• Ernst Tour ISU

    Senator Ernst Tours New Ag Labs at Iowa State University

    AMES, Iowa – Senator Joni Ernst continued her 99 county tour Wednesday in Story County at Iowa State University.  Ernst toured a new complex of buildings on campus devoted to the latest Bio Renewable fuels and Agriculture and Bio Systems Engineering. “Our new buildings here are the result of our impact on the bio economy […]

  • The Monday morning sun lights up 13 inches of snow in Beaverdale. Photo by Wes Phillippi.

    With Negative Temps on the Horizon, Here’s How to Beat the Winter Blues

    As another snowstorm barrels toward the already-buried Northeast this weekend, some folks have had just about all they can take. Dr. Steve Schlozman, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, wrote this week that he has “developed a new sympathy for my daughter’s hamster,” on WBUR’s Common Health blog. “She’s seen the same […]

  • Capture

    Valley High Fights Lead To Increased Police Presence

    WEST DES MOINES, Iowa–Several fights at Valley High School, in West Des Moines, are now the subject of a police investigation. West Des Moines police were called to the school to deal with three unrelated fights that broke out Thursday. “We had a couple small fights last year but this one by far is the […]

  • Low Margins Forcing Farmers To Use Tech To Their Advantage

    Winter is trade show time for the agriculture industry, and that means the latest technology is on display. But with crop prices down. less on-farm income, and higher farm inputs, it would seem it’d be a tough sell to get farmers on board with new machines or practices. At the 2015 Agribusiness Association of Iowa’s annual […]

  • kfor

    Trip to the Dentist Saves 11-year-old Girl’s Life

    EDMOND, Oklahoma — It was a routine procedure that turned into so much more for Journee Woodard. The 11-year-old was up for a routine cleaning, when hygienist, Rachel Stroble, noticed something odd about Journee’s pearly whites. But she wasn’t looking at her teeth… She was looking in her eyes. “She said you know, Journee’s eyes look yellow,” said Dr. Michael Chandler, […]

  • Theresa Supino (WHO-HD)

    Testimony Continues in Terri Supino Trial

    WATERLOO, Iowa – The trial of woman accused of killing two people in Newton in 1983 continues in Waterloo. Terri Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband, Steven Fisher, and his girlfriend, Melisa Gregory, at the Copper Dollar Ranch near Newton in 1983. Prosectors said Supino committed the murders while in a fit of […]

  • Capture

    Hemp Oil Giving Iowa Woman Her Life Back

    FONDA, Iowa — Debilitating seizures stole her ability to walk and communicate and left a 25-year-old Fonda woman trapped in her own body. Harli Kirkpatrick’s family did everything they could to help, but the varieties of prescriptions were only outnumbered by the repeated doctor’s visits. Their frustration led them to an unconventional option, with unexpected […]

  • promo245047058

    Central Iowa Mom in Rehab 5 Weeks After Catching the Flu

    DES MOINES, Iowa — After spending nearly five weeks in an Omaha hospital clinging to life, a Grimes mother of two is now in a rehabilitation center in Des Moines. Julie Jorgensen was hospitalized in December after having trouble breathing. Doctors’ at Methodist hospital diagnosed her with influenza A. “I was afraid I was going […]

  • Iowa Army of Pink

    Army of Pink Invade Iowa State Capitol for Breast Cancer Bill

      DES MOINES, Iowa — Breast cancer awareness activists in Iowa are asking lawmakers to pass a bill this year that would require medical facilities to notify women after a mammogram if they have dense breast tissue. The Iowa Army of Pink advocated for a similar bill last year, and saw success in the state […]

  • AGRIBUSINESS: 2016 Projected Budget Sends More to USDA

    The proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget for the U.S. Department of Agriculture has come out, and it’s about three percent more than 2015. More money for research and beginning farmers is in the proposal, as well as a $1.5 billion cut for crop insurance subsidies. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack is looking to tweak rates, […]

  • Capture

    Grant To Help Fund Life Saving Technology

    DES MOINES, Iowa–Some rural Iowa communities will soon have a new piece of life saving technology thanks to a multi-million dollar grant awarded Tuesday. “It levels the playing field it no longer matters whether you live in an urban setting or a rural setting if you`re having a heart attack or cardiovascular problems,” says Walter […]

  • Brandon Lay (WHO-HD)

    What PTSD Drove a Veteran to Before he Disappeared

    DES MOINES, Iowa — Kate Lay had always been skeptical of love at first sight. She’s practical. She’s a surgical nurse who was born and raised in Iowa.  But she says practicality flew out the window the first time she laid eyes on the man she would eventually marry. “He was a Marine.  So, he was […]