• The Ebola epidemic continues to ravage West Africa. This photo was taken in Kailahun, Sierra Leone in August 2014.

    WHO: Ebola Vaccine Trials in 2015

    Ebola vaccine testing could start in the next few weeks, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, as health officials scramble to quell the virus that has killed more than 4,500 people. The goal is to launch vaccine trials in West Africa by January, said Dr. Marie Paule Kieny, WHO’s assistant director general for health systems […]

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    Human Remains Found in Hannah Graham Case

    Sgt. Dale Terry of the Chesterfield Sheriff’s Department and his small search team were finishing up for the day when they made the discovery. Behind an abandoned home — just eight miles from where Hannah Graham was last seen — they found a skull and bones scattered across a creek bed, he told a local […]

  • michael crisp mug

    Speedy Internet Arrest, An Uncommon Affair

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines Police say they are pleased with the speedy arrest of the Drake University student who allegedly made a campus-wide gun threat. Police arrested 18-year-old Michael Crisp on first degree harassment charges early Friday morning. Crisp admitted to posting “Columbine will look like child’s play compared to what I’m about […]

  • Ames Water plant groundbreak still

    Ames Breaks Ground on New $75 Million Water Plant

    AMES, Iowa — Leaders in Ames broke ground for a new water treatment plant to replace the current 90 year old plant, Thursday. The $75 million plant will be built on a former USDA site at 1800 East 13th Street near Interstate 35. The plant will have a capacity of 15 million gallons per day.  […]

  • Netflix Corporate Headquarters

    Netflix Shares Tank 20% on Weak Results

    Netflix may be paying the price for raising the price of its subscriptions. Shares plunged more than 20% in after-hours trading Wednesday after the streaming video service reported subscriber growth that came up short of its forecasts. Netflix attributed the weak growth to the $1 increase in price for new subscriptions it announced in May. […]

  • First Lady Michelle Obama

    Turnip + Michelle Obama Cutting Loose = Viral Vine

      Michelle Obama, never one to turn down an opportunity to champion healthy eating, has co-opted a popular tune — and, in six seconds, created a viral sensation. Here’s how it happened. In an #AskTheFirstLady segment, Barack Obama impersonator Imman Crosson, or @AlphaCat, asked Obama, “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn […]

  • John Stoddard Breast Cancer Accredited

    LiveWell Minute: Stoddard Breast Cancer Accreditation

    John Stoddard is the first cancer center in central Iowa to be granted the top-level, three-year accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Cancers, making it one of the nation’s top breast cancer care centers. Dr. Scott Hamling, The Iowa Clinic says, “Each year at John Stoddard we treat 1600 cancer patients, 300 of […]

  • Decon in progress in apt building of 2nd health care worker with Ebola (Dallas Police Department)

    Second Texas Nurse Infected with Ebola Flew Day Before Symptoms

    DALLAS, Texas — The second Dallas health care worker who contracted the Ebola virus was on a flight the day before her symptoms, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday. Now, the CDC wants to interview all 132 passengers who were on the plane with her. The woman’s name is Amber Vinson, the […]

  • Outreach, Inc. has now sent 600,000 pre-packaged meals to Liberia from their Des Moines facility (Reid Chandler/WHO-HD)

    Des Moines Charity Group Sends another 300,000 Meals to Ebola-Stricken Liberia

    DES MOINES, Iowa – Last month, local charity group, Outreach, Inc., sent 300,000 pre-packaged meals from its Des Moines facility to Liberia to help those affected by the Ebola virus. Now, they’re doubling down. “This container of meals is unique because many Liberians from the Des Moines area packaged meals for their family and friends […]

  • us china

    Poll: The Chinese Like Capitalism More Than Americans

    NEW YORK — The United States may be the poster child for capitalism, but people living in China, India and Vietnam are bigger believers in the free market than Americans. Pew Research surveyed people living in 44 different countries this spring. They asked a simple question: Do you agree with the following statement: “Most people […]

  • daisy

    Clinical Trial for Dogs Could Help Humans

    AMES, Iowa — Many dog owners will do just about anything for their pets. For some, that means coming to Iowa, in hopes their dogs might be able to walk, or at least move their legs, again. Daisy hurt herself more than a year ago, likely jumping off the couch. Owner Kathy Jones says, “She […]

  • J. Ann Selzer after taping of IPTV Press talks about her business of finding out whet voters think

    Pollster Answers Questions, Rather than Asking Them

    JOHNSTON, Iowa- In the heated political season it can be very common to learn the results of another poll telling how the candidates are stacking up with voters.  At the taping of this week’s Iowa Press show on Iowa Public Television, 3 experts involved in the taking, and interpreting the polls were on the program. […]