• Michael Gronstal (WHO-HD)

    Gronstal Ousted, Republicans Gain Control of State Senate

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The big news out of Iowa’s Statehouse is a major shift in power. The State Senate will now be controlled by Republicans after they picked up a few seats. There are 29 Republicans, 19 Democrats, one independent and one seat open due to the death of a senator. An election for the seat is being held later but is expected to go to a Democrat. Another big development is the ousting of former Senate Majority Leader […]

  • Iowa Trump supporters celebrate presidential win. (WHO-HD)

    Trump’s Iowa Supporters Kept the Faith

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa supporters of Donald Trump spent election night glued to the TV watching the results come in – and cheering for their candidate. The cheers kept coming. First, when Iowa was called for Trump then later when he took the entire election. Heading in, many at the Iowa GOP’s election night gathering at the Des Moines Marriott felt confident that their hard work, all the door knocking and phone calls leading up to election day, paid […]

  • Donald Trump at the Iowa Freedom Summit (WHO-HD/Sam Hoyle)

    Donald Trump Takes Iowa Vote

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Donald Trump has turned Iowa red, winning the state’s electoral votes. With 1773 of 1779 voting precincts reporting results, as of 3:50 a.m., Trump took 51.3% of the vote with Hillary Clinton earning 41.7%. Despite Iowa voting Democrat in six of the past seven presidential elections, Trump maintained a firm lead in the state throughout the election cycle and ultimately acquired the six electoral votes. Trump consistently visited Iowa throughout his campaign, with the most recent trip […]

  • trump_donald

    Donald Trump to Become Next President of the United States

    WASHINGTON — [Breaking news alert, posted at 2:51 a.m. ET Wednesday] Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States in a stunning victory, CNN projects. [Breaking news alert, posted 2:46 a.m. ET Wednesday] Donald Trump will win Arizona, CNN projects. [Breaking news alert, posted at 2:44 a.m. ET Wednesday] Hillary Clinton conceded the presidential race to Donald Trump in a phone call early Wednesday morning, sources tell CNN. [Previous story, posted at 2:41 a.m. ET Wednesday] Donald […]

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    Global Markets Tank as U.S. Election Results Shock

    HONG KONG — Stock markets around the world are sinking and the Mexican currency and U.S. stock futures are plunging as the American presidential election results shock investors around the world. Donald Trump is taking significant steps toward the White House. Dow futures have plummeted 800 points, or 4.4%. That puts the U.S. market on track for its biggest percentage decline since August 2011 when they plunged 5.5%. Stock indexes across Asia were also deep in the red. Japan’s Nikkei […]

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    Trump Surges in Battleground States

    WASHINGTON — Donald Trump took a dramatic step toward the White House Tuesday with crucial battleground victories in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. The victories are stunning for a candidate long seen as unlikely to win the presidency. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was confident it was competitive in places like Florida and North Carolina, and even sought to expand the map with recent visits to traditionally Republican states such as Arizona. An election season that has defied expectations from the very […]

  • polk-county-auditor

    Mostly Smooth Sailing for Polk County Voting, Downtown Precinct Beats 2012 Turnout

    Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald says that Polk County precincts only reported minor hiccups on Election Day. Fitzgerald says that the most common problem was voters showing up to the wrong precinct and being crunched for time going to the proper one. Volunteers at the auditor’s office say one of the most common phone calls they received were voters calling to see if they were registered to vote. Overall, Fitzgerald says he’s pleased with how the voting process played out. “I […]

  • Control of the Senate will be key to the early successes of a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton administration. The House is also up for grabs Tuesday night, but Republicans are widely expected to keep their majority -- even if their current 246-186 seat advantage is narrowed.

    First Polls Close in Battle for Congress

    WASHINGTON — Democrats and Republicans are now anxiously watching returns from seven of the nine states that will tip the balance of power in the Senate. Democrats are hoping to pick up five seats to flip the GOP’s 54-46 majority. At 8 p.m., polls closed in New Hampshire, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida and Missouri. Already, Indiana and North Carolina were reporting their results. The races showed how Republicans fought to keep their party’s nominee, Donald Trump, at arm’s length. In Pennsylvania, […]

  • capture

    Election Night Coverage from Channel 13

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Election day is finally here and it’s time for your voice to be heard. The eyes of the nation are focused on the White House and six electoral votes are up for grabs in Iowa. The polls have Donald Trump leading in Iowa but Hillary Clinton has the edge in national polls. National coverage begins at 7 p.m. and Channel 13’s coverage begins at 9 p.m. From races at the federal level to local races in […]

  • state-volleyball

    3 CIML Volleyball Teams on to State Semifinals

    CEDAR RAPIDS – The 2016 state volleyball tournament is underway. Class 5A results (2) Centennial  3 (8) Iowa City West 1 (3) Valley  3 (7) Dub. Hempstead  1 (5) Ankeny  3 (4) Linn-Mar 2 (1) Cedar Falls  3 (10) Dowling  0   Centennial will take on Valley Thursday morning, Ankeny will battle Cedar Falls in the semifinals.

  • 161020172926-cnnee-clinton-trump-split-exlarge-tease

    Poll: Trump Leading Clinton in Iowa

    DES MOINES, Iowa — The latest polls show Donald Trump supporters are the majority here in Iowa. The Des Moines Register shows the Republican seven-points ahead of Hillary Clinton among Iowans. He has 46-percent support, while Democrat Hillary Clinton has 39-percent. The same poll looked at support for Iowa’s U.S. Senate candidates. The latest results show incumbent Charles Grassley with a comfortable lead. He is ahead of Democrat Patty Judge by more than 20 points. He has 56-percent and Judge […]

  • n4

    Two Boys Killed, Father Commits Suicide Following Amber Alert in Missouri

    ST. LOUIS — Two boys and their father are dead as a result of an apparent murder-suicide following an Amber Alert on Saturday. Christopher Cadenbach, 43, had a $100,000 bond issued on Saturday for his arrest related to domestic violence charges, according to KTVI. Cadenbach, who was estranged from his wife, spent Saturday afternoon with his mother and his sons, 5-year-old Ethan and 4-year-old Owen. When they returned to a home, Cadenbach took his mother’s car and the kids and left. According to […]