stuff appearing from around the camera and flying at Tom, who collects it in his arms in a ball, and uses it for whatever he needs it for. The movements which the audience are called on to make, are particularly beneficial for the development of children with dyspraxia.

The scenario includes magical “hoverboards” (called “leafboards”).  At the end he flies up, and out of the tree’s magic field, reverts to full human boy size, lands, runs out of the wood and across his back lawn, jumping over a bicycle lying on the lawn, and in through his back door.

The series was developed in conjunction with the Dyspraxia Foundation with the aim of promoting movement. Foundation specialists Sally Payne and Dr Lydia Foulder-Hughes worked with the series creators to develop the movements Tree Fu Tom uses to create magic. Five percent of children have dyspraxia, and these movements are similar to those used by occupational therapists to help child development. It is also hoped that the spells will help get exercise into the lives of young children.


Saturday’s 11:30 AM

Lazy Town is a show that is all about health, fitness, and being good friends. Set in a fantasy world known as Lazy Town, which is populated by inactive residents, we see a visitor named Stephanie determined to coax her friends and relatives to begin healthful, active living. She wins over her new friends, Ziggy, Stingy, Trixie and Pixel, to leave their gaming consoles and candy stashes at home so they can go outside and play. She gets her Uncle, the Mayor and his friend Ms. Busy Body to support her efforts. But all of them are constantly foiled by Robbie Rotten, who lives underground and is determined to send Lazy Town back to inactivity and quiet. Coming to the rescue is the athlete Sportacus who lives in a spaceship and receives signals from the kids or the Mayor whenever they need help. Sportacus has two goals, to keep the peace and to promote healthful, positive living. When Robbie Rotten is discovered and contained through comic pratfalls, he goes back to his underground lair and all is well in Lazy Town, until another day and another time when Robbie will rise again.


Saturday’s 12:00 PM

Poppy Cat, based on the book series by Lara Jones, models the use of imagination and storytelling to encourage creative thinking in viewers.  Each episode features the narrator Lara, reading a story about Poppy Cat, to her own cat (who is also named Poppy).  She weaves an exciting tale following her imagination, which leads her to distant lands reached by boat, plane, hot air balloon or train.  Each story features Poppy Cat, as the leader of a group of animal friends, a resident bully Egbert the badger, and other occasionally recurring characters.  A prevailing message emerges within each episode to be nice to your friends and always work together.  There remains an overarching implicit message within every episode as well: think creatively and exercise your mind through reading and storytelling – for these activities always lead to enjoyment and adventure.


Noodle & Doodle
Saturday’s 12:30 PM

Noodle and Doodle, an instructional series, features creating art projects and cooking projects around a specific theme.  Host, Sean, drives around in a double-decker bus fully equipped with art supplies and a kitchen, ready for any assignment.  The projects encourage parent engagement and often feature families working together to make something to display within the child’s home.  Sean’s side-kick, Doggity, is an ever-faithful beagle who transforms into an animated character during interstitial trips to a parallel universe, set in a kitchen full of prank playing animated characters.  The art projects typically promote utilizing recycled materials in order to demonstrate that creativity can transform something intended for one purpose into something that achieves a completely different goal.


Regularly scheduled programming through WHO-HD Channel 13.2 (Iowa’s Weather Channel) that is Educational and Informational for children 13 – 16 years old:


Animal Rescue
Saturday’s 7AM

Animal Rescue is a weekly half-hour reality series showcasing spectacular rescues of all types of animals. The series focuses on the dedicated people around the world who help sick injured or abused animals. The program also instructs children on the proper care of animals and provides safety tips on how to care for all kinds of creatures in the animal kingdom. The show is aimed at children and families who want to learn about animal treatment, care and protection.


Dog Tales
Saturday 7:30 AM

Dog Tales showcases dogs and dog lovers of all types, providing valuable information about canine health, training, grooming and overall dog care as well as lessons on the responsibility of owning a dog. The show also provides informative segments on various dog breeds and show cases various veterinary experts explaining different issues affecting canines. The series also includes recommended reading lists about dogs, and promotes children’s writing and creative skills with essay and art contests.


