• Weekly Weigh-In -- Kathleen Riser

    Mocked by Fitness Trainer, Retired Teacher Loses 250 Pounds

    There are workout horror stories and then there’s Kathleen Riser, who was mocked by the most unlikely of sources: a fitness trainer at the gym. “There’s another one who will break our equipment,” she overheard one trainer say 2½ years ago, pointing at her 350-plus pound frame. It was only a confirmation of her fears. […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: Public Schools Sourcing In Local Food

    With new school meal standards, there’s a growing interest in sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables regionally and locally. However, Des Moines Public School (DMPS) Nutrition Services Director Sandy Huisman says it’s not exactly that easy. She says, “One thing that we face is: this is how much we can pay for your product. They’re growing […]

  • cast_your_kernel_770x430

    2014 Cast Your Kernel Results

  • Surrogate mom to take care of ill twin 'abandoned' by parents

    Couple Defends Decision to leave Baby with Down Syndrome with Surrogate

    What was supposed to be a straightforward cash deal to carry a child for desperate parents has turned into an international spat over who said what, and exposed the darker side of a business credited with creating happiness for many couples. At the center of the debate is Gammy, a seven-month-old Down Syndrome baby with […]

  • John Stoddard Breast Cancer Accredited

    LiveWell Minute: Stoddard Breast Cancer Accreditation

    John Stoddard is the first cancer center in central Iowa to be granted the top-level, three-year accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers, making it one of the nation’s top breast cancer care centers. Dr. Scott Hamling, The Iowa Clinic says, “Each year at John Stoddard we treat 1600 cancer patients, 300 of […]

  • Ebola Patient Arrives in the US

    ATLANTA — While international health workers scramble to contain the deadliest Ebola outbreak in history, an American woman infected with the virus in Africa has arrived back in the United States — making her only the second human Ebola patient ever in the country. A specially equipped air ambulance delivered missionary Nancy Writebol to Georgia’s […]

  • kinnick

    Univ. of Iowa Athletics Dept. Tuition Giveaway Contest Approved

    IOWA CITY, Iowa – The University of Iowa Athletics Department has received approval from the Johnson County Attorney and the State of Iowa’s Office of the Attorney General on a program that will provide five students at the University of Iowa the opportunity to win $8,000 to be applied against their tuition and/or educational expenses […]

  • Dr. Kent Brantly (left) treating an Ebola patient

    Secret Serum Likely Saved Ebola Patients

    ATLANTA — Three top secret, experimental vials stored at subzero temperatures were flown into Liberia last week in a last-ditch effort to save two American missionary workers who had contracted Ebola, according to a source familiar with details of the treatment. On July 22, Dr. Kent Brantly woke up feeling feverish. Fearing the worst, Brantly […]

  • jobs

    Economy Adds Over 200K Jobs in July

    NEW YORK — The jobs recovery marches on, albeit at a slightly slower pace. The U.S. economy added 209,000 jobs in July, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday. The number was slightly disappointing after the economy added 298,000 jobs in June. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney had expected a gain of 230,000 jobs for July. […]

  • CDC isolation pod

    Fears Over Evacuation of US Ebola Victims

    ATLANTA — When a plane took off from Georgia to meet two American missionaries fighting to survive Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa, social media in the United States lit up with fearful reactions. Many posts called for keeping the infected patients out of the country. The medical charter flight that departed Cartersville on Thursday […]

  • President Barack Obama

    Boehner: ‘No Plans to Impeach Obama’

    WASHINGTON — It’s the wildest dream of tea party extremists: the ultimate political comeuppance for the liberal President they love to hate. Since the day Barack Obama got elected to the White House, they have wanted to force him out. First, it was the birth certificate. Then, it was the bailouts. A succession of other […]

  • Buildings Reduced to Rubble in the Gaza Strip

    Israel Requests More Ammunition From US

    GAZA CITY — The Israeli military said Thursday that it is calling up 16,000 additional reservists, bolstering its forces for its fight against Hamas in Gaza after a request for more ammunition from the United States. The addition brings the total number of reservists Israel has called up since the beginning of the operation against […]