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    Benghazi Panel Caps 2-year Probe: No Bombshell, Faults Administration

    WASHINGTON — House Republicans capped a partisan, two-year investigation of the Benghazi terror attacks Tuesday with a report that faults the Obama administration for security lapses that led to the deaths of four Americans but contains no revelations likely to further damage Hillary Clinton. The more than 800-page report paints a picture of a perfect […]

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    5,300 U.S. Water Systems Are in Violation of Lead Rules

    Eighteen million Americans live in communities where the water systems are in violation of the law. Moreover, the federal agency in charge of making sure those systems are safe not only knows the issues exist, but it’s done very little to stop them, according to a new report and information provided to CNN by multiple […]

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    Michigan Woman Sues for ‘wrongful conception’ After Doctor Said She Couldn’t Get Pregnant

    OAKLAND COUNTY, Mich. — A Michigan mother is reportedly suing her doctor for the stress caused by an unplanned pregnancy, according to WJBK. According to the report, Lori Cichewicz went to her doctor in 2008 to have a tubal ligation, which is also known as “having your tubes tied.” Cichewicz’ss doctor reportedly said her tubes were “blocked” and […]

  • This map shows the breakdown by region of the UK referendum.

    British Millennials: You’ve Stolen Our Future

    LONDON — British youngsters are not happy. They voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU, but were overruled by older voters who want a future outside the bloc. Many angry Millennials took to social media on Friday to show their disbelief with the result. “I’m so angry. A generation given everything: Free education, golden pensions, […]

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    PM Cameron Resigns as UK Votes to Leave EU

    LONDON  — David Cameron has announced his resignation as Prime Minister following the UK’s historic vote to leave the EU. He refused to give an exact time table for his departure, but said that he wanted a new leader to be in place by October when his Conservative Party holds its annual conference.. In his statement, […]

  • U.S. Supreme Court

    Deadlocked Supreme Court Deals Big Blow to Obama Immigration Plan

    In a crushing blow to the White House, the Supreme Court announced Thursday it was evenly divided in a case concerning the President’s controversial executive actions on immigration. The ruling means that the programs will remain blocked from going into effect, and the issue will return to the lower court. It is exceedingly unlikely the […]

  • Florida Sen. Bill Nelson talks with CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day" in reference to the gun control proposals up for votes.

    Senate Rejects Series of Gun Measures Following Orlando Attack

    WASHINGTON — The Senate rejected all four gun control measures that were up for consideration on Monday. The final vote, with a 47-53 tally, blocked a proposal to bar all gun sales to those individuals on the terror watch list, the second time the proposal went down to defeat after a mass shooting. Senators couldn’t […]

  • Ryan Klingensmith (WHO-HD)

    Newton-Native Drowns in Lake Michigan

    CHICAGO — A Newton-native has drowned after an incident in Chicago this weekend. Twenty-three-year-old Ryan Klingensmith died Friday on Lake Michigan. NBC Chicago reports he was playing a game of beer pong on the dock at Montrose Harbor with friends when the ball fell into the water. Eyewitnesses say he jumped in to retrieve it and […]

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    Woman Attacked by Bear While Running Marathon; Survived by Playing Dead

    ALLES CALDERA NATIONAL PRESERVE, N.M. — Wildlife officials in New Mexico say a woman was attacked by a bear while she was running a marathon in northern New Mexico on Saturday. Karen Williams was running when a female black bear confronted her, according to the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. According to reports, […]

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    $1 Trillion In Economic Impact From Meat

    New analysis from the North American Meat Institute says the U.S. meat and poultry industry accounts for $1.02 trillion in total economic output or 5.6 percent of gross domestic product. The report says the industry is responsible for 5.4 million jobs and $257 billion in wages. Direct taxes provide more than $110 billion in federal […]

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    A Breakdown of Prairie Meadows’ $60M Burden to the IRS

    $60.4 million dollars — that’s how much the Internal Revenue Service says Prairie Meadows Race Track and Casino Owes in penalties and taxes dating back to 2012. The Prairie Meadows Board of Directors voted Wednesday afternoon to release the results of the 300+ page audit, which began in 2014. Channel 13’s Sonya Heitshusen breaks down the […]

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    Heated Meeting Held in Polk County Over Raising Minimum Wage

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Polk County officials are asking for the public’s patience as they discuss raising the minimum wage. “We are the ones that put it on the agenda. So we understand there’s an issue. We are trying to address it, and we are collectively trying to put something together that helps people,” said […]