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    Metro Fifth Grade Businessman Aiming to Publish Book about Financial Literacy

    NORWALK, Iowa — Between taxes, 401k, mortgages and savings accounts; figuring out your finances is never easy. Thankfully in Norwalk there’s a fifth grader to turn too. On Wednesday, Caleb Kitterman installed his second gumball machine at a local business. The 10 – year – old’s love for the machines began a couple of years ago after his dad wanted to teach him about finances. “I just knew that I wanted him to learn about money in a different way,”says […]

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    DOT Developing Plan for Flyover Exit Over 80/35 in Urbandale Toward Grimes

    URBANDALE, Iowa — During rush hour, a loop off of 80/35 to North West Urbandale Drive can get backed up. “I have seen it occasionally where I’m still on the interstate at a dead stop waiting to get off the interstate onto that loop,” said Adam Harms. The DOT knows that’s not ideal and has proposed a $44 million flyover exit that would go up and over 80/35 towards Grimes. They say the need to do this now because congestion can […]

  • A Des Moines snow plow truck turns onto Martin Luther King Parkway while getting ready for the coming snow season. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

    Des Moines Snowplows Do a Dress Rehearsal for Snow Season

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The City of Des Moines held an all-day prep session Wednesday for the coming snow plow season. 200 drivers assembled on East 6th Street in a city garage to go over the new routes, and procedures which were established last year. Des Moines had around 30 inches of snow fall last season. Under the old plan, that would have cost $3 million to plow and clean. Under the new plan, multiple plows team up to hit […]

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    Matthew No Longer a Hurricane, but Still Just as Dangerous

    Matthew, the deadly storm that’s spread misery from the Caribbean to the Carolinas, is no longer a hurricane. But it’s still packing a powerful punch. The storm whipped North Carolina Sunday morning, causing devastating, widespread flooding and still blasting powerful winds after killing at least 17 people in four states. As of 5 p.m. ET Sunday Matthew was about 200 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and heading east at 15 mph. The latest • The National Hurricane Center […]

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    After Successful Run, Food Trucks Looking to Expand Again

    DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s been a long road trip for food trucks in Des Moines. “It was huge. It was the incubator for this industry,” says Nick Kuhn, who is the president of the food truck association in the metro, the Legion of Food. The long trip started 18 months ago and this weekend they’ll finally get to where they wanted to be. “I know I can’t speak for everyone but I know I can speak for us, we’ve […]

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    The Pill That Could Make Your Dog Live Longer

    See Momo. See Momo run. See Momo run faster, farther and with far more vigor, energy and youthfulness, his owners say, now that he’s taking a drug meant for humans with cancer. “It’s been remarkable,” Paola Anderson said as she watched Momo, her 13-year-old white Pomsky, run around the backyard, keeping up with dogs a third his age. The drug is called rapamycin. After nearly a decade of research showing that it makes mice live 60% longer, scientists are trying […]

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    Treasury Proposes Increase In Estate Tax

    The Treasury Department is proposing a new rule sharply increasing the Estate Tax for producers. But agriculture groups and lawmakers are fighting against it. The Treasury wants to hike the value of producers farm and ranch assets by reducing discounts for certain types of ownership. However, 41 Senate Republicans and key farm groups, including the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, want them to abandon the rule. Saying it will discourage families from passing on the farm to future generations. Danielle Beck […]

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    Roosevelt High School Student Receives Praise from President Obama

    DES MOINES, Iowa — It’s not unusual to find a teenager glued to a computer screen for hours but the praise 15-year-old Roosevelt freshman Fez Zafar received this past weekend from President Obama at the White House for his work on that computer is. “It’s still really sinking in,” Zafar said. “Out of everything, I’m still really surprised. I didn’t think he was that tall.” Zafar’s most recent short film, “Road To Unity” , was one of 27 short films […]

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    Double Arm Transplant Will Allow Veteran ‘to pursue my dreams’

    When quadruple amputee and retired Marine Sgt. John Peck looks down at his new arms, he said, he’s overcome with gratitude — and vows that he will not take them for granted. Peck soon will be able to use his arms to open heavy doors with circular handles, shake the hands of others and feel fiancée Jessica Paker’s palm in his. “That truly is a precious gift,” Peck said, with a cross around his neck and tears in his eyes, […]

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    Annual ‘Health Walk’ Continues to Grow in 6th Year

    DES MOINES, Iowa —  In 2015, the Healthiest State Initiative intended to have organized walks in all of Iowa’s 99 counties and in 2016 they are going even bigger. There are hundreds of walks scheduled for the state and 150 of them alone in Polk County. Not only are they adding more walks they are asking you to walk further. “What were our legs made for, to walk, you know? So let’s start small with the walking,” said Jami Haberl, […]

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    CNN: Post-Debate, Clinton Takes the Lead

    Hillary Clinton emerges from the first presidential debate with a five-point lead over Donald Trump in the race for the presidency, having narrowed the enthusiasm gap between her supporters and Trump’s, and holding broad advantages over the Republican nominee as the candidate with the right temperament and preparation for the job, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. The survey finds Clinton topping Trump 47% to 42% among likely voters with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson at 7% and Green Party nominee […]

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    EpiPen Price Hike Hurts Iowa Medicaid Program

    DES MOINES, Iowa – It’s no secret the recent surge in cost for Mylan’s EpiPen is hitting the pockets of families with severe allergies, but one Iowa lawmaker says it goes further, burning a hole in the taxpayer’s pocket. “Not only is it a problem for consumers and those that need the medicine, but we also came to suspect that this was costing taxpayers and Iowa’s Medicaid program a lot of new dollars,” said Iowa House Majority Leader Rep. Chris […]