• mcdonald_kevin

    Enticement Charges Filed Against Fort Dodge Convicted Sex Offender

    FORT DODGE, Iowa — A convicted sex offender is facing new charges after Fort Dodge police say he tried to solicit underage females for sex. Forty-two-year-old Kevin McDonald, of Fort Dodge, is charged with enticing a minor under 13 years of age and enticing a minor under 16 years of age. He was already in the […]

  • Marijuana

    Nebraska, Oklahoma File Lawsuit Over Colorado Legalizing Marijuana

    DES MOINES, Iowa — When Colorado voters chose to legalize marijuana in 2012 many saw it as the chance to change America’s opinion about pot. But now a new lawsuit by the states of Nebraska and Oklahoma argue Colorado’s costing their taxpayers money and resources because too much pot is ending up in their backyard. […]

  • President Barack Obama talks with President Raul Castro of Cuba from the Oval Office, Dec. 16, 2014.

    Obama Looks to Cuba to Test an Old Theory

    WASHINGTON — Since the early days of his first presidential run, Barack Obama made a pledge — to talk directly with America’s enemies — that most other politicians found naive. The approach famously drew snickers from Republicans and Democrats alike, who derided it as irresponsible — a criticism that followed Obama into the White House. […]

  • Alan Gross Arriving at Joint Base Andrews

    Obama, Castro Hail New US-Cuba Relationship

    WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama announced Wednesday plans to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba and ease economic restrictions on the nation, a policy shift he called the end of an “outdated approach” to U.S.-Cuban relations that, “for decades, has failed to advance our interests.” Obama said the U.S. will move towards re-opening its embassy in […]

  • Piers Morgan interviews Jeb Bush

    Jeb Bush ‘Actively Exploring’ 2016 Presidential Run

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has decided to “actively explore” a presidential bid after conversations with his family over Thanksgiving, he said in a Facebook post Tuesday. While Bush had been making steps toward a presidential bid with recent speeches in early primary states and plans to release documents from his time period as governor, […]

  • Gunfire Erupts as Sydney Cafe Siege Ends

    SYDNEY, Australia – Before he was killed in a Sydney cafe, the gunman who held hostages there for more than 16 hours was no stranger to police. The hostage-taker was Man Haron Monis, an official with direct knowledge of the situation said Monday. “He had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and […]

  • Auburn Police arrested Markale Deandra Hart, 22, in connection with the shooting death of 18-year-old Jakell Mitchell, a freshman Auburn University football player, the Auburn Police Division said.

    Arrest Made in Auburn Football Player’s Killing

    AUBURN, Alabama — Police have arrested Markale Deandra Hart, 22, in connection with the shooting death of a freshman Auburn University football player, the Auburn Police Division said in a news release Sunday. The Camp Hill man is being charged with murder in the death of 18-year-old Jakell Mitchell of Opelika, Alabama, police say. “An […]

  • Powerful images from the protests in Ferguson, Missouri after the Mike Brown verdict. (Courtesy Lawrence Bryant/St. Louis American)

    Testimony From Mike Brown Grand Jury Witnesses Conflicting

    FERGUSON, Missouri —  The grand jury in the case of Michael Brown’s shooting didn’t just face an onslaught of witnesses with conflicting memories of what happened the day white police officer Darren Wilson killed Brown, an unarmed black teenager. It also heard from witnesses who couldn’t be believed at all. Some admitted lying. Others changed their stories […]

  • High Levels of Phthalates in Dolls

    Common Household Products Could Cause IQ Drop in Children

    A chemical that’s in a lot of household products may be hurting children’s IQ’s. Women who had a high amount of the chemicals called di-n-butyl phthalate and di-isobutyl phthalate in their bodies during pregnancy gave birth to children who had markedly lower IQ scores, according to a new study running in the journal PLOS One. […]

  • capitol

    Here’s What’s Tucked in the 2015 Government Spending Bill

    WASHINGTON — The Congress that has done virtually nothing for two years is wrapping up 2014 with a bang. Dozens of policy provisions are tucked into a 1,603-page bill that will keep the government open through next September. The provisions affect everything from campaign finance laws to financial regulations, marijuana possession and even the government’s […]

  • healthiest_state

    Iowa Down in National Health Ranking

    DES MOINES, Iowa – A new report by UnityHealth published Wednesday dropped Iowa six spots in a national health ranking, but officials with the Iowa Healthiest State Initiative say the metrics used in that report don’t reflect the way they measure progress, and argue Iowans’ health has significantly progressed over the years. “We’ve identified five […]

  • Untitled

    Sorry, Not Sorry: Why Some Corporations Can’t Apologize

    Corporations screw up all the time. Some offer a heartfelt apology and move on. Others appear incapable of admitting they’ve stumbled. Confronted with their sins, businesses too often apologize only for having upset the public or their customers, not for the mishap itself. Or they lard up their apologies with obfuscation. When that happens, executives […]