Saturday’s 8AM

Pets. TV is a television program that provides educational and informational segments exposing the target audience of young viewers to everything Pets. The upbeat contemporary presentation relates pets to their lives and interests. Pets from everyday to the unique are showcased with educational information that shares how they evolved to become pets and their geographic origins. Professionals share personal experiences of featured animals and/or related products. In these segments the excitement and love of working with pets is expressed. The motivational and inspirational message of each guest empowers audiences of all ages to pursue more information and education about everything pets.


Biz Kid$
Saturday’s 8:30 AM

Biz Kid$ is a weekly half-hour series focusing on financial literacy and entrepreneurship for teens, targeting 13 to 16-year-olds. Using a mix of strong financial education tools, dynamic sketch comedy, and inspiring true stories of young entrepreneurs, Biz Kid$ provides important information for future success. Each episode features math, language arts, and social studies as well as teaching teens about money and business.


Saturday’s 9AM

Missing is a weekly half-hour reality series featuring actual cases of missing individuals, both adult and juvenile, from across the United States. Assisted by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, each episode includes interviews with friends, family and investigators involved with the case. We visit the missing individual’s last known whereabouts and provide viewers with all the relevant facts to increase public awareness in hopes of locating the missing person. The program includes tips and information to keep children safe.


The Real Winning Edge
Saturday’s 9:30AM

The Real Winning Edge is a weekly half-hour television series that meets the educational and informational objectives of the FCC’s Children’s Programming requirements for children ages 13-16. The program highlights adolescents and young adults making the right choices when faced with tough decisions and significant challenges. Recognizing that 13 to 16-year-olds are likely to be influenced by celebrities, the series features role models from the professional sports and the entertainment industries. Each episode is engaging, entertaining and educational in structure, presenting a powerful and positive message.


Regularly scheduled programming through WHO-HD Channel 13.3 (Antenna TV) that is Educational and Informational for children 9 – 14 years old:


Mustard Pancakes
Saturday’s 9 & 9:30AM

Mustard Pancakes is a FCC-Friendly television series for children with a TV-G rating featuring the loveable and talented Courtney Campbell, and her family of fun-loving friends. Each episode mirrors a slice of everyday life, from problems to celebrations and everything in between. Courtney lives with her cat, Mr. D., and her three dogs, Oogleberry Ink Dog, Tiny Tina Ten Toes and Mo – definitely an offbeat family! Courtney’s home is warm, friendly and inviting. A cozy place, where all children feel comfortable hanging out, singing songs and hearing stories. Target Audience: Mustard Pancakes is designed to contribute to children’s social and emotional development with a secondary focus on literacy and storytelling. Specifically, the series is built upon a substantive educational curriculum.

Critter Gitters
Saturday’s 10 & 10:30AM

Critter Gitters is FCC-Friendly Programming with a TV-G Rating. Series features a non-violent, adventurous format that can be enjoyed by the entire family while stimulating creativity, promoting team work, and showcasing moral dilemmas and social values. A search and rescue, animal adventure-themed series with an entertaining twist of investigative and detective “super sleuthing” by a group of neighborhood kids, a veterinarian, a marine biologist, a zany professor, and colorful neighborhood characters. Action and stimulating story lines combined with compelling situations along with kids’ natural curiosity and a love for animals. Series features a diverse cast providing positive role models. To add variety to the series, episodes haven been produced in Costa Rica, Switzerland, the Florida Everglades, The Great Northwest, East Coast, Mid West…just about everywhere in the USA. Target Audience: Children ages 9 to 14, but with a broad appeal to family audiences of all ages.


Curiosity Quest
Saturday’s 11 & 11:30AM

Curiosity Quest is FCC-Friendly, E/I Programming with a TV-G Rating. Curiosity Quest is an upbeat, family, educational program that explores what viewers are curious about. In each show, host Joel Greene ventures on a quest to answer viewer’s letters of curiosity. Each quest takes the audience on location for an unscripted, hands-on, educational exploration. In addition, throughout each program, Joel will hit the streets to get real and often comical answers to questions pertaining to each episode. Joel’s enthusiastic personality often lands him in hilarious situations in pursuit of the answer. Target Audience: Children ages 9 to 12.


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